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  1. Ragnarok Xbox update

  2. Ragnarok Xbox update

    So i got the 30.22gb update and it didn't have any of the new part of the map? was that the update and my game is stupid or what was it for?
  3. What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

  4. it so dumb i want it so bad but its so expensive (im just going to make my own dossiers)
  5. it does happen a lot on the center and there are certain parts of the map that teleport player 2 to player 1's location. it's happened to me and my brother as we play cause its a beautiful map but the rubber banding is just painful
  6. really the shipping cost is just stupid.
  7. Blocking wyvern cave in the cove on xbox

    what is it blocked with?
  8. Wyvern abbilities

    I was thinking maybe each wyvern would have a new ability: Poison: unable to take torpor from creatures Fire: be able to insulate you from extreme cold Lightning: get a attack buff when a lightning storm hits Ice: cool you in extreme heat
  9. Ark Dino's

    All about Dino's you've tamed!
  10. Are you buying aberation?

    I have to buy it?!
  11. When i want to know what i need for an engram such as water jar i can't see what i need.
  12. Dino bugs

    Thylo's, shoulder mounts, flyers and wyverns with bugs
  13. What is the approximate release date for the new part of the Ragnarok desert? thanks:raptor: