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  1. GivemHavok

    No Cross-Platform 6 man servers?

    yea i guess happens all the time with wildcard
  2. Is there reaally no 6 man cross plat servers
  3. GivemHavok

    Stego Draining

    Can someone help me? I wanted to ask people that know if stego draining still works, Does it?
  4. GivemHavok

    Xbox Play Anywhere Compatible With Pc?

    Ok Thank You I Didnt Know! Thanks Very Helpful!
  5. If i have Xbox play anywhere on my pc can i play with my friends on a Nitrado server? or just play with them in general.
  6. GivemHavok

    new items

    wat items do u guys want to be in the game
  7. GivemHavok

    Item reccomendation

    What items would you like to see come into the ark world?
  8. GivemHavok

    Aberration? Just a quick question

    oh ok i get it!!
  9. GivemHavok

    Aberration? Just a quick question

    Why is aberration $20 and scorched was $15?
  10. There is way too much admin abuse on dedicated servers and their needs to be a way to report an admin because it's just bad.
  11. GivemHavok

    I need a base spot for solo

    I need a spot on Rag that will keep me hidden because I keep getting raided and all of the best spots are taken someone please help! Please Put a marker on the picture of the rag map and attach it.
  12. GivemHavok

    Kits or Loot crates

    it's just a joke for me coming from being ban
  13. GivemHavok

    Kits or Loot crates

    They should add kits like a metal pick or stuff into official if u pay money because its hard to get started or personel supply drops yoju can buy with usd wat u tinbk?
  14. Basically i'm on an rp nitrado server and thers a castle and a lot of structures how do i not lag