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  1. FlameBlade

    We "need" a mid-sized gateway

    I really think there should another gate size between the two we have now. The "small" is 2 x 4, and the behemoth is 8 x 11 (12?). I would like to suggest a size inbetween, say 4 x 6 or 4 x 8.
  2. FlameBlade

    Snap Point Cycle command keys Windows 10

    No, the E keys just flips front to back, it does not cycle through snap points.
  3. Well, as a software developer myself, I sincerely doubt that they don't care. It is far more likely that they have to conserve resources for more serious issues. Most people do not realize this, except software developers. It is far easier to just bellyache, call the developers liars or lazy or whatever. Any way. I just deleted all single player data, and the problem is gone.
  4. Of course I have used supply drops, but I don't understand how that should affect anything. I have never uploaded anything. Seems to me that this is a bug that should be addressed by devs instead of me having to delete my single player game.
  5. That may be. However I have NEVER used one of the Obelisks, so there cannot be anything to clear...
  6. FlameBlade

    Ragnarok: Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    I noticed that I crashed approximately every 20-30 minutes on a XBox One S. I am thinking this smells of a memory leak issue. I will attempt the workaround @ryans2451 referenced. I will report back.
  7. FlameBlade

    Ragnarok: Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    I am also crashing to Dashboard often. This is on a rented Nitrado server and the Ragnarok map. No prim+. Some nights I have no crashes, others I crash every 10 - 20 minutes.
  8. According to the Wiki Q and Z should be used on the PC for cycling through snap points. The problem is that this does not work for the Windows 10 edition. Anyone have an idea about how to cycle snap points?
  9. Whenever I attempt to open a supply crate I am forcefully disconnected from the server. This is a Nitrado server I have for my family and myself. No one else on the server has this issue. I see the same behavior on both XBox and Windows 10. I do not believe I have the issue in single player.
  10. We relocated for a while, in order to search for Argentavis. We found a nice looking spot, but was ruined when my wife began rubber banding, seemingly at random. We have now abandoned The Center as a two-player map. The rubber banding is simply too much.
  11. @Jeremy Stieglitz @Jatheish @Jen Any idea about the hardware requirements for the Windows 10 edition?
  12. FlameBlade

    Any way to move a game from Xbox to a server

    Dang it. I was hoping for some possible method of doing this. It would only make sense (at least I think so), and would even possibly generate more sales. Current situation: I share a single copy of the game with my wife, as we are playing together on a single-player game with split-screen. Improved situation: I rent a server, move the single-player game to the server and purchase another copy for my wife (when PlayAnywhere hits). Everybody benefits.
  13. I have a single player game on my Xbox which I have played with my wife in split screen. Now I have my Nitrado server, and in anticipation of the upcoming Play Anywhere release, I was wondering if there is any possible way to retrieve the gamedata from the Xbox and upload it to the server?
  14. I am spending a lot of time playing ARK with my wife on split-screen. Except for the information being difficult to read some times, it usually works pretty well. Now we have transitioned to The Center (with Primitive+, if it matters), and the Tethering systems seems exceedingly buggy. Of course, it may be an effect of the changes for XB1X. I am always the host, and my wife is second player. Currently we are on the northern tropical island. She is unable to enter the water, every time she is transported to my location. When of havesting e.g. stone, she may suddenly be transported to my location, even though she was well within the tethering range. We have experienced serious rubber-banding, i.e. transporting to my location, even when running side-by-side. She may be 20 meters in front of me, and then suddenly be pulled back to my side. This is getting ridiculous, and highly annoying. I love the Center map, but this bug may ruin it for us. We have not tried other maps to see if it is same there all of a sudden.