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  1. There is no way the Heart Chocolates were causing decreases in game performance.....the candies I can understand since they change dino colors and movement speed.
  2. Easy fix would be to make it so maturing dinos can only gain health when eating and can only mature when eating.
  3. Valentine's Event Chocolates Removed Why remove all the current event rewards players accumulated? I can understand removing the color and buff items that players collected since there are so many that most could never use them all. But why remove the latest events items like the Box of Chocolates? I spent a lot of time breeding during the event and had about half a fridge of Chocolates and planned to use them for taming for a while. Really disappointed that you would take away current rewards from an event that just finished. What is the point of even having the event if you take away the rewards like that?
  4. Hello, Wondering if the save file from https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/deprecated-official-pc-server-backups/ is the current save from Feb 10th or still the one from Nov 17th? Thanks in advance for any replies.
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