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  1. I did explain but you answered my older post instead. I quit no point in alerting issues, ty for trying.
  2. The trike costume stretches at the eyelid ti the feet and does this flickering and then when i come in you see several lines stretching. I have photos but cant upload from my ps4. Its like nodes of the mesh are being pulled. If you add me on psn ill show the pics happily.
  3. Wildcard, issue concerning trike costumes has a terrible glitch to the point i had to take them off. I play on ps4. The skin is gorgeous but please fix it.
  4. Breeding to cover losses is a good form of backup. Also meant to put pve. Cases which get to me most are the loss of characters from friends 2 years on the ganr and no real form of bsckup. Pve sbusers who seem to be server confused as they should be on pvp. The list goes on. The devs did try give support thenn after it was "have no idea". Its the humungous loss of time, dinos, resources and dedication. Yes things definitely need to change.
  5. Been on many games and honestly Surveys on many occasions are the biggest load of hogwash. Just assist the customers and ban the trolls with ill intent. Recently heard that there is dragging of titans to peoples bases on the fresh pve official servers. The nonsense needs active control.
  6. I understand but its not viable. Their so-called popular servers sadly are where most of the transgressors moved to. I dont have an unlimited life span. And thank you for being so kind as to take my blerbing into consideration.
  7. Why are legacy servers so badly discriminated when clearly the problems continue? We have been on this game before legacy iniated and been a friendly tribe to many. Have you any idea what its like to have overcome trolls, etc and having built your tames and bases for 2 years and still have your heart stop that your server could be next? I will not rebuild what took 2 years of my life because i love the game but not to an insane level. I am delighted the new code of conduct has been implemented. Be guaranteed if we do get taken down by a future kill list i wont be doing this again. What i have i got from my own taming and people who left leaving their stuff to us as they quit completely. The time lost is irreplaceable. :
  8. Concerning this main post, what is there to say, i have survived a lot, but as i am ill in real and use my spare time to play this with my husband, helping new comers when we can and shunning trolls which many went official and a particular rag server i refuse to set foot in. But i dont have more time available to restart all ive wholeheartedly and unmaliciously built. Trolls have been a terrible problem in the past for our island and scorched. Concerning noob calling., have some respect as we were all noobs when we started, everybody has the right to play but its how you play that counts. Pillaring has saved bases and resources. Stopped gating of bases around which obsructed us from being able to ride our rexes for meat runs. Sighs if only people knew how to live with each other especially on a game as awesome as this.
  9. I have been playing this game over a year, my husband longer. Been playing on legacy before legacy (so called punishment) came into effect. Went through watching disgusting constant troll base wipe threats on a PVE server, bases got wiped through all malefic methods on the island, read racial, mother slaundering chats etc. Kept playing quietly praying the trolls would tire and leave which btw they did, they happily announced they went official and some went to some of your more popular legacy servers (the stone pipe trollersx). Wei saw fathers with sons come play this game and leave i have met amazing people through passively striving to spare resources and caves and obis. On legacy people like us were abandoned!!!! You inherited our nightmare. This game takes so long to play but im playing til we go. Will i go official, laughs never! Why, lesson learnt on how a game you paid for, settled in to play with your family and friends turns its back. 2x is essential to boss fighters they need it to replace losses and most people work. I am ill so have spare time but not a long enough lifr span to rebuild what i preciously have now. Its such an awesome game if you could control your trolls and insulant kids. I understanf many of the complaints that have been presented. But allowing space so we can be walled up, protecting resourses for all, idk. But i also disagree with pillaring servers so that new people cant enter or build. Sighs
  10. still nothing concerning the servers, very sad. 8.58am here in Portugal. We here at home have been waiting for over 25 hours now
  11. ty incinderberries, i went to twitter, it seems Jat has passed out cold with tiredness, Jen seems she is on an official for Ark and we on ps4 in a forum got a copy of her tweet that official servers were wiped, but several declared it was fake. So Im confused, tired from waiting, frustrated and going into a phase of complete dissappointment.
  12. I am on ps4 with my daughter on pve server 179 and we have not been able to get online for hours since the first update. Are we doing something wrong or are the official servers just not coming up... that would be gravely sad as we worked so many tiresome hours on that server and have hundreds of animals to feed and farming to do... :(((
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