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  1. Changing buttons on PC

    It's missing in the game options. But you can edit the Input.ini file to set your preferred key. Navigate to "..\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor" and open the "Input.ini" file with your preferred text editor. Now search for this line "ActionMappings=(ActionName="ShowTribeChat",Key=X,bShift=False,bCtrl=False,bAlt=False,bCmd=False)" and edit the "Key=X" where X is the key for opening the tribe chat. For alliance chat edit the line "ActionMappings=(ActionName="ShowAllianceChat",Key=Y,bShift=False,bCtrl=False,bAlt=False,bCmd=False)" where Y is the key for alliance chat.
  2. Yes I mentioned that it updates after re-connecting. And just because it is an old bug doesn't mean it shouldn't be fixed.
  3. If I change the structure inventory rank it doesn't apply. If i relogg into the server it changes. The activation rank changes immediately.
  4. There we go. It's all because of Cross ARK transfer is possible. Without that there would not be any spies or invasions from other servers.
  5. In my opinion it was not a process of wipe or getting wiped before the Cross ARK "feature" was introduced.
  6. But they introduced Cross ARK transfer so they support Cross ARK server wipes.
  7. Well if you fight near that thatch hut or if you destroy it by accident it's a completely different situtation and I think that was not the intention of OttoGrunf to create this topic.
  8. I don't really get why you are referring to Legacy now. I don't even get what this statement has to do with my question.
  9. Isn't PvP = Player vs Player or am I wrong in this point? So if you wipe a small wooden base for example to obtain potentially high quality loot with your Giga in a few bites - did you have a PvP experience then?
  10. Hi, I just crafted an ascendant giga saddle a few days ago with 122.3 armor. As I logged in today I noticed that this saddle has now only 120 armor. Is there a limit now?
  11. 274 giga baby hatched.

    Sorry I have this one on Legacy PvP.
  12. 274 giga baby hatched.

    Pretty similar to mine. Shame your weight didn't hit (Giganotosaurus, Lvl 257, Female): HP: 18000; St: 408,8; Ox: 162; Fo: 4310; We: 903; Dm: 280%; Sp: 100%; To: 163600;
  13. 274 giga baby hatched.

    I hatched a 257 one few days ago. Which stats does your giga have?
  14. Imprinting

    I know your problem, experienced that several times as well. I currently have a juvenile giga and this time i just tamed every dino needed and got plenty of kibble ready. No problem imprinting this giga until grown up. But I think this system is ok because imprinting should not be that simple. Just my thoughts.
  15. Breeding calculators

    Do you know about the ARK Smart Breeding Tool? As far as I know there are almost all dinos included and the tool gets updates from time to time.