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  1. The way it works is players request link verification to their in-game character. Once that's linked they only have access to view things for that tribe.
  2. now available to download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AhthJGwMdn33jNzyrDmulOjKkiBeOXUY/view?usp=sharing Features Support for Soul Trap in new file format.
  3. If I get chance I'll check it at lunch (1 hour yet) but if not it'll be after work at approx. 17:00 UK time.
  4. @MroczneZakamarki / @Alpha Prime - Any mods? Been told that I need to implement it slightly differently for Soul Traps. If no MODS can I have a copy of your backup to replicate and work on a fix. Cheers @Larkfields - to be honest I was expecting more people just to use the json data. It is nice to see others also use the "Visual" side - that's where it all started for me
  5. now available for download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1F-n6PPSrIlkrfdUw8_EujDVMGm4UY8Dj/view?usp=sharing Features Better support for new file format and official server backups. Big thanks to Alex and Cadon who worked with me on this to bring the same support to ASB (Ark Smart Breeding) - check it out if you haven't already. https://github.com/cadon - Ark Stats Extractor. Support for larger backup files (previously limited to reading in up to 2GB) - looks like new format supports up to 10GB based on the number of new pointers available but I would seriously consider the sanity of any server owner running something that large Updated progress status when a save is being loaded. Updated error reporting screen wording and provided link to ASV.log - a lot of new users say the screen is "unhelpful" and I don't believe they are aware more detail is available in the log file. As usual if there's anything I can help with (time permitting) please let me know.
  6. Cracked it!.. this one still takes far too long to load @ 5.3GB but it does now load.. eventually. 292k tames in Valguero 544!! I'll put together a release after work this evening. There doesn't appear to be a "poll" available here but out of interest as I have no idea how many use ASV or what for - if you do, or have used ASV how/what do you use it for? As a viewer (ArkViewer.exe) to visually see what's goin on within the saved map data either as admin or a player. As a viewer (ArkViewer.exe), but mainly to use the commands and export options where I use JSON elsewhere. As an export tool (ASVExport.exe) to use the JSON elsewhere. As a Discord BOT to allow members to query ASV data themselves. Thanks in advance Mirage
  7. Quick upate. I think we finally got there!! Between myself, Alex and Cadei who help with the ASB team it appears we can now finally read in Island892. I'll re-test all the other maps mentioned and a couple of older ones I have just to make sure but if no issues are found after work with them I'll put together a release this evening. Over 110k tames in cryo.. total of 117,259 tames!! No wonder it was still going after I left it 5 hours this morning. Thankfully I got a fix.. this backup now loads on my machine in approx. 15 minutes. ... edit .. Tested and working with: The Island 892 Aberration 266 Ragnarok 210 The Island 763 Still working on fixes to read in Valguero 544 - the stored creatures appear to be split between two portions of the file with it being more than 4GB in size.
  8. @METALGOD - Work in progress, changes to the file format have led to me spending a number of hours working through byte by byte to see what has changed and if possible re-write the toolkit code to read in the new format. I'm working through debugging against Island PVE 892 and will update you all once I know more and hopefully have a fix to release. @MroczneZakamarki - Regardless of any fix I come up with ASV will always still attempt to parse .arktribe and .arkprofile data if it is available along with the .ark save file itself if that's what you mean? I can't even recall what is used from the .arkprofile data in ASV tbh. Also - I wasn't aware that my app was actually used by so many but have never accepted any donation. It started as something to benefit myself and my small tribe on our own private server, if it benefits others I'm happy to continue supporting it in what free time I have. Hopefully getting somewhere though - I managed to painfully reduce the .ark file size of 892 from 2.8GB to 1.5GB and got it all loading in ASV but when I tried the original it still errors out so I'm now working on that again to see why and what is causing the issues. ..edit.. FYI THIS has been my "bedtime reading" for the last week after work in my spare time - not the usual well defined "specification" I'm used to working with on the day job.
  9. 5.1GB... guess I should stop moaning I'm having to debug a 2.8GB save then 🤣
  10. @darkradeon I might be able to read some of this data but I definitely won't be abe to write any of it. I honestly do not understand the ARK file format and changes I make to the reading of raw data are purely exploratory and not with any knowledge of how it is truly defined. This is why I have so many issues and it takes me so long to come up with fixes when the file format itself changes and the toolkit I use no longer reads them in. I'm not one to quit though and still doing what I can to work out a fix. It just takes so long to load everything so not getting very far each evevning in what time I have spare. Even trying to load the Islan892 file up in single player to verify my findings is horrid. 15-20 minute load time then it's like "turn based" ARK. I move forward a few steps.. then wait 30 seconds to move any further lol. I did find that there are additional bytes in the Hibernation section that I thought I had worked around after spotting there was always a certain byte before the "count" of the hibernation entries started. Turns out with Island892 there are multiple occurrences of this byte before the count so it's throwing everything out. I really need to do some investigation and see if I can work out what the additional bytes are and how they lead into the actual hibernation entry data to fix this. There is also a variance in how many bytes are saved in a cryopod - so might be more work around reading them in once I've solved the hibernation change. ...edit.. Sources for what project? ASV? - all on my Github. https://github.com/miragedmuk/ASV If you mean the toolkit I use - there are a few forks but the main one that's active is the one used by ARK Smark Breeding and the team. They are also actively looking into how to fix the reads for v11.
  11. Apologies for the delay. I actually took a couple days off after the disheartening result of waiting 1.5 hours for The Island 892 to finally fail without pointing at anything obvious I had done wrong. Back to work today but will try get back to it this evening and hopefully make some more progress.
  12. @Zargh - 45 minutes to load up but got there in the end with a few minor modifications to my code. Shutting down for the night now but will test it against the larger Island file from earlier today and if it works on that too I'll put together a release. 64k tames is quite a few lol.
  13. @Alpha Prime if it's less than 2GB can I have a copy so I can investigate? Trying to trim the fat on these officials to a reasonable size atm so it doesn't take an hour each time I want to try read it into ASV to investigate further.
  14. I can increase the 2GB file size limitation but the format still needs further investigation. My test files with -newsaveformat and -usestore I didn't actually do anything other than spawn and tame a dino and put it in cryo. Looking at this official Island file where the property "pointer" says to start there actually appears to be player tribe log looking data. I'll try and reproduce in my smaller game file to hopefully come up with a fix.
  15. Peaked at approx. 24GB... seems to be hovering around 22GB atm but still loading after all this time.
  16. @Alpha Prime using official backups or your own server? Is the file size for .ark larger than 2GB? Do you have a copy I can download to investigate? Still loading "NA-PVE-Official-TheIsland892" on my machine and no issues so far - other than the length of time and amount of RAM it is using. 22GB and counting.
  17. .. good morning. Give me some time to investigate. I only tried my own local single player saves, some of the players old saves from this forum and 1 official backup save. All seemed to work for me. Downloading TheIsland_892 to investigate shortly. .. edit.. The IMMEIDATE problem is that I'm attempting to load all bytes into memory before parsing and this appears to have a 2GB limit. Amending the code to use a FileStream to see if any other issues with the actual file format. .. edit 2.. Just hope you guys have a LOT of memory. This Official Island save @ 2.8GB hasn't finished loading on my machine yet and it's using almost 14GB ram!
  18. now available for download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RpMh-56LKhQpFGnT7Q33f5bANUoli3Zo/view?usp=drive_link Features Support for V11 format from official servers.. and any unofficial using "-newsaveformat -usestore" command line options. @darkradeon @gingai Changed header in Structures tab to more accurately read "Ally in Range". Changed Tribe data so it uses the latest date of either last player active or .arktribe file timestamp.
  19. Think I have a solution, not elegant but I noticed that a certain byte appars before the hibernation class count so rather than try and work out what the data is between the "hibernation offset" and the hibernation entries I just skip it all until I reach the byte I'm expecting.. then start reading in hibernation data. Seems to work for standard V9, V11 and V11 with -UseStore enabled. Almost end of my lunch break so will have to put it to the test and put a build and release together after work this evening.
  20. Nope. I don't play the game anymore. Just switched that command line on as a test and you are correct - no longer works with that version. Something to do with hibernation entry changes but not sure exactly what yet. There is code in the library I use that already has a "bodge" for v9 which added additional data from v8 but the check it does is no longer valid on this save format. If I bypass this check and a further 112 bytes I'm then able to read in the file as expected. I'll investigate further tomorrow evening after work.
  21. I'm guessing there is still a player on the map - maybe not re-spawned and it's using that as the last active date? Try change the options to "Show" for "Body"? Either way I'm going to update the code so it uses the latest date if that is tribe timestamp or player active.
  22. If no players currently exist on the map then the Tribe last active should be using the last write timestamp from the .arktribe file. contentTribe.TribeFileDate = File.GetLastWriteTimeUtc(x).ToLocalTime();
  23. @SpenceFoxtrot Tribe last active date is based on the last active date of latest player. If player data is available in the save data this is the last active time of the latest player in that tribe. If no player data is available the time is derived from the LastModified date of the <tribeId>.arktribe file. Structure "Tribe in Range" is based on the value available for "LastAllyInRange" - so if any tribe member, or member of any allied tribe is in range of the structure this is the date used. Presumably "Tempest" are allied with others who have been online and near their build since they themselves were last active.
  24. now available for download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1X7Nomdp6oF8zpS2pPL4_oO5_ZkPeJ3lW/view?usp=sharing Fixes Fix for crash when reading a new save format that contained NEUTERED cryo creatures. Re-worked Dedicated storage so that you can see contents again. Seems they moved away from the standard inventory / slot storage and now define this as SelectedResourceClass + ResourceCount.
  25. now available for download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Umdkq-9WzWTGpHNg-6p7VmaJAPVbtNIB/view?usp=sharing Features Support for Console file saves (v12) Migrated drawing code in ASVPack to use SkiaSharp and allow the discord stuff to be cross platform. Added "Blueprint" data to "creaturemap.json" Added "SpawnExactDino" to the drop-down copy commands available in Wild and Tamed tabs.
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