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  1. When this happened to my wife and I, we eventually figured out that the following would usually help: - Make sure player2 is signed in, and on Playstation Network before starting the game. If she signed in after I started playing, sometimes it would bring her in as her character, but "Player2" over her head and not her name. The time I was looking at her body and it asked her to make a new char, we exited game, closed application, she hit the PS Button and selected "Log into PS Network" (or something like that), she had to go through the "privacy preferences" (the recent System update requires this), but then we started the game and everything was ok. As for the shadow.... yeah, we've not gotten rid of that yet. Someone posted to try repeated admin command "previewmode" until you get a display that's better, or, not as bad, but I've not tried it yet. Good Luck. A great deal of Ark is figuring your way around the coding failures, but we just look at it as another "Feature of the Ark!" PREVENTATIVE TIP: When you guys get to the point of using the Obelisks to jump around from map to map, when Player 2 uploads, do NOT have Player 2 "Exit Game" after uploading char. P1's controller stops working, and all you can do is close app, which will mess with your save game. When Player 2 uploads, leave it at the "Choose survivor" screen, upload Player 1, and when both screens are on the "Choose survivor" screen, exit game via Player 1. Then you can start Single Player on a different map and your characters should be available for download.
  2. Single Player Ascension PS4 Well, I haven't seen a new topic come up for 6 months or so concerning this, so here goes. Is single player Ascension still broken on PS4? My wife and I have been playing split-screen for a couple of years, and we're finally ready and equipped enough to go through the boss fights, but as we all know, there have been problems doing the Tek Cave and Rockwell Boss. I've seen a few work arounds like "Turn off Downloading" and so forth. Just wondering, fixed yet?? I guess you can just reply "No", or perhaps any new solutions from 2020.
  3. If wc's intention was to make stuff prettier... meh. If their intention was to blind me every time I gain altitude on my griffin ... Well Done!
  4. h'raay, tek saddles will b fixed... so what about all the other broken tek. Afrer > a year of solo play, I finally defeat a boss on Official, and I'm sittin on tek leggings (pun intended) that won't charge or activate. I think at this point I would prefer a game-breaker to a game "What's the point?"-er.... I take that back, don't be Hello Games...
  5. KING's harvest??? During Mother's Day...? Maturation bonus would make perfect sense.... No event whatsoever would be decent (maybe without event, players would spend time with their Mothers IRL), but KING's harvest??? Perhaps King's harvest should be during the Harvest Moon... (Autumnal Equinox)
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