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  1. EVERY SERVER that I have gone to tty to collect my items, the ARK DATA is DISABLED. YET the timers are still going which means I (we) am going to lossmy dinos and gear. They need to stop the timers!!!!!
  2. I have went to the obi to collect my dino and items from it and ARK DATA DOWNLOAD is DISABLED .... the timer is still counting down which means i am going to lose all my gear and dinos. WHY is it disabled?
  3. 9 plus hours on 2x taming to get a dilo and dimorph to juv due to all the server restarts and rollbacks. Needless to say I am UPSET!!!!  >:(

  4. Fellow Survivors,  I hope all are doing well. I do not know about you guys/gals, BUT I am getting extremely upset and frustrated with all of these server restarts and rollback 2 to 3 times a day and anywhere from 30  to 60 minutes lost each time.  I am usually on PS4-Official-TheIsland606 and PS4-Official-TheCenter604. (both Asia servers).  

    If you are also having these issues and experiencing the frustration, PLEASE PLEASE start posting in forums and hopefully we can the DEVs to see how they are 'screwing' us up.  

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