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  1. Question, whats WC planning on doing about massive lag and disconnect issues on xbox official, not to mention the horribly toxic community? I love to roll kids on PvP but the massive amount of lag and screen tearing makes it near unplayable, just look at videoes from 99 problems and supremacy and you'll see what I mean
  2. Its a basilisk, try downloading the image and it says its a basilisk, also it has been confirmed on the ark wiki to be a basilisk, as for the other ?????? creatures we don't know except for those named in the gameplay we got from twitchcon.
  3. Yall better get on breedable creatures on aberration, I definitely think that all creatures should be breedable like I don't understand why gigas are breedable yet something that is in comparison hot garbage like a wyvern or griffin is not. I can kind of understand the wyverns because of the "experience" of stealing the eggs, but the griffin should absolutely be a breedable creature. Also some of the breeding timers need a fixing, the fact a compy takes longer than a spino (side note plz buff spino, but that's a different rant) is beyond me.
  5. Would have the bosses signature dossier style, all teked out and sh*t like that
  6. If they dont alter this im gonna abuse the raptor out of it, move to herb or carno, coat the outside in turret rafts that are allied to my tribe, also ark devs you guys gotta get your poop together, scrap aberation or at least put it on hold and optimize the game instead of doing this lazy bullpoop
  7. I seriously hope so, I feel that their role in the game should be more akin to a cargo ship or even an aircraft carrier than that of some rare beast to hunt and kill!
  8. Is it just me or does anyone else really want to see the titanosaur get overhauled? Personally I want to see it have a 25% size decrese, it's base health get nerfed down to 60k instead of the 120k we so commonly see, but I want them to be perminately tamable, I think they best way to go about this would to have their level scale like most other creatures but they take up 100 slots of the 300 slot tame count, this would allow a tribe to logically have a pair of titanosaurs, with the rest of the "tame" slots being left to things such as metal run quetzals and such, also while it would be cool I do not think the titanosaur should be breedable. So in a sence a super op rock golem that you could only have one or two per tribe.
  9. Yeah, I really enjoyed seeing things like megalosaurus and megalania out and about, I even got to tame myself a 145 megalosaurus, Also is it just me or would it be cool for megalania to spawn by stone henge on island, you know 55, 90 in south zone? Honestly those shearing rock outcrops just seem to perfect for megalania not to be thriving on them!
  10. Hey will we ever see creatures that are typically restricted to caves spawn on the "overworld" Im talking about the island map in particular and I would really like to see creatures like megalosaurus and arthroplura spawning around the map, maybe megalosaur's in dense jungles and arthro's in the swamps? Idk just spitballing, also can you please up the spine spawns? I don't know if this is an xbox problem but its been two weeks since I've seen one and I play daily on official pvp, thanks!
  11. I was wondering since that its been said the titanoboa will be tamable for them to be made a bit larger? And if so would they be ridable via a saddle that would stretch all the way along the length of the body i could see that having some major stealthy raiding advantages as you would be harder to see due to your low profile.
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