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  1. i mean a large alpha/mega tribe just got their whole tribe stolen on that server by a guy that the community named "Wizard" since he can spawn stuff in, force join tribes as owner etc
  2. eta for valguero transfer outs open up? waiting the whole day allready edit.: "Opening Transfers for ValgueroYou'll be able to transfer out of Valguero starting today. Transfers out will come at the beginning of October." typo in the second sentence`? transfers in are at the beginning of october....
  3. Hey wouldnt it be nice to let the Teleporters work like Beds? i mean a rank 10 Teleporter shouldnt show up for someone that has a rank under 10 and shouldnt be usable by them. also it would be nice if a rank 10 ded storage would only be accesible by rank 10s aswell ,right now u cant open the inventory and change the type of ressource if ur lower rank but u can still deposit and withdraw a stack (looking at u, c4 ded storage in defence room ) to spin this idea even further there could be different ranks for withdraw / deposit so the whole tribe can farm up specific stuff (for defence or what ever) and only admins/high rank can take it out
  4. there is a bionic rex skin aswell didnt stopped them from releasing a tek rex but wants to start a new line of giga anyway even with higher wild lvl will takes ages to get them to the melee damage that giga have nowadays...
  5. one year and 6-7 50+ stats on rexes? thats like getting jackpot 6 times in a row ur saying that it shows how "rare" it is... wich is kinda insane cuz it shows how usual it is on ur server atleast compared to official where it takes a year taming sometimes to get it on 2 stats still wondering about how the mutation can be increase the lvl that much (worth kinda 16 mutations btw) and how u could get uneven numbers when it was a even stat aswell (60hp-71hp 49dmg-70dmg)
  6. also if these wild tames are the base for ur mutations then i can tell for sure something isnt right there u cant get a uneven number out of a even number or wise versa with mutations 60hp-71hp 49dmg-70dmg are u using dododex for after tame stats? if yes sorry mate but these stats are wrong..: i would suggest get a "spyglass 2.0" mod wich shows u the points for wild/tamed/even lvled if u get a good one
  7. are u doing "killallwilds" from time to time? or u have alot of server restarts ? cuz official suffers alot from overlapping spawns ... wich makes it crazy to force spawn some dinos it works for some time and then for a whole lot of time nothing only thing u can do then is to kill everything around the spawn points...
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