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  1. Extinction looks epic but sensible head says "DON'T TRY AND TAKE ON TREYARCH OR BFV" #NOV6 #NEEDTOGETTHEGREENSB4THEYRELEASED!!!!
  2. square box 100 turrets HMMMM 25 per wall think they will be draining with compys
  3. You guys for real with this turret change???? Do you actually play the game? Flying around the island two days ago west side towards snow when lag started to appear thought major base about to render in... You know what it was? A stone 3x2x 1 high NO TURRETS!!!! but 30 flipping STONE BEHEMOTH GATES!!!! The issue with lag is the damn gates refine them less detail not so bulky if its not the gates was it the 3000 turrets he had cloaked on the stone base???? If so wheres mine?. Go on a server place 300 turrets on a plato fly up see the lag then take them away and place 30 stone behemoth gates see whats worse!!!!
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