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  1. Mines started at 7gb and it is rising. Its now at 12gb
  2. Does it fix the dedi save for windows 10?
  3. win 10 dedi save patch ?

  4. win 10 dedi save patch ?

    Are they even back in their offices?
  5. win 10 dedi save patch ?

  6. No developer is perfect, granted, but not communicating with the people that pay for your products is shady. I've noticed they respond more quickly when theres a sale or when new paid content is coming. I don't like to assume but since I put money in their pockets and don't have a 70% functional experience, I'm going to assume.
  7. Xbox/PC play anywhere/Windows 10

    https://twitter.com/arkjesse/status/944001776167952384 Heres what Jesse has to say
  8. Will Windows 10 receive a update today?
  9. Dedicated servers won't save anything Aberration.

    My windows 10 server still DOES NOT save..
  10. Dedicated servers won't save anything Aberration.

    I was wiped after 12+ Hours. Unfortunately, they are not in early access anymore.
  11. Dedicated servers won't save anything Aberration.

    I honestly don't think they even play the game.......
  12. ARK at TwitchCon 2017!

    I know it will be delayed again, why? Here's my guess: Staff Flew away for The Holidays (Thanksgiving) :-) GG At least the Shady devs at Digital Extremes (Warframe) Deliver on promises.
  13. ...........November. Uninstalling now. Bye
  14. Yes, We are ALL WAITING for this answer. been too long and 0 updates on their '''''''''''''''''Progress'''''''''''