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  1. Aberration? Just a quick question

    oh ok i get it!!
  2. Aberration? Just a quick question

    Why is aberration $20 and scorched was $15?
  3. There is way too much admin abuse on dedicated servers and their needs to be a way to report an admin because it's just bad.
  4. I need a base spot for solo

    I need a spot on Rag that will keep me hidden because I keep getting raided and all of the best spots are taken someone please help! Please Put a marker on the picture of the rag map and attach it.
  5. Kits or Loot crates

    it's just a joke for me coming from being ban
  6. Kits or Loot crates

    They should add kits like a metal pick or stuff into official if u pay money because its hard to get started or personel supply drops yoju can buy with usd wat u tinbk?
  7. Basically i'm on an rp nitrado server and thers a castle and a lot of structures how do i not lag
  8. How To Grind Metal

    How Do i get metal smelted faster without indi
  9. Base design

    i would put dino gates walls metal spikes and species x and turrets and behemoth gates and 5 layers of dino gates to ensure no one can get through and sunk foundations and walls over the pillars with spikes at the bottom of the pillars
  10. Base design

    is a base on 4 pillars about 5 high but i heavily guard the pillars is that a good base design
  11. Anyone Agree?

    I was wondering if anyone joins boosted servers sets up a tiny base makes 4 grenades and raid a stone base to get your start on the server any one else do this? I Do
  12. Just A Quick Question.

    I'm Playing Solo and i need to know what goals to do because I am very A.D.D and I cant keep a task i need help I have tried to stay focused and then let myself do a C4 because i try to cut down but still i need help
  13. I NEED HELP!

    people no those i dont want to get raided easi,y i want to hide
  14. I NEED HELP!

    I need a solo base spot on Ragnarok preferably 2x2 spot boosted server i need to stay hidden!
  15. Rented server help

    How do i join a rented server on xbox with a password