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  1. don't have the cords but on Valguero the spider cave has a few issues with being teleported around and killed. primarily in the artifact of the strong room where there is a hole in the mesh directly above the artifact spawn.
  2. people are really here bitching about legacy being cancelled and them not providing support, but everyone knew this the moment new cluster was released... your own fault for putting time into legacy really.
  3. its just a stupid line to have in the game. walkabout is part of Aboriginal spirituality yet here it is a catchphrase for some white aussie chick turned robot... i just think there are better ways to implement aboriginal culture without trivializing it.
  4. HLN-A bot can we remove the "we gonna go walkabout" ??? its such a stupid line with a British accent not Australian... also there was clearly no research into what walkabout actually is and where the term comes from...
  5. if you are going to log off for 2 weeks on a multiplayer, live, persistent world, PVP game and come back complaining and saying its a rip off despite them offering PvE and singleplayer experiences then you will never be happy with anything. your own damn fault, dont get bitter just get better.
  6. ok so for starters Tek is not hard to get with extinction you can very easily spend a sneaky weekend farming up a replicator and doing ele dust runs in the city are super easy. next up, why is every suggestions some poopty QoL loss. the biggest thing causing lag is not dinos is not the patchy stone bases but is the huge metal bases with heaps of spam. why are they laggy? because there are lots of structures with high polygon counts spammed around that have to be rendered in. all you need to do is introduce a new class of item that takes up more space, has a lower polygon count and can be a replacement for foundation spamming.
  7. im not sure this would really work. you might be able to get some teleporting thing happening but unless they made the map as a cylinder or a sphere it just wouldn't be possible. in fact im 99% sure that the unreal engine doesn't even support anything but a flat map.
  8. quick version... - build in hidden spots until you have turrets - befriend alphas / build on friendly alpha server - only tame high level carnos, sheep are OP - abuse plant x until you have turrets - build up in a cave or high ground location - have It all offlined again because this game is unbalanced. someone raiding your wooden hut when you are offline is not offlining. they could do that with ease at any time this game supports offline raiding at every possible way. - hard to farm ammo - dinos that get dmg resistance buffs from 4 different means (mate boost, armor, imprint, veggie cakes) - raptoring decay timers
  9. enable saddle durability Enable the durability on saddles for the following dinos - steggo - trike - paracer - gasbag - rock elemental - pachyrhino - theri - rex why? because why not. why should any of those dinos be able to soak as well as they do. this would hardly effect anyone except offline raiders.
  10. A lot of people talking about how this is something that casual players want and that a lot of the problems that are giving reasons for a wipe will just come around again as its the nature of those who play. whilst this is true I feel like a wipe would HAVE to come with some prerequisites - breeding rework - mega tribe abolition - offline meta - Titan meta are all areas that could do with attention before a wipe is even discussed.
  11. Valguero transfers we know 2 things - all dinos outside of Valguero servers are going to be waaay stronger than any on Valguero - and that valguero will have to be opened up to the full official cluster I would love if at the 3 months mark Valguero could transfer off server but dont let other servers transfer in yet. put in another 3 month period where Valguero servers are all on a cluster with each other. dont ruin these servers in 2.5 months please ruin them in 5.5 (=
  12. I definitely agree with the bottom half of that, I had a little fling in a smaller tribe before returning to the bigger tribe a few months back and we got raided by some people on manas and rock eles, we were only 2 weeks old at that point and were still able to kill their rock ele and mana with our dire wolves by outplaying them. Having great dinos or tames doesn't give you the win by any means. and counters are definitely a huuuuge part of the PvP competence. I do however think good breeding lines is still very important for a smaller tribe to achieve if not to raid then to protect themselves even if when it comes down to it these bigger tribes will most likely out resource them... I would just like to see new breeding lines being possible and for taming to become an important part of the game again.
  13. that's true, I guess I was thinking more about the game overall. I definitely feel like breeding at the moment is taking away from what this game could be but I also see the uniqueness it brings to the game. I guess I didn't really think about the consequences of limiting the difference in power. Also my thing about the smaller tribes not being in the same league as an alpha was worded poorly, what I was trying to say is that I don't believe the game should ever be tuned for a tribe of 5 to easily take on a tribe of 50 but I do think there should be competition between their blood lines even if that tribe is 1 month old and just so happened to tame a god rex or something. I do also understand that the sound of a more RNG base breeding (which is effectively what I suggested) would really be hated by people but then again breeding is completely RNG anyway atm.
  14. the main ones are soakers and rexs. a rex can currently get to nearly 100k hp if you only level that. current rhinos are starting at 880% dmg before imprints. gigas have almost reached 500% dmg. Racers are 2 mutations away from 30K base hp before imprints. Stegos are getting up to 50 - 60k hp. argents are up to 30k hp. quetzals are breaking 40k. Then you have griffins, wyverns and such which don't really compete.
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