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  1. Orp community needs an official response from wildcard Please stop moving everyones post to the dumb dead game suggestion forum. This is not a suggestion it's a plea, please disable pincodes on orp official servers to end the use of exploits. I don't get this community mods move, delete these post never to be seen again. Devs ignore the tickets and all this over a 5 second fix of disabling pincodes. Mean while we are being attacked everyday by cheating tribes in invulnerable bases for months what are we supposed to do? This issue litterily needs an official response thoughsands of players play official orp and are being ignored. If hod can get an official response in 2 days over litterily telling people how to mesh I think the orp community can get a simple response and action against these cheaters.
  2. Arks biggest downfall is it has pretty much 0 support. You will be waiting a month or 2 and still will probably receive no kind if helpful support aside from here's a lil 100 argie.
  3. For turning stone into flint and wood into thatch, very helpful for leveling yourself or tames fast along with gunpowder and behemoth hates.
  4. Orp mode hardcore mode and cross ark are all a more casual geared official experience.
  5. Actually it's a survival game and you learn from your mistakes if your that mentally weak that you give up at the 1st sign of adversity then this game Isent for you. It's on yourself to succed no one else. I was wiped weekly on legacy that was 2 years ago. Why do,s everyone need a hand out.
  6. Atlas is also a huge disappointment look up any review of the game you would be hard pressed to find a good one.
  7. Try download survivor on the server that crashed. If it's not there then you'll have to start another character or come over to the regular servers where everyone else has been the last 1.5 years.
  8. The island. Every toxic player known to man resides in ragnarok
  9. Takes at least 9 months in real life, consider urself lucky.
  10. Scorched earth as it's for the most part lower population. Newer generation players don't have the map and scorched servers don't get griefed as often.
  11. That last comment wasn't ment for here I was answering someone's question in a bug section who was asking why offline bases weren't fixed and it was merged here. No offence but this was the worst place for this topic to be merged as there's 4 different threads in here and when they merge it it goes by dates so there is no productive flow of conversation. And to get to the front 2 or 3 pages u need like 15 votes which won't happen for an orp thread so this one will die like all the others. At least on the general forum we could make a little noise
  12. It's an exploit that has turned into the plague on ps4 wildcard has ignored our calls so not much we can do about it.
  13. Suggestion forum is broken
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