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  1. A fridge trough powered by genie and have half the amount of spoil time as a fridge so that its not too op  and the tek trough is still worth making this would be huge add on for the game that would help the average player who isn't in a large tribe. Instead of trying to do boss fight the average player will be able to breed efficiently without a tek trough. Most players shy away from breeding because they cant find trust worthy friends or are not big enough to do a boss fight so breeding is a up heal battle for them to try and be on .This would massively help out the breeder community.Not only that but it will help with new players.

  2. i would go for 2 f dodos and one m dodo.next i would go for an iguanadon or a tdon, once you obtain a berry gather i would then try for a argy they are high weight and very useful.also a trike is a nice starter.Oh and sabers are awesome easy tames too.
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