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  1. With the store changes over the past few months, it is not as easy, but refunds are possible - especially if you are clear that the publisher of the product either defrauded you or broke the feature and refuses to fix it. If the Ark team continues to ignore this, the BEST recourse is to issue a formal complaint to Microsoft, and they will get involved with the Ark team/Wildcard directly. (Which will force these to be fixed.) I'm not sure what your beef with MS is, but when it comes to supporting users/customers, they will fight, even pursuing litigation on behalf of users. I 'get' that
  2. Bionic Costumes (Purchased) Missing from Game Quetzal, Trike, etc. Only seems to be purchased Costumes, in game earned bionic costumes like Rex are still available. I only saw one other post in PS4 forum mention this, so I wanted to make sure it has the devs attention.
  3. A 'cooking' event that occurs on Mother's Day? Really? Intentional or not - it doesn't look good. Someone at Ark should have went, "Um, this looks really sexist, we shouldn't do this." Let me guess, just to cement the sexist thinking, a 'fishing event' will be the focus of Father's Day? I know the game features Dinosaurs, but we live in 2018, not 1950.
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