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  1. Don't forget to claim your free shop points everyday until the 24th of December via our online store! Our shop points packages are also discounted until the end of the year More info @ https://ark.astral-imperium.com/announcements/astral-advent-2019/
  2. Hello survivors, To celebrate the festive period and the end of 2019, we will be adding a free shop points package in our online store for you to claim each day up to and including the 24th of December. You can claim your present once each day and the points will be automatically added to your account. You do not even need to login to the servers, so for those of you away over the holiday period, you can claim your points and they will be waiting for you in-game when you return. In addition, the normal shop packages will be discounted for the remainder of the year. As always we appreciate your support as without it we would not be able to keep Astral’s servers running We wish you all a happy end of 2019! Original post: https://ark.astral-imperium.com/announcements/astral-advent-2019/
  3. Our popular Arena event returns this Saturday at 7PM (UK time)! More info @ https://ark.astral-imperium.com/server-events/arena-returns/ What is Arena? The Arena is a cluster-wide event that takes place on Ragnarok just next to the green obelisk, around 55/35. You will enter the Arena alongside your creature companion and other players to fight your way through different waves of spawned creatures and monsters. The further you get, the greater the challenge, and greater the reward! The event is open to all players of any level, so it doesn’t matter if you are a veteran or if you just joined Astral ARK. All you need to bring is the items you wish to use during the event, and a creature companion or two if you have them. You can participate in the Arena on foot, however we would recommend having a creature with you for Bracket 2 and up.
  4. And, we have a winner! Shorty's Mesopithecus won the competition, but Kazarl's Kairuku was not far behind! Get ready for next Big Little Arena
  5. Not long to wait until Dagger's small dinos Arena! Tame your creatures now, the more the merrier
  6. That would be my guess I noticed that a few years back and that's the conclusion I got with the testing I've done. Nothing really annoying here except when you're trying to find a queen and only find empty beehives hehe.
  7. It's not an exploit Each time wild dinos are destroyed, the queens inside are destroyed but the beehive stays there. New beehives spawn on top of older ones, so technically you can still harvest from them. It's just that the older ones won't have a queen in it, the last one will. So, if you destroy wild dinos multiple times in your singleplayer game, and wait for additional beehives to respawn, then you will be able to have that too.
  8. There's still time to tame your mini dinos for this Saturday's event! https://ark.astral-imperium.com/event/the-big-little-arena/?instance_id=27
  9. Join us now and start breeding small dinos for Dagger's Big Little Arena https://ark.astral-imperium.com/event/the-big-little-arena/?instance_id=27
  10. Dagger has kindly offered to host “The Big Little Arena” this month. This event will take place at the Arena on Ragnarok just next to the green obelisk, around 55/35. This a 1v1 competition for small dinos where the winner of the first fight will fight in the next, and so on until only one is left standing. Healing is provided between rounds of the survivors. More info @ https://ark.astral-imperium.com/event/the-big-little-arena/?instance_id=27
  11. We are pleased to announce that Dagger and Snow will be taking on the new moderator role within our community. They will be mainly focused on ARK for now and will be on hand to support players when Shadow and I are unavailable or tied up doing other things. Both have been playing on Astral Imperium’s servers for years now and have always volunteered to help players and us whenever possible. They will be here to answer your questions and provide assistance on Discord and in-game if needed. Some issues might still need to be escalated to us, so please be patient with them if they cannot provide a resolution to your issue right away. We are sure that you will join us in congratulating both of them Link to our post here: https://ark.astral-imperium.com/announcements/welcome-to-our-new-moderators/
  12. Astral ARK now has lifetime sponsorship on toparkservers.com. This means it will always be a featured server/cluster on the front page, but will still benefit from being bumped from time to time as it will drop down the featured server list otherwise. Thank you to everyone for your continued support, this is the kind of things we can only achieve with your help
  13. 24.10.19: – Replaced S+ Cooking pot with vanilla variant 23.10.19: – [Safe Zones] Added no-build zone at the Wyvern trench on Ragnarok
  14. Fear Evolved is live on our cluster Join us now and tame the scariest creatures!
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