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  1. mine have done similar so i tamed a few and had a 214 that was a 145 used an element to transform it and it vanished ! i found it a short way away on the roof of the building but its level had returned to pre tame 145 !! i tried another Ferox level 200 was a 135 and it did the same , i managed to get a video of this as i was half expecting it .
  2. there is one on page two of this thread
  3. exploded view of a TEK chainsaw , ready for the Fear event coupled with the hockey mask
  4. Mav i have already added similar to this on the thread ( first page about 4 up votes) , this would be a great quality of life enhancement. it would be nice to get some feedback from the DEV team to see their thoughts on these and other game suggestions.
  5. Sl8erj

    Tek binoculars

    add it to the scout !
  6. it is cool and you can do it in single player , if those stats ever made it on official it would kill the game
  7. with out the cap you will eventually get a one chomp Rex on the boss's , now wheres the fun in that ?
  8. maybe in a gaming room trophy cabinet but not to wear
  9. We completed the Gamma Ascention , Happy days ! not an achievement to many but we have tried and failed this a few times , only a two man tribe so were happy ! there dont seem to be many strategies out there for completing it , and we won but not as comfortably as i would like to then attempt Beta. we had 6 Rexs So any suggestions ?
  10. Clockwork creatures should be turned in to an event and skins and such awarded for killing and collecting nuts and bolts dropped by dinos. this would give console half a chance in competing and bring joy not only to the steampunk community but also all Arker's during the event . Transcendence not much to go on here at the minute but is sounds like an advanced TLC , this is something the Dev's should be working on anyway, so a helping hand from the MOD community is a great thing ! Structure Saver 2 i can see how this could be useful in a server admin way , allowing people to set
  11. what about being able to include or exclude dinos from troughs like with the tek turret , this way you can set up say a feeder full of fish meat and have is set to just feed otters., and sweet vegie cakes for snails. we currently have to move the otters well away from another dinos , more buildings more lag .
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