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  1. ~ ARK Movie~very good~ this is truly immersive experience
  2. Day Zero: Server Information

    who can help me ? why cannot search server list????why????i has been up dated!!!!!WRD NOW!!
  3. Day Zero: Server Information

    immediately update well,looking for a new server.......looking for a Tribal to join
  4. Number cannot too much, it is best not more than 10 people
  5. Day Zero: Server Information

    hey·~~god~~ihave been in the update server, could you tell me how many a new server ?thanks~
  6. This is the most interesting game I played, has played 1600 hours +
  7. The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    Really looking forward toSoon can experience
  8. The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    非常期待,我希望删除所有PVP服务器!然后互通 这个图! 这个图 很大很有趣! Very much looking forward, I want to remove all PVP servers! And then exchange this map! This picture is very interesting!