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  1. The photo mode creation looks pretty amazing, but just as long as the actual graphics are similar and not dialed down in actual gameplay. Definitely seeing that jumping out at me on my big screen tv is well within pants pooping territory! And THAT is definitely awesome! For some reason though I’m still feeling like a kid walking to school and getting approached by somebody in a white cargo van asking if I would like some candy. It definitely does bring me closer to buying the game, but many others I’m sure are questionable still. Now just imagine if you guys had come out with that screenshot in August? Or July? You could have saved A LOT of bs in between. We get it, full and unequivocal transparency is not in the play book but the loads of players that have walked away wouldn’t have, if you guys had gone with more of a clouded opaque transparency instead of absolute nothingness for months. Hopefully we get the game play trailer in this week’s community crunch. That might lure some players back but not all, ya kinda blew that. I really do hope for all involved’s sake that you guys deliver this time, on time and really are able to capture lightning twice. We will all be looking forward to what the next reveal is. Don’t let us down, it’s do or die time.
  2. You’re absolutely right cosmic. I say this a lot, people in desperation is an ugly, vicious and horrifying thing to witness let alone be subjected to. To all you PvPers, may the force be with you! Maybe it might not be too bad if WC sticks to their word for once in 8 years and bring separate balances to PvP and PvE. I’m a PvE player so I won’t be in the PvP arena.
  3. Lol that’s exactly how players are gonna tell newer players to us veterans. Probably a few of us will be speed running the notes to gain levels but the difference is we know what to take into that fight. I’m hopeful that people are more respectful this time around with their bases, building in spawns and not having massive lag boxes for bases. Or hoping that WC will drop more than enough servers on release for we won’t get stuck with the “server full” message.
  4. The Shasta is going to be much bigger than a mosa and they said in the dossier that the saddle is going to have a type of cargo hold
  5. You are correct, we did survive, but what is lost is the bs we went through in the process. Servers at tame cap, tribes not caring about how the server runs or the other people on that server. Hatching eggs only for them to crack and no baby because of tame cap. Solo and smaller tribes at a severe disadvantage compared to tribes with 20 people in the tribe. Devoting 15 hours a day to a game just to get ahead slightly. Personally I don’t like buying tames from others, I’d rather tame my own stuff, but I might not have a choice and I don’t like that. Being a solo player since 2018 I am NOT looking forward to going through that sort of stuff again. Yeah we’ll get cryopods in a year or less but a lot of people forget that by the end of 2016 into 2017 there were a lot of servers tame capped. Not to mention the server lags were atrocious. Don’t get me wrong the primitive experience was fun but we also had flyer speed to aid in survival, now we have neither. If players thought the grind was rough before, it’s going to be worse in ASA. The only thing this stuff tells me about ASA is the grind + next to 0 QOL additions + no movement speed leveling = players life quite literally being tied to this game for 15-20 hours a day. THAT is what is waitiing for us, along with the downsides of not having these things. IMO the downsides really outweigh the experience, especially for solo and smaller tribes.
  6. Oh WC *facepalm*, it’s nice to see that is some actual information in this crunch, like there should have been this whole time. Now for the critique, I’m sure most of us understand that this is a game that the whole point is for you to “figure out” how to survive, just like real life, but the less than intelligent decisions of not allowing leveling of movement speed and no cryopods is frankly depressing. I too have many years and 10k+ hours in this game and remember the early days before cryopods and it was straight up hell! Anyone who says “I’m glad there are no cryopods”, never tried walking 18 rexes or theris a yuty and deadon to an ob for a boss fight and getting them all into the portal boundary, nor tried raising tames with longer than a 10 hour handfeed, or tame something across the map that you need and have to walk it back to base and hope that it doesn’t get killed and ya waste 3 hours, narcs and kibble that it took hours to make and not to mention the time looking for that creature. I have, did and those days were the absolute worst times I’ve had in this game. The only thing that eased that was fast flyers and platforms on quetzs, then the flyer nerf came in and killed that method. When you guys introduced cryopods you opened a can of worms that you can’t put back in the can and they changed the way players play the game. In a way it does feel like you could care less about actual QOL. Solo and players with smaller tribes are at a disadvantage to bigger tribes just because cryopods won’t be there, thanks WC (sarcasm). Not to mention, just because ASA is on a new engine with the ability to handle server and render lag doesn’t mean that there won’t be a breaking point, and this game WILL find it the first time it logs in a monstrous 40w-60L-25H uncreative box of a base packed to the brim with tames. Why do people want to witness that? Why do players want to know what that was like? It wasn’t fun or enjoyable! You said that the reason we have to repay for ASA is because it has had so many changes to it from ASE it is essentially a different experience and game, and I ask this…..WHY IN THE NAME OF ALL THINGS HOLY ARE YOU MAKING THE SAME STUPID MISTAKES YOU MADE IN ASE?????? With ASA you get a chance to correct your mistakes not do them over again, where I come from we call that blatant stupidity! I seriously hope that you guys come to your senses and not repeat the mistakes you made with ASE. Allow movement speed leveling (and put a cap on it, like I’ve been saying since the flyer nerf), enable cryopods. The addition of cryopods might be up for debate now but it won’t be within the first month.
  7. I’ll give you that, there is no other game like Ark out there. With every decision that SG makes it does send this game closer and closer to ascension without a respawn. It isn’t WC, it’s SG. When you have a publisher that is connected with cheating, unjust bans and trying to blackmail their own game developers none of us should be standing for that. The question is not whether we survive this, it’s whether Ark itself can survive? Honestly with all the stupid decisions and bad publicity, I’m starting to have my doubts. Also if the game was actually developed and coded right the first time and throughout the years it would be easier to focus on the positive and enjoy the game. The best thing that could happen right now (and it never will), is that new publisher comes in and gives SG an offer they can’t refuse, just my personal opinion.
  8. Is it complaining when there are legitimate concerns about a company’s decision that adversely affects their customer base? Where I come from we call that holding accountability to those people. Personally I really don’t want my personal information sold to the highest bidder because I want to play a version of a game I love. Due to the puppeteer that is working the strings of WC complaints won’t do much but maybe us showing SG we know their full of it by complaining and catching them with their pants down, maybe just maybe it might help things to be a little better.
  9. Teamed up? You mean basically nitrado bought exclusive rights to run the servers, and then not to mention the sketchy stuff with overwolf, this sounds like a SG is paving your flatspin downward WC. This game has soooo much more potential than what is being delivered to the players. It’s a shame that you guys at WC are stuck in the position you are, this game has the potential of leaving just about every other game in the dust, but you’re cut off at the knees. It just seems that initial decisions, which are the right ones, on things like having mod.io run mods (which is a reputable company) is dropped for a company that has a questionable history, why? Cheaper? Well ya gotta spend money to make money. If this game was allowed to reach its full potential, money would not be an issue. Hopefully you guys at wildcard can loose the boat anchor that’s hold you and this game back, and make the right decisions that need to be made.
  10. The one thing different with the maewing is you can slot cap a maewing with the preferred food for the baby, ya can’t do that with any else, or even the baby you’re feeding. I definitely see your point though. It is an absolutely necessity for cryopods above everything else. As an official player, I will probably stay on for awhile after ASA comes out, and i ain’t raising a freaking giga even on 2x rates, that’s still a 14 hour handfeed! Yeah, uh Huh, no freakin way. Cryopods have also done amazingly in cleaning up bases by organizing, shrinking and making over all renders smoother. Which is why I was surprised that Dollie tweeted that they were debating on not not having cryopods available at the launch of ASA, which is bafflingly stupid.
  11. Without a doubt Slejo. I expect that by the end of this month or the start of next we see something like this” we at WC regret to inform you that the release date for the early access of ASA won’t be until December 2023-January 2024. We apologize for the delay, but we want to make sure that we are still committed to bringing product that you expect and deserve. Thank your for you patience anew look forward to seeing you in ASA very soon- StudioWildcard”…..who wants to place bets on this?
  12. You are absolutely correct Cerv. The worst part is we are left to speculation on what is and isn’t going to be a part of ASA. I wish I would have screen shot Dollie’s post, for some reason I just didn’t think of it. You’re also correct that enough of us get involved in speaking up about these QOL (possible), then there’s a chance they may change. If enough of us complain, we have a chained,. Look what happened on march 29 cc. Same here kings, I have serious doubts myself it’ll but until October. I too won’t drop money on it until I see gameplay. I play on Xbox so our graphics are slightly better than ps, but they are catching up. That’s the one thing I believe a lot of people are still waiting on, I know that’s what I’m waiting for.
  13. Yeah until the time say extinction gets released and we finally get cryopods back, we’re looking at a lot, if not most, servers at tame cap due to the massive amount of breeding that a player has to do just to face alpha broodmother and megapithicus on the island. Not talking about dragon or the tek cave. Going into the alpha brood fight with even mediocre tames = getting your butt handed to you. That is if you plan on doing the old school way and not cheesing it. The point I’m trying to get at is, even if say 4-5 tribes out of the entire server start doing serious breeding for bosses, just the breed the stats that are needed to win those fights and the different strategies (Rex=monkey, megatherium=brood and their= dragon), we’re talking about hundreds of tames by the time the teams are finished, servers would be at tame cap inside 4 months guaranteed, not talking about the regular tribe cap. We’ve experienced that before, and I personally don’t want to go through it again.
  14. Dollie has mentioned it on twitter more than once that they were leaning towards releasing ASA without “recent dlc additions”, such as cryopods, net guns etc. I don’t have twitter so I can’t login to find post but it’s there I’m sure. I hope they do change their minds on that though because yes it is hands down, the single thing that helped the most with sever tame caps and performance.
  15. I think you’re spot on cosmic, they’ve done it before. Perfect example is the tapejara and the tropeo. The tropeo is just a reskinned tape with a a jet powered saddle. I have never really been a big fan of aberration so it doesn’t affect me that much, I’m actually more concerned about other things than creature votes, who’s submission has won more than once, yata yata yata. Don’t get me wrong, the creature additions are cool and all, but they’re kinda like hanging curtains in the living room of the house while the kitchen is on fire. With the lack of actual news and information in the last few crunches, my feeling is they’re going to delay ASA until December at least and go back to releasing scorched and the island at the same time, which is probably going change their price point….again. I’m also really concerned about how primitive they have mentioned on going with ASA. I don’t know how many old school Ark players are still around, but for those of you who started playing after 2017, the game was a different game pre-2017. Some aspects were down right awesome other parts of the game were far far from awesome. Breeding was a complete nightmare without cryopods, and even that is a mild understatement. Let put this way, if you wanted to breed in old school ark, YOU HAD NO LIFE!!! It took forever to raise tames for boss fights, especially if you were in a small tribe or solo. If you were in that type of scenario, you were basically forced to buy your boss tames. Not to mention when you finally did get a boss team, trying to get them to the obelisk to do the boss fight was another migraine in the works. Walking 18 rexes, a yuti and deadon to the obelisk is probably one of the worst pains in the rump you could think of. Then just to get there and realize some jack*ss left their boss team ON THE PLATFORM AND LOGGED OFF! Not to mention the shacks, buildings and fences that were quite literally PACKED around every ob with boss teams. THAT is the kind of experience that is waiting for those who never experienced that debacle. Back to breeding, the other annoying issue waiting for us is, tribes breeding for bosses or just breeding tames because they want to bogs down servers BADLY! I don’t care how advanced UR5 is or gonna be, THE SAME THING WILL HAPPEN! Even the most advanced systems have their limitations. The point I’m getting to is that cryopods not only were a godsend to the breeding and taming of creatures, but they were more important to the running health of the servers. Not having cryopods at launch of ASA in my opinion is a such an insanely stupid idea that even the words “stupid idea” can’t express how stupid of a decision it would be. Now I would love to see the other QOL additions, that I believe should be, available at launch, just because I remember how daunting breeding and raising really was. Incubators, maewings and tek troughs really helped make the small and solo tribes have a level playing field with the big tribes in regards to breeding, it allowed people to actually have a life and not be, quite literally, tied to the game. Other things that I believe should be a part of ASA is flyer speed leveling. If WC is gonna try to have lightning strike twice that needs to be available. Allow flyers like quetzs worth something again. Allow us to build turrets on the platform saddles (in PvE), keep netguns on launch and actual real separate balancing for PvE and PvP. Remove some of the pointless nerfs that PvE had to take because of PvP balancing. Lastly, with the creature vote for The Center, I hope you guys are able to update that map. IMO it’s probably one of the best mod maps and deserves to have the best work. It has some of recognition being the first map to be added and deserves the love. With all that being said I look forward to Asa and I hope that it is everything we hope for and that WC/SG doesn’t try to pull any stupid shenanigans, but that’s probably just wishful hoping on my part.
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