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  1. can't believe yous had a cheek to sneaky delete x2 event from crunch without even saying anything .... broken promises again and yeah your answer jen were a lie as cause the event lots of stuff were broken in the game.... whole game is broken or its just your team
  2. anything about fixing the undermapping/meshing ? this is what kills your game all megas control your servers and new people cant even enjoy the game even when they got it thru game pass.....if yous not gonna do anything about at the end yous eill lose money as people will moan and demand their money back as they cant play and enjoy the game they paid for....
  3. is there gonna be normal x2 on weekend?
  4. they wont and its funny how people easy just belive every word they say. right if thats the case where is 100%rag released, bug fixed, lags, ddos, meshing and other poop fixed? exactly for me and my point is theyre jumping in everything at once then they got poop tons of problems why no keep doing "good work" with ark fix it and acc let people enjoy it instead of running for something else thats just shows how money grabbing this company is..... so probably your answer to community support will be they joined the ned company so they basically raptored of from ark players thats why none can get help or even a stupid answer? the other thing about the mesh yeah instead of fixin it you just wipe everyone who puts turrets under mesh for protection from other meshers FOR PROTECTION but yeah better is wipi g innocent people than fixing or running after the people who cause it...... ark is going down and more dlc dont expect anything from them they already promised a lot. wonder how they can lie so much to us aswell. internet says the Ark where you can acc play a animal role was released to xbox 2 years ago but yeah it never been released, ragnarok really? lets leave 1% so it looks like we are working on it hell yeah good job lol if thats how its gonna be u will get my ticket about giving me my money back for this broke game ;)
  5. why adding new servers new clusters if u cant even properly finish the whole game? when is Ragnarok will be 100% released? when u gonna fix undermapping and meshing? when Ark primal survival will be out on xbox as it says it was released 2 years ago but yeah cant even get it?. no point making something new if u cant even fix old poop and other thibg get better in customers services as your support is a big BS lol
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