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  1. The Island 77 keep freezin 30 - 60sec every 5sec playable. That's a shame you dont say anything about it, WC. take your responsabilities, say something, I paid 60€ for this pré alpha unstable game. Wake up or in 1 week your game will be burried.
  2. Boss Fights/Requirements

    Ho sorry, at birth dmg ones were at 380% and 10khp
  3. Boss Fights/Requirements

    a 35k hp tank, and 6 550%
  4. Add a shop !

    Or premium stashes for trades
  5. Add a shop !

    we are not talking about pay to win, I see that more like in POE, skins, weapon effects
  6. Epidemics and natural diseases !

    with some rare metal to gather from meteors, stuff on the ground after tsunamis, forest fires that we have to shut down, and get rewarded for that... I think possibilities are infinite on this game !
  7. All is in the title ! Several times my ankylos got stucked into the ground after I release them from my quetz. same for baby Ovis, they go into the texture after they born and can't retrieve it before death
  8. Epidemics and natural diseases !

  9. Meteors, diseases, hurricanes and co !
  10. Add a shop !

    You could add a shop in game, as Path of Exile has, for example. I'm sure I would not be the only one to spend my money in (skins, effects, structures etc...). You need money to continue developping that cool game ? best way ever
  11. Is Arks 60 dollars worth it?

    It is, but let's have some skins/effects to buy in game, to cheer dev to correct bugs and add content. I'd be glad to spend money in Ark, if the dev job is done and correctly done
  12. Most Creative Dino Names

    Ho and a scoprion named "Stuckinto"
  13. Most Creative Dino Names

    have a Dimetrodon named Cancer Taming...

    Seen one today, he wrecked my raft, with my 280 rex. :'(
  15. Boss Fights/Requirements

    we killed beta Broodmother with a 230 daedon and 7 high rexes