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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. /ShooterGame/Saved/Logs Should have a bunch of files.. (*s mean various Dates or other numbers) Dump********.dmp ServerGame**********.log ShooterGame.log ^^^THIS is the one your looking for.. But again youd need to have logging enabled.. Not globalchat adminlogging, but serverlogs logging, or seeing how its Old logs youd need to find the Backup Log for that Day ShooterGame-backup**********.log (i have a cluster setup so the Non main maps Logs are put into *2) ShooterGame2.log ShooterGame_2-backup*******.log
  2. I would agree.. OP you Could check the serverLogs (if you have it enabled) for definitive answers on if someone random is using your Password
  3. Forum Game: Bad Advice

    Use nothing but FlareGuns its the highest damaging weapon How do i tame a Phoenix?
  4. Transfering Fertilized Eggs to Aberration

    I personally have Rcon scripts running for my servers to deal with Fliers specifically.. Vanilla dinos that dont fly? Not much of a concern to me tbh..
  5. Bump Total Overhaul, Changed Settings, Changed Rules, Did a near complete Wipe recently, lots of free building space
  6. Transfering Fertilized Eggs to Aberration

    No its not intended as theyve been blocking fertilized egg downloads Into Aberration.. unfortunately WC needs to fix inventory transfers still
  7. rockwell location

    A little off topic, In case anyone is curious.. I admin spawned rockwell on Herbo Island LOOK HOW BIG HE IS Also.. Im curious about the tentacle mechanics.. I dont see any defensive tentacles.. Wondering if its at all possible to kill rockwell by spawning him outside of his arena.. *shrug*
  8. Useful Commands

    Fun fact... can also make Wild dinos into babies... Getting attacked by a giga/titan? Try using a gun or somethung with crosshairs... Target it.. Then... Cheat setbabyage 0.1 Boom baby wild dino
  9. I rent from Survival Servers and theyve got this option at the bottom of custom launchparameters webform.. If youve got access to your Custom Launch Parameters.. You could add -vday
  10. Boss Spawning Troubles;

    Each map (ex. aberration VS the island) has its own spawn container regions https://ark.gamepedia.com/Spawn_Entries In order to have dinos spawn naturally in an area that is not natural for them.. You need to add them to the spawn container entries (ive added basilisks to the islands swamps, SE dinos, etc) so doing this reapers and nameless should work on other maps manually spawning in with commands should not be affected by spawn containers. Im not sure whats going on with your systems... But i was messing with my custom spawncontainer additions.. Decided what the heck.. And added manticore to normal spawners on herbo island. It works... Ive also been able able to spawn in all of the bosses manually anywhere even outside of the arenas... Ive tested both on SinglePlayer and my SurvivalServers rented server... I dont play on TheCentre so admittedly i havent tested that map..
  11. Far as i know it has to be on the same cluster network not just the propper settings in the ini. official to unofficial just doesnt work However!! when they started shutting down legacys they released the Old official save files.. (Assuming you have your own server Or are playing SP)..Using THAT you can load up the savefile from officials.. upload into an obi.. Then load up normal savefile.. And download your dinos. GL getting a recent savefile tho.. Still completely different from simply transferring
  12. AutoDestroy decayed Structures

    Your host may not have it accessible, or it might be CheckBoxes in a webpage form.. For me: i rent from Survival Servers... And it was kind of a pain in the butt .. They had several checkboxes available.. But not all of them so when i had something i needed to add but wasnt there i had to submit a ticket to them about adding Custom launch parameters.. Their support walked me through it.. In the end i needed to use their webform..and make sure my MapId wasnt TheIsland... But "Custom", a few more inputs appear like CustomMapId which youd put "TheIsland" into and custom launch parameters box when you set that up.. The process is probably different across varying Host websites
  13. Best way to solo tame carnivores

    I use many different ways... Taming raft with gates for walls, ive tamed large ones like spinos and rex with this.. Lure and trap, place last gate behind it Rocks and cliffs work to keep away from the teeth Ive used pillars and ladders when i first started out Ive also used Tanks to just let the aggressive carnivore chomp on your dino, a turtle or something with high hp works Lately all i use are large bear traps and several gates.. One opening.. Lure giga in and let it step on the beartrap inside the gates.. Place last gate to box it in. Start tranqs
  14. Are toilets worth creating?

    Yeah its Timing, cant poop when food icon is blue
  15. How to fix this map?

    If im not mistaken.. With the Map out... Can you not bring it closer to the screen like a Zoom with the rclick and hold