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  1. I personally like the grind of officials.. But hate the breeding times... I play singleplayer casually with low harvest but high breeding rates (not instant maturation cause i like the process of getting there also) 10x tame, breed, maturation 2x harvest 1x XP Lvl 120max dinos I also forced myself to learn to play ARK (steam) on my couch with an xbox controller to abstain from using cheats, ive since upgraded to a SteamController and love it
  2. I like reading these its neat seeing how differently different people react when poop-hits-the-fan Last night, TheIsland single player, pc steam: casually playing from lvl1 for a week or two by this point, ive only got a stone building and minimal tames (im not the type of person to hoard dinos when im not using them) iguanadon(dead now), raptor, otter, argy.. im lvl 66 now and saw that i had a bronto saddle unlocked.. Thought to myself.. "Yenno brontos are sooo big.. Id almost rather a smaller faster dino to gather berries.." So i searched the surrounding area of my base and found
  3. Yesterday i tamed a lvl150 basilisk with a single rockdrake egg (dunno if it matters 10x taming) Had extra low lvl from the previous egg run.. Thought hey ill test and see what the taming progress will be like with a drake egg... (Lvl96)... Dropped it on the ground.. Ran a little further out and basilisk ate the egg BOOM instant tame
  4. I dont have the temperature info available... But i used 32x ACs
  5. I also had transferring enabled for the first few days.. Because eggs were the problem before they patched it.. No point in restricting it.. Then i held a vote when the eggs were patched and my player base unanimously voted (8/8 players low pop yes but we arent all buddies either just trying to survive) to disable incoming vanilla dinos.. Aberration is a new play style and everyone on my server thought the same way that theres a mindset "why change and learn new ways of doing things when there is the option for me to continue do what im comfortable with and used to doing." So people wanted the
  6. Also me.. During work i remotely Started downloadin update yesterday at noon.. Didnt finish till 4am.. Waste of a night just downloading.. Working now again i gotta wait till i go home
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