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  1. Thanks for the reply! Aye, I have updated as you've detailed, and can confirm the settings persist in the ini files.... However, it just doesn't affect the save interval at all! Still only saves every 30 minutes, or if I admincheat saveworld...
  2. My guess would be that it's because the server has a strict NAT... i would start by investigating that.
  3. Windows 10 AutoSavePeriodMinutes not working I've read many articles and all seem to indicate that the default save interval for Ark is 15 minutes... that I can adjust the 'AutoSavePeriodMinutes' configuration value in the GameUserSettings.ini to adjust this value... however it doesn't work for me!!! I've been running my own servers for years now and it has always saved my server every 30 minutes... never 15!!! I've always ran my servers from Windows 10 store version and connect with many Xbox Ones. Anyone able to successfully adjust their save interval?
  4. THIS IS THE ANSWER I WAS LOOKING FOR!!! DESTROYWILDDINOS FTW!! I found 150 male and 130 female bloodstalkers... grinded 1150 bloodbags. Fed the 130 female 8 moschops to get 100% efficiency. Let her drain my blood to find that my 1150 blood bags wasn't enough!? After reading many posts saying 'fixed, only needs ~150 bags for lvl 150' i was dumb founded... it never crossed my mind that legacy stalkers weren't taking the new code change... but that was it!!! I just did a 'destroywilddinos' command and walked away for 10 minutes. Came back to find sever was up to ~24k dinos and set off t
  5. Incorrect! What this means is that either: 1. The Xbox team doesn't perform as stringent of tests 2. The Xbox team dropped the ball in their tests What it DOES mean is that Wildcard submitted yet another bad/deficient/faulty patch yet AGAIN! It just happened to slip through the cracks for Xbox. However, some of the blame should in fact be on Microsoft too, as they should ensure that a cross platform patch is approved for both before ever approving either. Let alone pushing half of a patch to the public.. All around failure... and some of it is surely on the shoul
  6. I'm baffled how this continues to be an issue... I cannot play on my own server because the patch wasn't deployed to Windows 10 version... seriously!? Again!? This has happened many times now... when will you guys figured out how to properly deploy cross platform updates!?!?!?!? Simply unacceptable...
  7. I rarely post, but felt the need after reading sooo many complaints! Thanks for the update guys, truly appreciated! The complaints about a delay are stupid... I think Wildcard is finally learning from all of their past mistakes and this is a potential sign of it! Thanks for taking the time to do it right... we can wait!! Note, if you mess up the release like has happened soooooo many times, that is what is truly unacceptable! I shouldn't be stuck, unable to play, because the windows 10 version failed and thus I'm unable to run my server for my Xbox crew!! Do it right this time! Please!
  8. I just realized that using task scheduler wouldn't actually start the server.... only the game... my bad! AutoIt would be a good way to handle this!
  9. Use Windows Task Scheduler to start server on windows start: https://www.howtogeek.com/123393/how-to-automatically-run-programs-and-set-reminders-with-the-windows-task-scheduler/ I also use it to to run automated backups: Arguments are running a .ps1 file (e.g. -ExecutionPolicy unrestricted G:\ArkValgueroBackupFiles\BackupArkValgueroServer.ps1) Contents of .ps1 file: $date = Get-Date -Format "yyyyMMdd HH_mm_ss" New-PSDrive -Name "Backup" -PSProvider Filesystem -Root "G:\ArkValgueroBackupFiles" $source = "C:\Users\magnu\AppData\Local\Packages\StudioWildcard
  10. So last night I was pleasantly surprised when I got home from work... I was actually able to use crossplay and connect three of my Xbox's to my Win10 PC Server!!! However, after playing with my kids for two hours I was again disappointed to find that the server did not save structures/items as on the Xbox One. Pretty amazed that it's been in certification for almost a week!?!?
  11. Extremely disappointed with this roll out of Aberration. I can't even run my Xbox server as it doesn't save progress... been checking it every day for 4 days and still no update (still in CERT!? bullpoop!). So I figured... sweet, I'll just setup a dedicated on PC and access via Xbox using crossplay! Oh wait, also broken! Thanks for thoroughly testing Wildcard/Microsoft... very disappointed customer here!
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