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  1. yeah i have had this happen too , it got me at first and thought it was a tribe mate but he hadn't been on so its defiantly switching on by its self.
  2. easiest yes fairest no if you just joined a server and your a week in and then boom , where as the existing decay time mechanism applied to a person not a structure with out the refresh would even the field for all new players.
  3. the gacha has all the right features to do this, but i haven't tried it
  4. just limit the player time after "30" days or so your character gets deleted or forced to move on.
  5. your right preparation is the key , there's some really good info here for locations too. build these items if possible before you spawn in and you wont have much of an issue small 2x2 base stone will do bed and storage boxes to place in it transmitter ! if unlocked couple of ab allowed dinos in cryopods ( mana or spino are good if you have them ) dino leash hold the items on you when you transfer, when you arrive pop out your protection dino and explore , find your self a decent base start point this may change as you learn the map and its advantages. drop the base set up the transmitter and jump back and forth as you need.
  6. turning up the Alpha reaper level will stop mid level players being able to use the surface, there clearly needs to be an increase for those that are well established so perhaps an increased rate at sections of the surface rather than just a flat increase.
  7. is this like racing stripes on a car make it go faster
  8. this can be a pain on console too I know for the Xbox I cant activate while on a dino or you dismount , so fliers is a no go lol if there is a work around some one let me know
  9. it is cool and you can do it in single player , if those stats ever made it on official it would kill the game
  10. with out the cap you will eventually get a one chomp Rex on the boss's , now wheres the fun in that ?
  11. at least your dinos wont starve or buildings decay.
  12. ahhhh this sounds like an answer i might have to try , currently been logging on and off until it sorted it self , or the quickest method i found was to destroy the bed.
  13. yeah sounds like you have the settings all mixed up, and this will be a combination of Dino Mele and then wild Dino reliance. reset to default then tune them in as you want for the server.
  14. dump a platform saddled dino in front of the door to their base with the sign on top that way they cant miss it. make sure you dont block them in and be polite and they should move it
  15. maybe in a gaming room trophy cabinet but not to wear
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