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  1. Please fix bluescreening on ps4 especially regular ps4s), constant loading jittery fps (and that's on a ps4 pro), settings being reset every time you play (including server searching) and add a server setting for more pressure plates in an area (PvE), was really looking forward to making a smart home, can't do that when I need 2 plates just for 1 door! lol. Oh and the disappearing tamed feroxes.
  2. The new HLNA pet continues to make noise after unequipping it. At least on PS4.. More TLC. Many creatures have little to no use anymore (quetz). Many also don't look the best nowadays either. (Megalodon, turtle, dolphin, stego, any earlier creatures). Add recipes for the new kibble to find. Ya, you can look them up, but maybe some don't want to or have the means to. Glass/metal structures from s+ should be implemented as they should have been added in the first place. Grow mushrooms from abberation. Maybe rare mushroom/flowers too. Scorched needs an ascension! An
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