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  1. why when a server did a shut down/reboot, would it make my wyv that was not in a pod disappear and make EVERYTHING that was in my inventory is appear (armor, weapons, building item and cryopod dinos)? and since dinos in cryopods do NOT give you a log for dying or disappearing or being stolen with dino inside, how are we suppose to do a ticket for a dino recovering?
  2. this server shut down, when it came back, up, i lost my tribe (which I just created), my dinos (like there are gone, just unpodded a wyv and had a argy in pod on me) and everything on my body (armor, weapons, building items, etc). what is up with that? It is frustrating when we SPEND hours and days taming/raising dino just for Ark to screw us out of them on , for what should have been a simple reset.
  3. i notice it around 44, 25 area. just the ambient noises, not danger/battle music, no chopping, no parasaur dino alert, not footsteps, etc. The ONLY nice thing about it is not having to hear the generator, fabricator, and chem bench running
  4. I did submit a ticket for this, just making sure it is not just me. I was on the Island 839, got kicked off and then was getting Could Not retrieve Address for about 20-30 minutes AND now it is not showing up my server list. I have tried both Xbox and pc. Any One else having this issue? I also keep getting Login lock This is unacceptable. If I lose my character, which is my ONLY one, I will be quitting.
  5. I cant type in the search boxes, change items names (like storage chests), dino names. this just started today.
  7. Well, this time I totally froze up and had to do a hard restart and it is just been 20 minutes. How the heck are we suppose to play this game it you can not keep it working? Seriously, I really want to know. I am a breeder and have not been able to raise anything except the small dinos that only need one imprint.
  9. After the hotfix 804.11, still freezing/disconnecting after an hour. Going to get really upset if i loss my baby gigas due to getting kicked when trying to claim them
  10. Now I am getting " Room Does Not Exist" and still reads "Deploying 804.9" this event plus the latest update has really messed this game up.
  11. well now I have been trying for over 20 minutes to reconnect after 3 back-to-back freezes and can not get back on. WC, please fix this issue. STop putting out new content and fix the ones you already have out. I quit PS4 version for a couple of years hoping you would fix the lag issues, so i decide to come back using Xbox and PC, but NOPE you still have not done anything to to resolve the connection issues. I hate to compare you to RockStar but you are becoming like them, money hungry and do not care about your consumers, for if you did, you would fix your servers.
  12. i have tried all actions with it and gt way more thatch than wood. i dont like it. taks forever to get wood now for the theri does not cut the wood weight any
  13. for crystal isles severs, we are still getting kicked or freezing every 10-15 minutes. reads that it is still deploying 804.9 on both Xbox One and PC with Xbox app. it will take 2-5 tries before getting connecting after getting kicked or freezing. this is utterly ridiculous and instead of putting out new content please stabilize the servers. BTW.. you screwed the mammoths, since they are no longer wood gathers, you need to make theri count the weight of the wood like the mammoth use to
  14. I feel yea, i can at least got on that server via Xbox One now but still getting kicked out every 15 minutes or if I access inventory or try to name my dinos. This is utterly stupid and ridiculous. Instead of all the new content, they need to work on stabilization.
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