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  1. Turret Nerf - Alternative Discussion

    alternative is to run less game servers on phisical server
  2. instead of nerfing players speed, wildcard is prepairing to nerf defenses. what a good move toward eliminating player base and freeing server resources
  3. you do get that people who do that kind of griefing have large bases on other servers with lot of c4 and superb armors and that they use second character with all points into speed equipped with that c4 and superb armors by main account? how long you think that wooden or even metal spikes can withstand c4? do you even play on pvp officials at all?
  4. im not sure have you played ark at all since you cant set up instant defenses, you have to build up, and most of people cant do that becouse of crossark griefers every night and super speed is not only about them swooping past turrets, its about that you cant hit him with melee weapon, bola, gun, as they just fly by you, same goes if you have superspeed too
  5. all points into speed it is still broken, if you add swamp fever to it, you just have teleporting effect that even fastest ptera cant catch game is not working good. maybe for you who can huge base and have spare character with all points to speed and use it to c4 raid on other servers. usually weak stone bases i presume you are lucky and you havent run into any now, with is strange since they are everywhere and its still the same
  6. the aim of the game is to ascend. you are trying to justify that you enjoy giving pain and making small people miserable
  7. i wouldnt agree more with you. i fought in megatribe war few weeks ago, it lasted 4 days and it was super dumb and boring. for me pvp experience is what battlefield1 offer and thats what i want in ark too, this pvp in ark now is super lame + server lag makes it patetic experience yet you need it for your main character for daily grind. i just dont like that people can have more than one character on one cluster
  8. why dont you "hard reset" alpha or beta tribes when you are so good? instead you pray on helples noobs or people that are still game infants. you fit into description of topic goal of the ark is to ascend not to cause other people to be miserable and enjoy in that
  9. so you are ok with insane speeds, but you think that removing insane player speed would benefit pvp? i do agree with second part no small tribe waste much points into speed. members of large established tribe make seperate characters for griefing, upload great armors and a lot of c4 for them and than grief small people. and i do prefer to fight on foot and with melee weapons members of large established tribe make seperate characters for griefing, upload great armors, no need for helth upgrade and a lot of c4 for them and than grief small people.
  10. not refering to scissors or paintbrus as they are for pure vanity reason, other than that, whats most useless item in ark that you can craft but you never do?
  11. ARK Digest Q&A!

    after they allowed gamma changes, light sources are pointless in game
  12. ottogrunf have character with allmost all points into speed too and some in stamina and know first hand that its just op let me quote myself: if wildcard staff play pvp they would solve lag problem so far becouse its unplayable on official pvp server but in early morning
  13. walkind dead sucks, i stopped watching it few episodes ago, its just way too dumb now. new dinasty tv show is more enjoyable and have more action in it. but yes, ark shows that majority of people is sick sadist that enjoys making other miserable just for fun. and thats what makes me sad
  14. to be honest, i doubt. i watched forums for long time and majority of staff say they play pve. if wildcard play pvp they would solve lag problem so far becouse its unplayable on official pvp server but in early morning it should be less than 0.5% per level i like the game and i want it to be much better for majority of players. asking for change isnt becouse somebody dislike something, it can be becouse of improvment
  15. this part is well said i tought primary goal in ark is to do boss fights and ascend. differece in pve and pvp is that you can if needed fight other for resources. in cod your goal is to kill other, thats it, no other solution to win thats just sad. you are making yourself happy by making weak targets miserable. you fit perfectly in topic title i have been playing games longer than you lived (30+ years so far) but i still dont get how people enjoy making other people miserable. those gta characters havent invested hours to make wooden shack, tame that parasaur and get their 100 metal ingots like beach bobs did hide where? you can hide from overconfident alpha tribe that doesnt activly search server, but you cant hide from griefers activly searching for beach bob or low level tribes goal in ark is not to wipe helpless people, goal is to ascend