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  1. What happened to official rates going to 2x just curious since you have mentioned that we have still only been on 1x on official until we pick up two stone people it hasn’t changed, also start putting your content into official servers! We are tired of the platform cheesing! Especially on official you need to fix that so you can’t walk in your tames without taking damage! This has gone on for so many years and you guys shouldn’t be this incapable at listing to the people who play it un like your selves :)
  2. Kinda dumb still haven’t been able to even log on and I donated for this event and can’t even enjoy it ffs! Wild card your trash and I’m done with your game! You guys are at the end anyways! Ark is pretty well dead
  3. I have tried to submit a ticket to you guys but your ticket page just sends me back to main menu! Everyone including my self as the owner was kicked from the tribe! What he raptor is wrong with your game and customer support! Reply to me here devs so I can get our tribe back eveeymembwr kicked but our structure still stands! This is stupid as raptor
  4. Gives us a damn breeding event for real, this is getting ridiculous, you add in all these raptoring events that you can’t even probably Do, give us a breeding event
  5. So let’s be real here ! Why the hell would you guys put out a Christmas event that drops really nice stuff to sucker people into your event just to nerf every single thing people made out of the blue prints and the blue prints them selves all down to 298! You guys are so stupid and are destroying your own game! Stop bringing poop into the game just to be nerfed a few weeks later it’s annoying especially with our time and grind so give us a breeding event or somthing! Like for real you guys need to really pay it to your customers cause it’s gettinf annoying
  6. Dude do you even know what your talking about? These lazy devs have not helped us at all after our whole tribe got meshed roughly five months ago? So maybe you should get your facts! i dgaf if it’s holidays or not these guys need to fix their game and support their long term or any players at that
  7. Why won’t any of you devs answer my ticket from months ago from being meshed! None of you have helped replace any of my belongings! Happy holidays my behind! I have also put in other tickets so I assume you guys blocked me and this is apathetic way to treat your long term paying customers or any customer at that!!!
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