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  1. We relocated for a while, in order to search for Argentavis. We found a nice looking spot, but was ruined when my wife began rubber banding, seemingly at random. We have now abandoned The Center as a two-player map. The rubber banding is simply too much.
  2. @Jeremy Stieglitz @Jatheish @Jen Any idea about the hardware requirements for the Windows 10 edition?
  3. Any way to move a game from Xbox to a server

    Dang it. I was hoping for some possible method of doing this. It would only make sense (at least I think so), and would even possibly generate more sales. Current situation: I share a single copy of the game with my wife, as we are playing together on a single-player game with split-screen. Improved situation: I rent a server, move the single-player game to the server and purchase another copy for my wife (when PlayAnywhere hits). Everybody benefits.
  4. I have a single player game on my Xbox which I have played with my wife in split screen. Now I have my Nitrado server, and in anticipation of the upcoming Play Anywhere release, I was wondering if there is any possible way to retrieve the gamedata from the Xbox and upload it to the server?
  5. I am spending a lot of time playing ARK with my wife on split-screen. Except for the information being difficult to read some times, it usually works pretty well. Now we have transitioned to The Center (with Primitive+, if it matters), and the Tethering systems seems exceedingly buggy. Of course, it may be an effect of the changes for XB1X. I am always the host, and my wife is second player. Currently we are on the northern tropical island. She is unable to enter the water, every time she is transported to my location. When of havesting e.g. stone, she may suddenly be transported to my location, even though she was well within the tethering range. We have experienced serious rubber-banding, i.e. transporting to my location, even when running side-by-side. She may be 20 meters in front of me, and then suddenly be pulled back to my side. This is getting ridiculous, and highly annoying. I love the Center map, but this bug may ruin it for us. We have not tried other maps to see if it is same there all of a sudden.
  6. screenshot My High-Tech Cruise Control solution

    Heh. So true.
  7. For when you are flying across large distances, the left thumb can become a bit sore. So I "invented" this
  8. @Jason2017 Thanks man! That pointed me in the right direction. It has become an option, and it was turned off. Now I am able to catch dinos again :-)
  9. I used to be fairly good at catching smaller creatures with my Argentavis. This is a great way of collecting e.g. sabertooths for taming. Catch, carry to a den and drop them in. For some reason, this is not possible any more. Either I have inexplicably begun to suck at this exercise, or something have changed. I have even tried hovering directly above a sabertooth, but to no avail. I am unable to catch anything. This is on the newest patch, 762. EDIT: I am on Singleplayer, btw.
  10. My wife and I are currently building a central base on a huge rock plateau that lies in the middle of the river right between The Maw and The Eastern Forest. Very close to The Frozen Tooth and Redwood Forests. Lots of resources, lots of dinos.
  11. Unable to start single player after ascending

    Thanks for your responses. I got it to work, after some fiddling. What worked eventually was to start the map, and select my survivor for download. When the game hung, I then tapped the XBOX Home button, which caused the game to enter the pause screen. Then control was returned to me Once I was logged in, I found my beds, and everything was as before.
  12. XBOX Play Anywhere

    Yeah. I dont have a link right now, but the latest official word is end of september.
  13. Last night I decided to unlock The Center by entering the cheat "cheat playercommand Ascend1". This worked great and The Center is unlocked. Now I am unable to start my Island survivor. I enter The Island, select my survivor for download, and then must select a spawn point. I cannot see any of my beds, and the game does not react to the controller at all. The console is not frozen, I can exit to the start screen etc. but nothing I do makes the game react. I AM able to start a new survivor on The Center, but I dare not attempt it on The Island as I fear losing my high-level survivor. Is this a known issue? Is it caused by the new update? Any ideas on how to proceed? TIA, FlameBlade
  14. Is Patch 762 ever going to get out of MS Cert?

    You really have no idea about how certification on XBOX works, right?