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  1. Phyrist

    Extinction Plant Species

    There is a Venus fly trap mesh in the DevKit labeled as Carnivorous plant, (carnivourous plant is also the name for the very different plant speciesY), its been in there for a loooong time probably an unused concept like the original hangglider thats in there but didnt get released before the aberration glider got developed If there is a new plant it will probably be Corrupt themed instead of an organicplant like the others.. First there was Plantx, planty was introduced later, and finally plantz is directly applicable to Aberrations Charge theme
  2. Phyrist

    glitched screen

    Do you have a Screenshot? What were you doing when it happened? ..By chance were you in Aberration and walked through a mushroom patch?
  3. Phyrist

    No Dinos or wildlife after spawn?

    Im actually a pc Steam player myself i dont own an xbox1 but i would imagine it acts the same way as any server the data is saved serverside and clients connect to it.. It gets a little complicated when changing how you connect.. If youre playing splitscreen and decide to change it up and start up the standalone x1 and try to play using two different consoles.. Youre most likely not going to be able to access the old splitscreen data when using two consoles. Youve got a couple options i believe, dedicated server, nondedicated session or simply splitscreen Dedicated server is basically setting up one of your xboxs to run as a standalone server that you connect to from another xbox on your local network (with port forwarding you can turn it to a public unofficial server) Nondedicated is like.. P2P.. Sort of.. No need to have a physical server set up Just connect to the hosted game, however there is a tether InGame keeping the players in the same render area.. If players try to render Too much at the same time it could crash the xbox thats hosting the session thats why theres a tether Splitscreen is probably the simplest to set up They all have different savefile locations so to get your old map data youd need to move files around if you wanted to change ways you connect and play with the same base and dinos Again i play steam so maybe things are slightly different on xbox.. Maybe someone with more experience specifically in setting up xbox server sessions or splitscreen would be able to help out
  4. Phyrist

    No Dinos or wildlife after spawn?

    For the command input on xbox Try LB + RB + X + Y https://ark.gamepedia.com/Console_Commands It could be an issue with singleplayer, maybe destroywilddinos will fix it, singleplayer sometimes has random issues with resources respawning or artifacts respawning
  5. Phyrist

    No Dinos or wildlife after spawn?

    The cheat "Destroywilddinos" will respawn the maps dinos incase none are spawning anymore or you just want to roll the dice and get new levels of dinos everywhere I know you said you just started and so its unlikely you wouldve changed any settings.. But Did you by chance change the DinoCount slider? If you didnt change anything and just hopped into the singleplayer game then... Dinos should pop out of stasis if you move into render range and disappear if you leave the visible area, just keep looking you might find more in a different area further beyond your start point, the map is pretfy big if youre running around on foot
  6. Phyrist

    Character creation visual bug

    Downloaded the update right now to try it, the download said only 37mb but the hidden "Additional file" that had no displayed filesize took much longer to download.. And also required me to free up the full 1.9gb ish original installspace. Anyways so i cannot even start the app now, preupdate i was able to play like normal minus the character screen bug, i start up app now and it shows the ark logo in the bottom right and goes blackscreen and popsup a error window. No error popup before the app update.. But theres one now.. Im running android 7.0 lg g5 (been procrastinating the android update) i realize there are warnings on these forums and the appstore that it requires 8.0 and vulkan. I was able to run the game using 7.0 when i had the graphical bug and now after the app update still on 7.0 i cant even start the app anymore.. So it WAS working on an unsupported phoneversion and now doesnt Edit So i did my android version update.. I had a notification for new system software for a few months in my notification bar i just kept pausing it. I Downloaded installed and rebooted my phone only to see that my version is still 7.0. Scanned for new upgrades and my software is fully up to date. The ark mobile app DID work on my phone using 7.0 as proof in the above pictures.. And after digging for information on the internet it appears that the lg g5 does not have oreo 8.0 available yet. Or if ever. So. Not sure what to think about this. Guess im not able to play Mobile with my phone, except i was able to earlier but not anymore.
  7. Unfortunately there isnt a way to speed up the process.. It might take a week, might take longer depending on ticket traffic and how many people are ahead of your ticket Edit: Theres always the option of abandoning your character (depending on level and progress) if you cannot wait for the WC team to answer your ticket.. That way you can log in and still be able to play the game using a newly created character
  8. If you want a admin/dev/moderator to help out on official servers youll need to submit a ticket https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/support-ticket-submission/ Its 1st come 1st served so the latest tickets go to the end of the queue, unfortunately there may be a week or two wait for a response from the higherUps (depending on ticket traffic could be longer) for your specific issue..
  9. Phyrist

    Character creation visual bug

    Not intending on Bumping. I wasnt able to upload a 2nd picture to the OP.. I added another photo to show further graphical issues in the inventory when looking at the character mesh
  10. Yeah.. i guess theres not much you can do besides remain logged in and walk away from the game for a bit and hope your stats drop so you can respawn.. Theres always the SupportTicket option i mentioned earlier but that will take a while..
  11. I dont remember exactly how long it takes to starve or die of thirst on official settings.. But there are different factors involved like clothing.. your stamina.. and the weather for example running nonstop drains stamina and makes you hungrier.. Ambient temperature can make you thirstier.. However if youre on a rain abundant map like the island then youd be unlikely to die of thirst due to how often it rains and you being standing still not using stamina.. It really depends if you can access your body.. If your corpse is accessible from outside of the clipped terrain then yes.. But in most cases where people get stuck and have to die the loot is left behind. If youre in a hole ive heard of people using a vulture after respawning to eat your corpse and have it fly out of the hole on follow but some maps dont have vultures (specifically because you cant add items into its inventory like the dimorph does.. so eating your corpse with a vulture should work to get the inv back) Online for 3hrs without dying naturally... Are you certain you cant punch anything like trees nearby to lower your HP to 0? Can you post a screenshot of the location and surroundings using orbital camera?
  12. If you have feces/rottenmeat/organic poly on you and can consume it then you can speed up your character suicide.. If you are nearby something you can punch enough to kill your character.. If you are falling endlessly and cannot consume or punch anything and being that youre on officials https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/support-ticket-submission/ you could submit a ticket and hope a dev can teleport you out of that spot.. Be aware that tickets are 1stCome 1stServed so there may be a week or two of waiting.. That being said you might be better off staying logged in until your character dies of dehydration or starvation
  13. I Downloaded the android ARK mobile for my LG G5 and first thing i saw was a graphical bug when creating character, cannot see character.. Continued on and also noticed it crashes quite often when changing phone orientation.. I can play with medium graphics so im not sure if my issues are because my phones a little older and on the low end of compatibility.
  14. If theres at least 1 person left in the tribe after you leave They will become the owner. If youre the only one in the tribe and you leave.. (It will still exist without anyone being in it) Youll need access to Admin commands to get back into it or if its on Officials youll need to submit a ticket https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/support-ticket-submission/
  15. Phyrist

    Can't find my playerID

    Xbox ps4 win10 or steam? Steam just point and click with the mouse on the onlinecharacter. With a controller i cant remember how to navigate that UI.. I would imagine its the Lstick and A(xbox)/X(ps4) to select the character.. Once character is selected and highlighted.. Nothing will happen thats normal you need to go to a Command on the righthand side and execute a command, any of them, and there will be a popup with an input and two buttons one for playerID and one for steamID, steamID is bugged and has been for a while.. If you click CopyplayerID it should populate the popup windows input field with the selected online characters playerID