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  1. well first of all i have to congratulate wildcard for finally figuring out, after 3 years, that mega tribes are breaking their game and trying to solve the problem keep up the good work and for my question in title, i think it will, if it works same way as it does in small tribes servers. it would work even better if wildcard would lock steam account to one character per cluster (you could have more character but in different clusters and game modes)
  2. OttoGrunf

    🔴Best starting tame when you begin?!🔴

    once again, what you call pvp servers are pvpve servers. ask wildcard if you dont believe me. griefing beach bobs in there thatch houses arent point of those pvpve servers and becuse there is too many people like you, that play ark to pray on weaker players (or just players with life and less time to play than you) is why ark is loosing player base. small tribes servers solved problems of megatribes, now wildcard need to find way to solve excessive griefing
  3. OttoGrunf

    how would you rework kibble system

    well this idea is not bad at all
  4. OttoGrunf

    What is the Magic Population Number?

    for me, minimum of thriving community is 3-4 tribes or 10/70 people online. but maximum is like 30/70 as over that maps are overcrowded including ragnarok
  5. everybody is saying that kibble system is bad and need rework. so how would you rework it? lets brainstorm about it and wildcard will have starting ideas for it
  6. OttoGrunf

    🔴Best starting tame when you begin?!🔴

    pvp is pvpve, but people call it pvp for simplicity. small tribe servers are flourishing because majority of players want to play with friends not with 100 aliens because they only can survive in megatribes. but majority of players are casual players and game should be tweaked more for them than for nolifers
  7. OttoGrunf

    Small tribes servers and friendly people?

    there is only one thing to do in csgo or pubg, kill enemy. thats whole point of game. whole point of ark it to ascend. there are two modes, pve and pvpve, but we usually call second mode pvp even its full name is pvpve. dont get me wrong, im not against battles. its fine to raid rich base. what not ok is griefing thatch bobs just for sadistic fun. and problem with ark is that its full of those sadistic types what ark need is good balance between offense and defense so casual players can survive 24h hours there once again, official name of pvp mode is pvpve, get it? player versus player versus environment
  8. OttoGrunf

    Best tame to take on cave runs?

    i have pike against bats. and megaloceros cant fit half of caves + its useless against arthropleuras
  9. OttoGrunf

    Small tribes servers and friendly people?

    well i doubt there is any white knights in ark, but its full of sadistic people that enjoy when others suffer. what is the reason of griefing casual players in stone huts over and over again other than being sick sadist? we wiped quite fair share of tribes but all of them deserved, ether by attacking those small casual tribes for fun or similar. i remember one event, right after new official servers started, new tribe mate (young person in real life) and i where wandering around map on land mounts and found dude building thatch hut. when he have seen us, he started to run (he later explained that he is constantly griefed on previous servers that he joined), we chased him, pined him in corner and he was asking non stop not to kill him. after i asked him why would he think we would kill him, he told us about his previous experiences. we gave him some of our tools, basic weapons, some armour and narcos (we where on hunting run to find something nice to tame). and that young tribe member asked me why we helped that person? is that because im a good man? i told him that i behave in games same way i behave in real life. help those who need it and hurt those that try to hurt me. on small tribes servers i wander around map on foot with just a bacis gear and do you know how many friendly people, that didnt tried to kill me on site, i have seen on those servers? 1, just a single 1. others charge at you even they are 5 times lower level than you. if thats not sick behavior, i dont know what is
  10. OttoGrunf

    Best tame to take on cave runs?

    imho, by far best cave mount is sabertooth. it can fit all caves but few, ones that you have to do on foot like northwest cave or caves with lot water where baryonyx dominate. breed good hp and melee sabers and equip it with good saddles and you will have universal cave mount. i think ravagers are larger and cant fit in most caves where sabertooths can
  11. OttoGrunf

    Small tribes servers and friendly people?

    thats why ark is loosing players. developers cant find proper balance between total passive pve and carnage of pvp modes
  12. OttoGrunf

    🔴Best starting tame when you begin?!🔴

    insane amount of violence is not what most people like. precrossark servers where you could have nice community and fight intruders is. small tribes servers are flourishing because most people want to play with friends rather that they have to team up in megatribes with strangers so they can survive. ark is not designed as true pvp game and will never be one as people that can invest more time in ark will always defeat people that can play for few hours every week
  13. OttoGrunf

    Small tribes servers and friendly people?

    what sts you found to be friendly since i found none pvp means you can resolve conflict with violence if needed, not that you should enjoy in killing beach bobs in thatch huts with level 300 gigas
  14. OttoGrunf

    Is Ark dying ?

    because you cant
  15. OttoGrunf

    advice for a wildcard

    im in ark since day 20 of early access and if you read what i wrote, you will see that i stated that wildcard is the one that chose what of those ideas about changes should implement. and yes i know people will complain about changes, but they will complain even if wc dont ask for players ideas, so why not at least get those ideas before implementing changes?