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  1. So they nerfed the mana again? Really? Here’s an idea! Take it out of pvp and put it back to its original dps/range settings. If i have to get close i’ll just use a gig. Just take it out of PvP because if it wasn’t already close to replaceable it most certainly is now.
  2. Has anyone tried doing the end game content out of order. Mainly doing the king titan prior to beating rockwell. Is there anything i would miss out on or weird glitches that would create?
  3. Gotcha thank u, short and sweet
  4. I completed alpha ascension earlier this week and remembered you use to or do unlock the tek vehicle. I went to look for the engram and it wasn’t showing in my engrams. I think i remember someone saying its been locked by the devs but can’t remember. Any one have any info they could provide?
  5. Merry christmas, just wanted to let yall know the sunken forest is still empty and dino spawns still dont sem to be working as intended
  6. The dinos are missing. After a server reset they come back and then shortly after the area is a ghost town again. Players have done some homework and found them under the map or in the walls. I cant beleive i look forward to roll backs just so the area repopulates.
  7. Jen, any word on when the sunlen forest issues will be addressed. It is the only biome that has almost no dinos around. From what other players have found is they are falling through ths map textures. Server rewinds seem to repopulate the area but they dont respawn after they are tamed or killed. Hope to hear back from you!
  8. Dinos are falling or spawning under the map in the sunken forest. Is WC aware of these? These are a few forum posts. After a roll back it was fixed but since the dinos have been few at best. Players have ghosted through the map on their own servers and have see them well below the textures of the map.
  9. Aparently the was a rollback today and i agree with what was stated above. There were so many dinos all over the place but by the time i was finished the forest returned yet again to its barren state.
  10. The sunken forest is indeed empty as creatures are killed none if any respawn. Im trully hoping they fix the spawn either locations or programming. Their new gacha (sorry if i mispelled it) are no longer spawning and won’t be available much longer if its not addressed. Im not a programmer and im sure its difficult to do. Please bump this topic to make sure the right people see this.
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