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  1. To be honest ? No. Atleast not in terms of lore, like sure there is some interesting abandoned stuff in there that was never executed/brought to the live game, like mechanical tek gates, unused weather and stuff, but not really anything that would help us with the theories. You can find some stuff in the modding community though... The ragnarok devs are still mappers, even after being hired by wildcard. They have a pretty interesting ( unreleased ) private project called apex and they sometimes stream working on the map ( it's just a mod map, just to be clear ) . And one of them
  2. Haven't been in this thread with theories in a while but i just wanna say, the inspect tool from the creative mode shows you what the file of the object is called. That's kinda it, like it's the stuff wildcard decided to name the thing for organization or whatever other reason. As someone who started to do maps and work with the devkit i can say that artists can be really messy and sometimes not everyone is one the same page .... so what i'm trying to say is, that while it may give some basic insight into some stuff, it would be best to not take it too literally or with a grain of salt, ya kno
  3. Fes

    Looks a mess

    idk if it's because i had the mod version of crystal islands installed before ( which already caused some issues for me ), but i found some normal wyverns in the desert around the area in 75 45. The stone structure there also have nest spots although i haven't seen an actual nest with an egg for now ( might just be ark though )
  4. yeah you're right, i just didn't knew the turtles could get out of the water back then, i mean it was a few days after the DLCs launch
  5. no need for all of that, the oil pump is in the loot table of some missions, already got one or two, i think it was from volcano missions
  6. wait, tek gigas spawn in the wild in the lunar biome ? i thought they only spawned during missions
  7. Fes

    Genesis Talk

    Tips: - Bloodstalker has a parachute mode in which it falls slowly, to activate hold ctrl while in the air ( i only know it for pc) - if bloodstalkers get low, they will suck your blood when you ride them, which will kill you really fast, so be careful - if you want to get magmasaur eggs, parachute with your bloodstalker until you hover over a nest, then drop down, grab egg and swing the hell outa there - to get magmasaur baby food, travel to lunar biome and harvest the green rocks, with a pickaxe, you should get ambergris, the food - bring fur and hazard suit to luna
  8. Fes

    ARK Memes

    i've found more around half the glitches ingame and have read up the rest on the wiki and tbh there isn't a lot of new relevant lore, most of the story from the glitches can be summed up with: - the (original) purpose of the simulation was to train survivors skills for an event called "the arrival" - there's an intruder in the genesis simulation, altering it - said intruder deleted the master A.I.s (the bosses) for each biome besides the ocean, so the intruder is the only one monitoring what your doing - the simulation is also getting harder, survivors die more frequently a
  9. Have seen the ending, without spoilering anything: Aliens are kinda unlikely ( unless you count the raw element on earth as one, since it may have come from space)
  10. ok, this has nothing to do with balance, but anyone noticed that the bloodstalker does your emotes when you ride it ? i did a taunt while riding one and it did the taunt emote with one of its legs
  11. I would say the mechanic where your bloodstalker murders you when it's low is there to reinforce this, you have to be extra cautious with them, as getting hurt will bring consequences
  12. iirc you get the tekgram from defeating the final boss on beta
  13. i think you said something about hot and cold in another thread and in my personal opinion this is the hottest take so far I could be wrong with my own theories tho, so take it with a grain of salt
  14. seems to be mostly ragnarok and center that aren't working though, i tested the lava cave on valguero and it worked just fine there
  15. Fes

    Lunar Biome?

    i have around 40 fortitude and wear some fur while i'm in the shade, it's mostly primitive but has two apprentice pieces i got as a mission reward in the bog. If that isn't enough i also chug down a curry every now and then
  16. idk what you exactly mean, if you're asking if you should built it, then definitely, it protects you from the sunlights damage. If you're asking how to get the ressources for one, gasballs can be obtained from the poison trees in the bog biome, blue gems are in the ocean biome in these underwater cubes with air and if you need polymer i would farm hesperornis at the oceans surface with a club and sword
  17. Can't speak for castlerock, but for me it would be the fact that a note on genesis indicates that our HLN-A hasn't been to the real world before: "The Genesis simulation is a big place. After all, it was a bit of walkabout to get to this glitch! And it’s all I know -- but that makes me want to see the real world even more. And I reckon that’s the reward for us passing all the tests inside the simulation. We get to go outside! ...Or at least you do. Take me with you if you can, eh? Just a little heads-up. all the notes are on the wiki already if for whatever reason
  18. Whoever still needs to get rare flowers, this is the long term way to go. The turtle grows plants on it's back, but only if it stays on the surface of the water for longer periods of time. As it does that, it will generate 40 rare flowers and mushrooms from time to time
  19. Just a theoretical question: How would you feel about a map which would have more or less save parts of the map to travel on the ground ? for example some kind of railway system going through the map and connecting major biomes, where you could use tames like rollrats or direbears to travel fast on ground without the risk of predators
  20. You simply can't as of now, but it's gonna be fixed soon:
  21. Whale is tamed similar to rock golem and titanosaur, you knock it out with a cannon and feed it with the purple kibble afterwards. Best way to do this ( or maybe the only way tbh) is to place one or two cannons on a hover skiff
  22. this isn't even possible due to the way the map is build, they would have to redo the entire map for this, which would takes months at least
  23. Fes

    ARK Memes

    ok, first spoiler for the ending that i'm putting in the thread:
  24. Am doing exactly that already ? Will probably be a while though until the dev kit get's updated with genesis assets
  25. Fes

    ARK Memes

    Can't speak for others, but for the moment i found it to be for the best to not discuss the ending in here until more people watched it and until then i can assure you that i won't spoil anything about the ending ( although i really got a big chunk of theory regarding it, but that will have to wait for later) Overall cold, but there were some hot parts
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