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  1. OttoGrunf

    Small tribes servers and friendly people?

    what sts you found to be friendly since i found none pvp means you can resolve conflict with violence if needed, not that you should enjoy in killing beach bobs in thatch huts with level 300 gigas
  2. OttoGrunf

    Is Ark dying ?

    because you cant
  3. OttoGrunf

    advice for a wildcard

    im in ark since day 20 of early access and if you read what i wrote, you will see that i stated that wildcard is the one that chose what of those ideas about changes should implement. and yes i know people will complain about changes, but they will complain even if wc dont ask for players ideas, so why not at least get those ideas before implementing changes?
  4. OttoGrunf

    🔴Best starting tame when you begin?!🔴

    pvp doesnt mean "let me be as***le to everybody", that means you can resolve conflicts with violence if needed. good server community can help everybody is safe from crossark raiders and griefers
  5. meaow gang are sad and sick people from sts island 12, but they dont breach rules with those names. even its hurting eyes to see that in chat
  6. OttoGrunf

    🔴Best starting tame when you begin?!🔴

    people with right mindset would help them tame and become friends
  7. does anyone else have their opinion are there any pros or cons to small tribe server clusterization?
  8. OttoGrunf

    Raptor Pounce. Really bad design.

    yeap, thats how i felt every time when i got pounced. its super dumb that you cant fight back
  9. OttoGrunf

    🔴Best starting tame when you begin?!🔴

    it has a lot. people on small tribe servers are one of most toxic people i ever seen. they will try to do what ever they can to mess with your tame if you dont protect it
  10. OttoGrunf

    advice for a wildcard

    from your example, you never had a good leader that listen to other people ideas but do that he think its right but you are right regarding that most players are self-centered
  11. OttoGrunf

    Is Ark dying ?

    haha you are trying to insult me, but i will ignore it. ok, if its that easey find me a medium populated server (more than 10 people most of the time, less than 35) in europe with out any mods, with rates from x1 to x3, pvp, with ragnarok and aberration in cluster (fine if there are other maps too but not requirement) and bonus would be if modern items are disabled (longneck is ok, but no assault rifle and similar) but its not requirement. its 10:48 (gmt+2) on july the 7th so lets see how much time it will take you to easy find that server
  12. OttoGrunf

    🔴Best starting tame when you begin?!🔴

    well iguanodon is best start tame on any servers. unlimited stamina when run on all four, even low level animals can carry nice weight, collect berries and super easy to tame. but to be honest, on small tribes servers, i would even skip iguano and go for argentavis since you can tame up to level 85 without any narcos on raw meat (3x taming rates)
  13. OttoGrunf

    🔴Best starting tame when you begin?!🔴

    dont need majos, you can put any berries, taming time is almost the same but it will gain less levels and since its low level tame you dont care about levels
  14. OttoGrunf

    Is Ark dying ?

    my statement is right, its dumb that players have to spend insane amount of time to find good severs instead to open server browser and find all info they need right there
  15. OttoGrunf

    advice for a wildcard

    well you missed the point. i never said that they should put changes to vote, i will simplify it for you. i stated that they should ask for player input regarding changes, as players are wasting a lot of time in game, so they could and im sure they have different and sometimes better ideas how to implement changes