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  1. Basilisk Saddle issue

    do an update
  2. WE HAVE ABERRATION Removed ForceFix Added Automated ARK Removed Scorched Earth and Installed Aberration Alongside The Island
  3. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Also me.. During work i remotely Started downloadin update yesterday at noon.. Didnt finish till 4am.. Waste of a night just downloading.. Working now again i gotta wait till i go home
  4. Things Ark NEEDS (suggestions welcome)

    S+ has a hitching post.. If youre on an unofficial with s+ ...Unless ark will at the hitching post along with other s+ stuff soon Could also leave your tames on passive so they dont cause trouble.. Or fly away. Or keep your tames inside a building when youre not using them..
  5. Is Aberration free?

    Se is Dlc, you purchased it... Aberration is dlc you must also purchase it
  6. Anyone else not able to play the dlc yet?

    Im downloading the update on super slow Net 1gb/1hr av Failed first time cause i ran out of space.. At 20%... This time im at 41%... Wont be able to play till after work tomorrow i think
  7. Flashlight Attachments No Longer Work

    Im not sure myself... Logically i might suggest it has something to do with aberration portable lightsources requiring power? Could very well be wrong cause my download is STILL ongoing... Hate having crappy Net
  8. Its an update that includes Aberration... And other stuff like turrets and imprinting.. And unless im mistaken the new files in aberration needed to be added to the ark game files.. Its not just a map its an entire dlc like scorched earth
  9. Ark Aberration Delayed! 3 hours

    Havent checked my client yet.. But (pc) Survivalservers DOES have the option in the control panel to swap my SE cluster with
  10. 40G Update

    I havent looked at my Client yet for an update.. But SurvivalServers has an option to change my SE cluster to Aberration already
  11. Some questions about rented server

    1) if you have the save files you might be able to move the character over, assuming you have access to the rented servers files 2) public officials are not on the same cluster network as unofficial rented servers 3)ref#2 4)depending on your pay cycle, and your provider, always backup before your "rent" is due 5)im not sure but there are numerous xbox server setup guides on the forums a search would find a lot of em 6)yes you can, acheivements are Account based, getting skins on SP will give you them on official, with the exceptions of chacter based acheivements like ascension, that stays with the character and if the char is deleted... 7)you can have the same rates on your rented server as official rates, and you can have no mods, so the experiences are the same. But its technically not the same as they are on different cluster networks.. a Unofficial server with official rates.. Is still unofficial.
  12. check out 1st post Altered the Mods
  13. What is your favorite place to build a base?

    The island, north non blue obi snow mountain, north coast there is a icicle cliff i like to build on top of.