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  1. Just gotta ask WildCard..... "how is waiting until the last minute to squash the bugs working out for you???"
  2. I was all for a wipe but I really like the legacy idea please both sides One question is there a post or forum about Play Anywhere? I know its coming Im just curious how it will work If mods will work like the steam version if you will be able to be on xbox and pc simultaneously IE dual boxing players. Thanks
  3. I hope you are right about this. Iv been wanting bots in this game since I started. Games like Perfect Dark and Time Splitters always were great with bots. Fighting a tribe of bots or against them in Primal Survival would be epic.
  4. My god can you imagine SOTF: Primal Survival? Maybe one day? wink wink
  5. Shebeatsyoui

    Offline Raiding

    Best feature implemented by WC in awhile. /high five
  6. I just want to be able to dive into the water on them be useful when you die and need to dive fast to recover your scuba gear. Also would be nice to carry water and water crops or just drench a tribe-mate for fun. Falling off your bird when you tap water is very annoying too so being able to sit or walk on water will be awesome. /all your excitement are belong to us
  7. Did i miss something or they didn't actually say its coming out on PS4 first it just says july 19. So what if XBone gets it next week? Maybe i read a different article. No release date for Xbone yet for SOTF that I can find. Mite be coming sooner boys and girls. I personally would rather the game work as intended before I give a flying crap about SOTF.
  8. We've gotten to play this game for 6 months while PS4 gamers had to drool so if they get SOTF for a few months before us let them have it they still aren't gonna be as good at the game as any Xbone player wait till they try to use the scroll wheel on that crappy PS4 controller lol. I hope they make it cross play so we can smoke some PS4 fanboys. That would make my day
  9. I want to grapple to a manta someones riding and waterski! Or Parasail!
  10. Did you ever change the Ini in that game? I used to set the rexes for 100 of smell, see,and hear and try to fend off the hoard of them as they came at me lol. Man i gotta get me a copy of that somewhere played that back in Highschool lol.
  11. Best name for a male "MUTTONCHOPS"
  12. Lol maybe carrying the dinos is the devs way of getting around the horrible pathing the follow command has. Pretty genus why fix it when they can change it Would love to be able to throw a dung beetle on my back rather than spend an hr getting one to follow me out of a cave
  13. Also have the stats of a tamed dino not a wild one to give the players a fighting chance hehe.
  14. Playing as the dinos would be an amazing addition to SOTF. having the players killed come back as dinos and try to kill the surviving players. Or even a new game mode entirely. pretty awesome vid either way!
  15. Gas is already simple. lasts for what 30 minutes per? lol but the heat thing is cool im so sick of how fast you die in the cold even when you stand ontop of your forge lol.
  16. left 4 dead 2 had a fan made level added to the DLC on the 360 so its not impossible. I would love this too I get so jealous at everything made on PC and no no matter what i try to build on XBox it will never come close to some of this stuff and I will never be featured here. Sigh....
  17. Shebeatsyoui

    Tales from the Arklands

    Some epic moments
  18. As long as we can shoot and hang-on hehe. Maybe they'll make it like Just cause and attach the Quetzal to a tree so it cant fly away haha. #dreams Be a good way to wrangle some dinos. Hop on the trex and say giddy up!
  19. Grappling trilobites so I don't have to chase them everywhere will make my day. Would be a nice way to solo tame the Quetzal as long as you can shoot while hanging on And love the part where you drag the poor chap. Yeehaw.
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