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  1. Love hosting ARK Servers. Coming join us at: http://steam.doubleegaming.com

  2. Following up on the above post I made. Here is Ragnarok currently without Raw Sockets. Players are dropping off. When Raw Sockets are on, these ASYNC are gone and they can play just fine. Much more stable See attachment
  3. Hello. I know this has been awhile but I just wanted to confirm what I have working and not: Working The Island The Center Scorched Earth Not Working Ragnarok Crystal Isles Thieves Island Most Mod Maps Can you please look into this and see why some work and other don't? The Raw Sockets is much better for stability it's a HUGE difference. Also, if you are using Raw Sockets, do you need to use 2 peer ports? IE: 7777,7778 just for one server? I thought I was onto something here but never really could get a 100% result. I just f
  4. Doublee313

    Doublee ARK

    This is the home screen for Doublee ARK Servers. I have took all 3 maps and put them into my picture.
  5. Hey Jen, The ORC model is actually from Kings. It's his model. Not sure why the other guy took credit for it. See here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=673870347 I am Steam friends with Kings and was with him from the start of this and his Indominus Rex Mod. Hate to see someone else taking credit for it
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