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  1. I hope it's Fjördur. I'm following his amazing work (It's the same creator of Valguero).
  2. Not even the Valguero Expansion mod added Reaper. So... I think it's a no.
  3. Small Tribes servers is the best idea. But WC miss SA region. Don't keep forsaking us, release some servers for our region. We're suffering with high latency on majority of current Small Tribes from other regions. The best pings we see are beyond 125ms and we count like 5 servers close to this, all in NA region. #SASmallTribes
  4. Launch some "Small Tribe" servers on SA region, please.
  5. I told that you probably gonna need more of those Small Tribe servers with beautyful rates even before you launched them ? Make them permanent servers, please
  6. Actually most of alpha tribes already claim the servers and harass smaller tribes turning them unble to play. Each server with alpha has 2 or 3 people allowed yo stay (until eventually get raided by alpha). We see 10 players max on those servers (on a common day) at a server created to 70 player max. It has to be something wrong with this system.
  7. I strongly recommend make the "Small Tribes" servers permants. A lot of players that dislike megatribes and the extremely low rates of official servers would join this new speciality server. You probably will need make more of those.
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