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  1. I spray painted 2 new players bases one red and one black, right in front of them, I even walked inside without asking and just kept spray painting.
  2. Other people put there ideas here, so I did the same. I know about the forum but thanks for the link.
  3. My List of Ideas: 1) Plough, can be pulled by a trike to create an area where crops can be planted without crop plots. 2) Wagon, can be used as portable shelter on Scorched Earth. 3) A generator that is powered by a person, maybe they would press LT, RT (Xbox) back and fourth to power it. Computers, can be used to control doors, and maybe message other people without being allies or talking in global chat and maybe allow people to post & find trade deals (people could put in the items wanted into the computer and the seller would get the items in the ob. and the tame/ item would be in the
  4. As an Xbox One Player I say give us 4x Taming 4x Gathering 4x EXP for 2 or 3 weeks Friday - Sunday 12ET and give us the Fear Evolved 2 on a later date THIS YEAR! -Sincerely, Your very upset Panda King. ;-;
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