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  1. Repurposing legacy servers

    they stated a lot of things lot of times but still they lied about most of it also they returned less than 1/3 of servers they removed from legacy in first round
  2. why? because you will not be able to outrun turrets any more? have you read my suggestion at all? player speed should be capped for pvp not pve
  3. when will wildcard realize that pvp and pve need different set of rules/rates? chess and checkers are played on same board with same figurines but its not same game. pve need less xp gain so people have some kind of game progress that used to be on the beginning of ark. being able to level yourself up in 2h just by notes. also, flier speed nerf is pointless in pve and just making the game more grindy. on other hand, boosting geathering rates in pvp but locking player speed to like 120% max of the current one is smart thing to do. defense and offense should be balanced with offline raiding a thing. i remember pre crossark times, when largest tribes where like 10-15 people, it was possible to come to server, build yourself up (especially on events) and wipe them. now having those megatribes its just matter of time where their sheer numbers will prevail. but i get it, wildcard members dont play official pvp and they cant realize or comprehand whats goin on there, but can at least listen to players. so, @TheRightHand and other wildcarders, make different set of rulers and rates for pvp and pve officials
  4. Repurposing legacy servers

    you do get it that there is the difference when you are talking about pvp and pve servers? and as well there is the difference in platforms steam or ps4. pvp people play on legacy, pve people maintain stuff on legacy. also, if wildcard removes legacy servers, they will not add new servers to the new official cluster, you do know that, right?
  5. Repurposing legacy servers

    simply not true. our legacy pvp server have 10-15 people online every night. ping is good so it community. we all fight if server is attacked. so i would say we are playing game as its intended. not overcrowded with insane lag and full of griefers every day.
  6. Don't do bosses during the night (NA)

    new member get few notes than we kill 1-2 titanos with him/her driving giganoto (if he/she is skillfull) or just being close by on foot (for shared xp). if he/she is riding giganoto and its x2 it goes over level 80 in that time
  7. Don't do bosses during the night (NA)

    we can help with tekgrams as well
  8. Thoughts about the state of PvE and PvP

    ark is not designes with pvp mode in mind developers dont play pvp at all or some of them play on dedicated servers. you got it all wrong
  9. Don't do bosses during the night (NA)

    cant help you with animals, but can help you with leveling. few days ago, when was x2, leveled tribemate from level 1 to 80 in 15 mins
  10. Dinos Spawning In Base

    that used to be bug present in all maps, now i see it ony on aberration
  11. Turret Settings

    stealth rock drake gets targeted and it doesnt crashes unless you have some old ati/amd card
  12. how to delete survivor from server so it doesnt show on your survivors filter? moving it to another server doesnt help
  13. Another question about P.C.

    you are calling one of best psu makers in world, seasonic, a generic brand? be quiet psu are actually built by seasonic and fsp hahahahahaha thats how much you know about hardware i will continue this pointless discussion when you post your game settings and stop laying. over and out i would agree to this, if we are talking about gtx 1050 ti version since its performance is almost close to gtx 960 and if we are talking about other games not unoptimized ark
  14. Another question about P.C.

    default epic preset and his settings are super different. except for general and terrain shadows, he turned off hq filtering, motion blur, ambient occlusion, distance field shadowing, hq vxf, simple distance character movement, hd level of detail, extra streaming distance, light bloom and turned sky 1 notch down. some of those options have insane impact on performance and picture quality with them turned on or off is quite different. so he doesnt have even close to epic settings. you do realize that graphic settings arent only one on left side of screen?