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  1. If wc's intention was to make stuff prettier... meh. If their intention was to blind me every time I gain altitude on my griffin ... Well Done!
  2. h'raay, tek saddles will b fixed... so what about all the other broken tek. Afrer > a year of solo play, I finally defeat a boss on Official, and I'm sittin on tek leggings (pun intended) that won't charge or activate. I think at this point I would prefer a game-breaker to a game "What's the point?"-er.... I take that back, don't be Hello Games...
  3. Same problem, ps4 Official. Made 1st tek gear (leggings) a week ago, and have not been able to use them. Tried charging them, and tried putting ele in inv and activating ability. All I have are "Shiny Pants"... Any word if this is a confirmed issue by Wildcard? Or is this a "well sometimes it's broken, sometimes not" thing. If I make the boots will they definitely not work as well? Lastly, is this like 'broken forge' that won't smelt scrap (Demolish replicator and try your luck again)?
  4. I've seen this on reddit, tek won't accept element, but keeps working with negative charge. Great, unless you just owned your fist bossfight, made Tek Leggings, and now you've just got "Shiny Pants". Putting element in inventory and (attempting to) activating Tek ability doesn't work either. Any word on when this may get fixed? Kind of discouraging when i spent 13 months solo developing a rex line, soloing all artifacts, and soloing the boss fight to have Tek I can't use. Puttin my "delayed gratification" skills to task...
  5. KING's harvest??? During Mother's Day...? Maturation bonus would make perfect sense.... No event whatsoever would be decent (maybe without event, players would spend time with their Mothers IRL), but KING's harvest??? Perhaps King's harvest should be during the Harvest Moon... (Autumnal Equinox)
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