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  1. Phyrist

    Thoughts on flyer picking?

    I enjoy playing on servers with no flying tames.. Forces you to enjoy the map from a hands on perspective.. I see flying over the map to a destination as skipping over things that are pretty gorgeous.. Waterfalls.. Caves.. Cliffs with a good view.. I like to stop and look around and enjoy myself from time to time.. Pve disabled picking up dinos mainly for the reason of griefing by dropping wilds into other players bases.. While its convenient to tame by picking up and dropping in a trap theres a reason it was disabled by default Peraonally in pvp i think picking is a must have, sure it sucks when some rando picks up newbies and beachbobs just to kill them over and over.. But in an air battle during a raid being able to pick up the enemy comes in handy.. You just gotta be preppared with parachutes and weapons if you are the one to get picked
  2. Phyrist

    Permanently Turn Off HUD

    Try putting this in the GUS.ini ive not tried it but its in the server config wiki https://ark.gamepedia.com/Server_Configuration serverForceNoHud=true
  3. Phyrist

    Custom Recipes Advice

    So dont waste resources by overloading the stats like 10x honey in one consumable knowing that it caps out when full, keep it minimal with simple recepies like x4 raw meat + 1x honey for example, you can always eat a 2nd if it doesnt fill you up
  4. Phyrist

    Custom Recipes Advice

    https://ark.gamepedia.com/Custom_Consumable I like using honey, raremushrooms, meat, crops in various combinations.. Refer to the link for specific values and combinations
  5. OP yes you can open/close mid air but like others have said you basically gotta ram your face into the door @Coastal There IS a remote keypad.. Pincode your doors and go to an active keypad and type in the door pin for Open/Close on the keypad.. Cant do it while mounted though. Good for remotely closing doors that are out of reach.
  6. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Difficulty Typically i just use 1.0 DifficultyOffset and say.. 6.0 DifficultyValue for getting lvl 180 wild dinos with wyverns being 126.66% the wild level (officials 150 max will have 190 wyvern max) UltraStacks is what im currently using on my singleplayer and my rented server.. so it works.. It also needs to be as high on the mod load order as possible #2 or #1 if you can, and for stack mods youll need to use a Mindwipe to relearn the replaced engrams otherwise youll have issues with morter and pestal resource crafting etc
  7. Phyrist

    Love for Scorched Earth?

    Patch notes says recently titans were added and spoiling timeres extended. So SOME work is/was put into it.. Im a ScE fan, probably my favorite map, i also hope more gets put into it
  8. Phyrist

    New “Regulated PVP” Servers

    Unofficials have Rules, enforced by Admins, usually the information is displayed on Discord pages, Server Advertisment posts, or on the popup when logging in.. Communication is key to keeping order in an enforced server. Players that assume OfficialServer lawlessnesss, try to alpha the server and attack other players to the point of them leaving the server.. Definitely could be frowned upon by the admins.. Its their server btw they want to keep a population so maybe theres rules about declaration of war, thatch newby imunity until wood or stone, or if its an RP server pvp could be frowned upon unless its in an acceptable rp style .. Communication is key. Usually theres a chat in a discord or teamspeak.. usually on good servers theres a ruleset for whats acceptable and whats not.
  9. Phyrist

    New “Regulated PVP” Servers

    Classic case of Bad Admins causing a stereotype. You assume all 10000 have horrible Admins.. When youve only tested 5.
  10. Phyrist

    Ragnarok Dino Cap

    https://ark.gamepedia.com/Server_Configuration ?MaxPersonalTamedDinos=500 ?MaxTamedDinos=4000 Defaults from the wiki.. I do not believe that there are different tame limits for different maps, its in the server ini
  11. Phyrist

    New “Regulated PVP” Servers

    Theres a negative stigma around Unofficials for two large points, longevity and admin abuse, short term servers are pointless to join if theyre run by a 14yr old who goes to school and could shut it down in 2 weeks or 2 month.. Then theres admin abuse, about admins playing on the same server they own. Everyone assumes they will inevitably cheat and abuse power, and ban anyone they dont like or think they smell bad. Its a stereotype given to the entirety of Unofficials because of a handful of bad Admins. Theres thousands of Unofficials out there NOT ALL OF THEM are admin abusers and many many of them have been up for a year or longer. Shop around. Youll eventually find a server that suits your needs and desires. Theres lots of really fun Unofficials out there whatevers your type of fun be it RP,pve,pvp,noTek or no tame theres something for everyone out there you just need to look.
  12. https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/523890046883431541 This last comment sped it up by going lower than 1.0(default)... Try maybe a much much higher number. So instead of smaller intervals between respawns as that guy lowered his multiplier for, try raising it higher than 1.0 for your zero respawn goal Fulldisclosure i do not know if this will work or revert to 1.0 (default..or..max??) everytime *shrug*
  13. Phyrist

    Can not go in single player

    Like what exactly..? Sometimes if My mobile game doesnt work or crashes repeatedly i sometimes can get it working again by -closing all unneeded apps -rebooting phone -reinstalling a fresh copy of the app
  14. Phyrist

    Can not go in single player

    What exactly is happening? what have you tried, to fix it?
  15. Im not sure what the exact issue youre apeaking of.. But if you have to download many mods on Log in of your favorite server, downloading and installing the mods might take longer than the servertimeout, you may need to join a few times until all the mods are finished, the server timeout popup is normal when downloading lots of mods during the log in Without more information, screenshot, type of error, details about which mods etc .. Not much anyone can do but speculate