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  1. Valgeuro to be released 19 July 17:00 UTC for console Figured I'd do there job for them sense i guess Twitter is more official then their official forum. Enjoy the new map folks
  2. Summer bash kind of raptors people trying to get going Don't get me wrong the event is great and all if I was still in a big tribe I'd be doing a hand stand but us wiped players or begginers realy on 2x taming to get our basic farming Dino's to get going and with this event it means we won't get 2 x taming for like 3 weeks.
  3. Orp is also plagued by abuse and exploits. I tried for 5 months to get a fix for it unsuccessfully, left a month ago and will never look back so I wouldn't recommend it, try cross ark it's essentially the same experience with out the cheating
  4. Primitive + Questions for ps4 My wife and I are looking for a new ark experience and were thinking of trying primitive + but I know that the game mode is laced with problems and had a few Questions. 1. Are titans disabled on p+ 2. Do wyv and rock drake eggs spawn now. 3. We're drops fixed? Thank you for your time.
  5. Turret spam? Lol I've heared it all now.
  6. Orp community needs an official response from wildcard Please stop moving everyones post to the dumb dead game suggestion forum. This is not a suggestion it's a plea, please disable pincodes on orp official servers to end the use of exploits. I don't get this community mods move, delete these post never to be seen again. Devs ignore the tickets and all this over a 5 second fix of disabling pincodes. Mean while we are being attacked everyday by cheating tribes in invulnerable bases for months what are we supposed to do? This issue litterily needs an official response thoughsands of players play official orp and are being ignored. If hod can get an official response in 2 days over litterily telling people how to mesh I think the orp community can get a simple response and action against these cheaters.
  7. Arks biggest downfall is it has pretty much 0 support. You will be waiting a month or 2 and still will probably receive no kind if helpful support aside from here's a lil 100 argie.
  8. For turning stone into flint and wood into thatch, very helpful for leveling yourself or tames fast along with gunpowder and behemoth hates.
  9. Orp mode hardcore mode and cross ark are all a more casual geared official experience.
  10. Actually it's a survival game and you learn from your mistakes if your that mentally weak that you give up at the 1st sign of adversity then this game Isent for you. It's on yourself to succed no one else. I was wiped weekly on legacy that was 2 years ago. Why do,s everyone need a hand out.
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