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  1. Im excited for more air diversity. We started up the Center as a no flyer game for now, but its increasingly apparent that a flyer is very needed to fully enjoy the map. A bird that can safely hang out on my trapping boat without going bonkers if I dont stick a perfect landing? Count me in!
  2. MasterHolister

    Megapithecus Arena

    Do we have to put mejo berries in his butt? I kid, but man this is gonna be tough. Me and some buddies were beating up alphas with some gigantopithicus last night. The king of them is gonna be TOUGH..
  3. From a former game tester and huge fan of this game and company, forgive me if this just sounds like damage control. You say your reason for releasing sotf on ps4 before SE was to test coding? Fine, seems reasonable. But that does not explain why it would not launch simultaniously on xbox, whos coding already works fine. In other words, I see why the order of release is happening on ps4, I just havent seen a valid reason for a delay on xbox. Seems discouraging, as droves of people ran away from Bungie for going this direction. I am a gamer and love this game, but if it becomes a tinkle match between content one console gets over another, you will lose a large player base. We already dont get a lot of content and control that pc gets, if the consoles arent treated equal, it will set a bad future presedent.
  4. Count me in the pool of people wondering what the heck this means for Xbox. I swear, if Wildcard shafts Xbox like Bungie did with Destiny and a never ending slew of exclusives, I will be very unhappy. Just have a bad gut feeling with the omission of anything about the Xbox.
  5. This would actually be a lot of fun for spectators. It would expand the player base so people would stick round till the end. Who cares that I died, I get to be a raptor now and pester the remaining survivors.
  6. I get what you are saying, and I love options, it just seems a drastic jump from riot gear to this. Not hating on it because honestly it looks awesome. It just still doesnt "feel" right. Thats subjective and its just my opinion after all. Im sure it will be a lot of fun regardless.
  7. Yeah, I feel ya. Kinda losing its raw dino world feel. Maybe its jumping to conclusions, but Im starting to wonder if Wildcard actually knows what kind of game they want to make. This just seems a little over the top. I like the look, but it looks like it would fit a sci fi shooter like halo better.
  8. You cant. But the turrets dont know that and empty their reserves trying to kill them. Common griefing problem on pve servers. Go afk on a flyer over a base and let all the turrets just drain their bullets.
  9. They do, but that also targets other players and tamed dinos not aligned with our tribe. Some folks dont want to mess with tribe aligning and it woukd be nice if everytime they walk near our base with a dino it didnt unload all our ammo..lol. but at least tribe aliance helps.
  10. I get where you are coming from, and I agree that they seem to be branching off a tree before its planted, but Im will to wait and see how this all plays out. As a strictly pve sorta guy, having this huge pvp outlet makes me hope they do more with the core game to reward pve players. (Ie wild dino target turret options, platform build limits on xbox, etc..) Im fine with a stand alone pvp spectacle like sotf as long as they put as much time and effort into pve.
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