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  1. I play on around 12 servers. Full bases on most. When they wipe them that will be when I and likely many others will move on from Ark. No way I am paying to end up losing all my hard work. Ark isn't just a game. It is a life of it's own. Delete my Ark life then you delete your customers.
  2. Noticed this issue as well. If you stand next to a Rock Drake you can't transfer all. But if you stand under it you can. Just noticed that the Exo Suit is not able to swim faster then normal swim speed using the shift key. Took off and put back on and still same issue. Is Wildcard intentionally making the game not work to get players to quit? I am not asking this based on these recent "bugs". Gen 1 you disconnect playing official once an hour if not more, Gen 2 crashes constantly and sometimes is down for hours if not days, also Gen 2 gave all players endgame tek (lets players just starting do end game things). A pattern of things seeming to try to make players ready to quit to maybe move to Ark 2 when it comes out? They don't make money from existing players only new ones and if the sales have slowed enough maybe they want to shut the servers down? They made the money already.
  3. The new chat filter is supposed to be a learning filter that will add more and more to the "bad" word filter including possible combinations people can think of for words to bypass the filter. How long before the entire chat is just asterisks? A simple sentence using "egg ready" turns into "*** *eady". The filter is just getting started so what will be filtered out by the time it expands it's word bypass list? On a side note I think the word filter just caused the Battle Eye to shut my Ark off. I was trying to see what Center maps were on looking in the transmitter. I was typing The Cen and got battle eye message saying Ark was shut down due to corrupt files. I was not running anything new nor do I have any new programs that were added to my computer. There was just a small update done by Wildcard to Ark though. So is the word filter now crashing Ark through Battle Eye?
  4. When will Crystal Isles be released on Legacy Servers? Also are you aware that transfers between servers on Legacy are not working and people are going to lose dinos and bases on the other servers they play on? Some reply on this from Cedric or anyone from WC would be great since I can't seem to find any real information on either of these topics.
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