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  1. XBOX EU Official Server 5**

    Server 553 IS impossible to play with so many roll back
  2. Mantis taming bug

    True! Happened to me with a level 15
  3. So, do you have the limit on the server? This is a failure.
  4. The same with me
  5. Bug Quetzal

    This quetzal (image 2) with metal platforms had a bed. The same broke, when he wanted to put another, did not accept!
  6. Bug Quetzal

    The quetzal is not accepting structures, foundations or beds. This has happened even after the last update.
  7. Black Screen when Typing

    Truth. Could correct
  8. Bookmarks on xbox one does not work! Can you correct?

    1. XPeetyThePlayer


      hello will we be getting any fresh servers on ps4


  9. 3 of my Quetzals Dissapeared

    perhaps be in the sky
  10. UI Scale bug HUD display is incorrect

    Isso tem acontecido comigo também; Tive que justar minha TV para corrigir. Essa deveria ser uma opção do jogo. (This has happened to me too; I had to joust my TV to correct . This should be an option in the game) Creditos (credits Photograph): Luiz Otavio Franco Rezende