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  1. No, the E keys just flips front to back, it does not cycle through snap points.
  2. I noticed that I crashed approximately every 20-30 minutes on a XBox One S. I am thinking this smells of a memory leak issue. I will attempt the workaround @ryans2451 referenced. I will report back.
  3. I am also crashing to Dashboard often. This is on a rented Nitrado server and the Ragnarok map. No prim+. Some nights I have no crashes, others I crash every 10 - 20 minutes.
  4. According to the Wiki Q and Z should be used on the PC for cycling through snap points. The problem is that this does not work for the Windows 10 edition. Anyone have an idea about how to cycle snap points?
  5. @Jeremy Stieglitz @Jatheish @Jen Any idea about the hardware requirements for the Windows 10 edition?
  6. A small bug: whenever I open the app via a notification it crashes. I have to open it from the icon. Posted from my HUAWEI VNS-L31 using ARK: Survival Evolved Community App
  7. Awesome with a mobile version of the site. I would like to request an easy way of see the ARK News in chronological order, just as on the front page of the website. Please? Pretty please? With sugar on top? Posted from my [device_name] using http://ARK: Survival Evolved Community App
  8. Just to be clear: Does this mean that I since I have bought this for the XBOX One, I can then host a server on either, and then play with my wife on e.g. the console and myself on the PC? (Currently we are playing Single-player together on split-screen on the XBOX One, but even on a rather large Full HD TV some things are rather hard see/read).
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