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  1. ive already tried signing out and signing back in but it wont work
  2. Ark Xbox Play anywhere Not launching I have not seen anyone have this same issue as me but My Xbox Play anywhere ark was working yesterday but today when I clikc sign it it just keeps saying signing in than it crashes I need help if someone knows a fix please help me
  3. Ark Crossplay version issue im having an issue where my ark crossplay version on PC Lets me launch the game but when i click START the game says loading then proceeds to crash i dont know why it does this and I need to find a way to fix this... if anyone can suggest a fix that would be great! basically what happens is I launch the game fine when i press start it shows im signed it but then it says loading... than freezes and crashes 5 min later
  4. GivemHavok

    Thyla Or Megalania

    Which do you prefer
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