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  1. They didn't actually push it back for any current events, when the Microsoft Store people got it early they couldn't download Crystal Isles and the Birthday event was incomplete. Wildcard pretended to be doing it for social awareness when in reality they just weren't done.
  2. Yes, Statista says the rate of black police shootings is 30 per million of population....that's 30 per million of the black population, not the overall population. Again, those are slanted statistics. What those should show you is that black people commit more crimes, which they DO by overwhelming numbers. What you're telling me when you say that number should just go down by itself is that you want black people to commit violent crimes without being stopped. Sorry, I said 50% of all violent crime was committed by black men but it looks more like it's 37%, 37% is still not 6.5% and is still basically one group of people committing crimes at 5X the rate that they should be. Yeah, those Seattle demands....anything like that actually happens anywhere in the US and you're going to learn the meaning of citizen militia.
  3. 100% this. A pregnant BLACK woman, by the way.
  4. It literally has a photocopy of George Floyd's court records for the robbery. It's a matter of public record. Don't gaslight. Here's more on that: 24% of police fatalities are black people, mostly males, while 6.5% of the population is black males. Therefore, black males are 3X more likely to be shot by police, a common statistic thrown around. What they don't say is that 50% of violent crime is committed by black males. If you look at just violent offenders, MORE black males should be in the fatalities column but it's actually LESS because the cops are afraid to shoot due to the repercussions they might face. Wildcard forced me to take part, I wouldn't even be talking if they didn't choose to make their customers be a part of their agenda. This isn't white nationalism, it's truth. What we have here is a cultural celebration of heroes who beat, murder, Unicorn and rob people and that's the real root of the problem.
  5. Black males commit 50% of violent crime despite being 6.5% of the population of the United States. Police Officers are 18.5 times more likely to be killed by a black person than a black person is to be killed by a police officer. It's all part of a cultural identity that promotes illegal, violent activity and it's more than half the problem and needs to be addressed just as much as police brutality does. By the way, BLUE lives matter.
  6. https://greatgameindia.com/george-floyd-criminal/ He also dropped drugs while being arrested and repeatedly resisted arrest while being erratic and obviously on drugs (confirmed by autopsy.) Yes they would have known who he was by just running the plates on the car, though I doubt a guy like him wouldn't have been recognizable, known, and dreaded right away. He was a repeat offender with multiple stays in prison on drug charges and a heinous robbery in his past. There's a reason his family is always dry eyed on camera and it's probably the same reason no one could muster $20 for him to buy some smokes so he had to try to pass a fake $20 and get arrested. Wildcard chooses to make us part of this narrative without all the facts, so here you are.
  7. George Floyd was a thug who pointed a gun at the belly of a pregnant woman while his friends robbed her house, and who went to prison multiple times for cocaine possession. Your guys' stupid little game has zero impact on this situation, but I still hope you're proud for the support you've shown.
  8. Woke up at 4:00 AM to see if a griefer in another time zone was going to drag corrupted to my base again. This game is garbage, fix the corrupted please. Oh and thanks for stealing our money to make Atlas, devs.
  9. Wrrrrrrrong. This isn't an "everyone gets gold medals" situation. People who provide a service based on a pre-payment should be required to answer for problems they cause that are above the norm among their peers. You don't get it because you play a private server. People who play official are getting wiped by a single player with a pteranodon, through no fault of their own. We're expected to defend against corrupted with plant X that gets broken from one hit by a low level corrupted pteranodon, not to mention that we're forced to replace turrets that we need to defend against players with plant X that can be destroyed from out of range with fire arrows. We spent a couple weeks getting wiped by meks that require 15 minutes of farming to make. People were able to remove literally thousands of man hours with 15 minutes of work. Extinction launched with meteor showers coming down and killing tames in safe zones, element veins were released and just obliterated people's entire bases. The titans require the equivalent of the work it takes to build a 4x4 stone base and they can be used to completely clean out an entire Extinction server and then taken to another server and clean that one out too, plus how much time went by during which people were healing them due to an exploit? These aren't just a few bugs, these are major untested balance issues. It's like they took design notes from a 6 year old playing with plastic dinosaurs and robots. Don't tell us we should expect a few bugs and testing is hard and the devs are doing all they can, these are stupid decisions that were actively made.
  10. Everyone who's saying this is a great expansion, you need to see exactly how easy it is to wipe a base with a pile of regular level corrupted dinos. Once you piss one guy off, you're done building at ground level. Even if you're building at an unreachable level on the top of a building in the city they can still drag groups of pteranodons (which due to their aggro mechanic are super easy to get groups of 6-8 of) up to your base and do damage when you're offline.
  11. Yeah Chris, your big wordy explanation is good and all but having a wild dino that is designed to do the thing that your Code of Conduct specifically prohibits and letting it get through to release and then letting it continue to be that way for a month is garbage tier QA. You're already in a position of never being able to sell another game to me again unless you get things fixed, it's literally the only reason I even know any of your names. Maybe you could fix things up and redeem yourselves though. By the way, pushing code to live on a Saturday afternoon is dumb when your customers' use of your product is at peak levels during that time.
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