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  1. Driver 419.17 is already preventing BSOD. So the hotfix brought nothing new.
  2. "NVIDIA GeForce HF Driver 425.11 is now available for download providing fixes for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands, Ark Survival Evolved and more: https://nvda.ws/2HHoj45"
  3. A temporary workaround is to enable the -d3d10 launch option. I don't get BSODs with that but of course we don't wanna play ARK on 200 FPS with DirectX 10 with very bad graphics.
  4. I have a RTX 2080 and I am getting BSODs in ARK as well. As far as I noticed they happen when I am on SE or the Ragnarok desert only.
  5. Yes I killed the Dragon with this tactic. Therizinos had ~20k HP and 500-600% melee. Megaloceros 6k HP. Rexes 40k+ HP 600%+ melee. I am not playing PvE so I cannot do it together with you.
  6. For a very easy fight you can use the following: 6 Therizinos (with 20 veggi cakes each) for tanking 3 Rexes to kill the Dimorphodons and Pteranodons 10 Megaloceros (for tanking if the therizinos go down too early) with people on it shooting with 250%+ shotguns You should be able to kill the Dragon in ~10 minutes.
  7. But even he lost all his levels, does he have the alpha implant now? I wouldn't really care about levels but more about the implant.
  8. Thank you for your replies so far. I am playing on PC Official, should probably give it a try.
  9. Hey I just wanted to ask if someone has done the Tek Cave + Ascension on The Island recently and if there is still a chance of losing your character? Because Jat's workaround is still posted in the announcements I am not sure if it is fixed now or still an issue.
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