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  1. *** Pause Maturation for imprints *** love the game , and the fact breeding has become slightly more achievable to those that are solo and work long hours with items like the cryo pod, but is there an opportunity to improve the mechanic and allow the solos and those that work long days and opportunity to fully imprint with out having to wait for the weekend or breeding events ? my suggestion is Allow a pause maturation option at imprint timer. this would allow us to finish a days work and return home to gain the full imprint on a Dino , for example if the option is active " pause Maturation for imprint " then the next time the imprint is ready the dino would stop growing , it would continue to eat at the same rate so for a REX first imprint is around 9% and if left unattended would stay @ 9% until either imprinted or the food inside ran out. if the Rex was up there @ 45% it would happily sit eating from the feeders with out maturing until imprinted of feeders emptied. this gives flexibility to many 8 + hour workers but shouldn't effect those that dont. it does not need to be an indefinite timer either , it could say only pause for "X" amount of hours if you took 6 hours for example it would give people that work 12 hour shifts the benefit ( give or take travel time to and from work) if any one sees a possible down side to this comment below ? i play mainly PVE so unsure if this would impact the PVP side of things
  2. mine have done similar so i tamed a few and had a 214 that was a 145 used an element to transform it and it vanished ! i found it a short way away on the roof of the building but its level had returned to pre tame 145 !! i tried another Ferox level 200 was a 135 and it did the same , i managed to get a video of this as i was half expecting it .
  3. hummmmm my auto whistle is only follow one ( the dino im looking at ) , i find it really useful and so much quicker if in a sticky situation. is there a setting to change the function ?
  4. this has cost me and my TM a couple of tames , so frustrating when your being attacked but cant jump on the tame due to a glitch spot. we now put them on follow and lead out the area
  5. there is one on page two of this thread
  6. overall a great event the Chibis were fun to collect , some way too rare as mentioned many times before here . i think the length of the event was about right , not too long or too short. the toxic nature shown by some people can be an issue but thats a per server issue , most of my servers played nice and stated that if there was some one at a drop you move on, and one even collectively agreed that it was a free for all. the server collectively acted against those that didn't play to the rules.
  7. first rule of nerdrage club ! we dont talk about nerdrage club !
  8. exploded view of a TEK chainsaw , ready for the Fear event coupled with the hockey mask
  9. Mav i have already added similar to this on the thread ( first page about 4 up votes) , this would be a great quality of life enhancement. it would be nice to get some feedback from the DEV team to see their thoughts on these and other game suggestions.
  10. Sl8erj

    Tek binoculars

    add it to the scout !
  11. ** New Monthly Challenges ** Challenge rooms added to the obelisks, a fresh one every "month" or so. collect tributes or pay a in game fee , such like ingots or element to activate. be transported to a puzzle/wave/jump challenge changing monthly as a player only no tames or equipment. there is flexibility to have solo or team runs. all equipment needed to complete the challenge supplied in the challenge room " armour/weapons/climbing equipment/dinos " all dependant on the challenge and stays with in the challenge once completed. rewards for completing the challenge varying in amount and quality but this could be tied to the level of challenge choose Gamma/Beta/Alpha or level of challenge completed , ie.. number of waves or time for speed trials. Rewards can be both in game materials (mats/blueprints/element) or unique items such as skins. this will appeal to all levels of player , new to the game you will be able to hone your skills and use the in game equipment for its intended use and also long standing players who want fresh challenges after completing all bosses and ascensions. this can be used to show off certain map related items and give a taster to show what they may be missing out on in other maps. ie the scout for puzzle challenges.
  12. we have built a teleport trap in the red then a safe area in the green to take the health down and get impregnated close to base
  13. yeah i have had this happen too , it got me at first and thought it was a tribe mate but he hadn't been on so its defiantly switching on by its self.
  14. easiest yes fairest no if you just joined a server and your a week in and then boom , where as the existing decay time mechanism applied to a person not a structure with out the refresh would even the field for all new players.
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