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  1. Most people get to 85 in 2 days or so, not a heavy loss to the ark community it would appear. Gl on ur next adventure.
  2. Is this a joke either tell us genesis is delayed or the release date. Keeping the entire community in limbo is unsatisfactory.
  3. Orp or crossark are pretty chill on official in comparison to small tribes or regular official. Or u could play unofficial and tame a giga with 1 raw meat.
  4. Ps4 servers locked out Everyone has same problem, message says connection fail would be nice to play ark this weekend.
  5. Options for legacy players With the closure of pvp legacy servers alot of people are going to be displaced. Let's be real unless you join an official mega or something along those lines you are pretty much out of luck as its impossible now to get going on these servers. So with out further ado here are some possible options. Take a run at small tribes. Everyone is extremely built up and these servers are unfortunately plagued with meshes and ddosers but if you have the game knowledge and political savvy it is still possible to get going on these servers. Give hardcore mode, primitive plus or orp a shot. These are all more casual servers where no one is super built up and it's easy to play the game casually and still enjoy it. Try out crossark clusters. This is where I currently reside and I've had more fun here in the last 6 months then I have anywhere else the past 3 years. Crossark has a good balance of skilled and pve orientated players who mostly play the game to play the game. It is very community based and possible to get going if u prove ur a good guy. The key is to finding a goo cluster where the cluster alpha isn't a tyrant. For anyone on ps4 feel free to drop by crossark8 the island and I can help u get going. At the end of the day it's a game and nothing last for ever. Dont look at it as you losing everything you've worked for. Think of it as a new opportunity at a fresh start!
  6. Valgeuro to be released 19 July 17:00 UTC for console Figured I'd do there job for them sense i guess Twitter is more official then their official forum. Enjoy the new map folks
  7. Summer bash kind of raptors people trying to get going Don't get me wrong the event is great and all if I was still in a big tribe I'd be doing a hand stand but us wiped players or begginers realy on 2x taming to get our basic farming Dino's to get going and with this event it means we won't get 2 x taming for like 3 weeks.
  8. Orp is also plagued by abuse and exploits. I tried for 5 months to get a fix for it unsuccessfully, left a month ago and will never look back so I wouldn't recommend it, try cross ark it's essentially the same experience with out the cheating
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