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  1. OK then. Interesting turn of events. Logged out last night in our breeding/hatchery: Just logged back in now to this: Luckily I'm server admin (unofficial PvE) so was able to enable cheats and teleport back to some map co-ords by the fertile river just in time before running out of oxygen and dying. I logged with 2 Drake eggs out that Hep then put away when they were nearly hatching so not sure if that's anything to do with it - might try and reproduce another day to see if it's a bug but that was definitely a BIG surprise. Edit: Hangon, aint that The Island I woke above not Aberration? Guess similar to how in-game map when viewed in orbital (K) mode still shows The Island
  2. I know what you mean - our Island isn't visited often these days due to us spending all time in Aberration. We completed Ascension at Gamma on our Unofficial (max 120) Island server so need to return and work on the Beta and Alpha Dragon and Tek caves and maybe re-purpose that server to Ragnarok. Then if we manage to complete Aberration before the next expansion re-purpose the Ab server to Extinction when it's available.
  3. Had our first server crash last night (Unofficial Aberration). No idea why but the rollback meant that the last 45 minutes we had spent getting a drake egg was wasted as I logged back into the server to find it had rolled back to previous save. I was in the nest with the 165 egg prior to when I died multiple times attempting to get it and climb out with climbing hooks. We decided that it probably wasn't the best idea to try that one again as it ended with me dying twice last time before we found a 150 egg in a low nest on the easy wall so climbed back up and out and went for the safer 150 instead. Not sure if you can build down there as had no building supplies on us but going to try tonight and hopefully it'll work. It's not at bottom of the pit but on a high nest near the path so hopefully it'll allow me to put a ramp or two down to give me a better chance of getting back up before being attacked. Again I managed to get from our outpost by the small pink ponds on the way down back up to the fertile lake but again I have no idea how. My headless chicken routine seems to have a vague sense of direction and I know the paths from certain points but the parts in the middle I don't believe I have EVER taken the same path twice. Quite amusing really, no idea how I manage to get to and from our outpost down there but I have done on multiple occasions now - might have to take some signs down with me net time to place better markers than the odd wood pillar.
  4. Yes thanks Olivar that was the plan last night until we got diverted to help Kiki (other tribe mate from Island) to find his new place then it all went to hell. We have a base literally on the shores opposite the cave entrance so was gonna take em over from there and breed em up. I have been in that cave solo on foot to get a couple of glowtails from the first section but daren't go any further without a better weapon (had a pike and crossbow at the time) and/or mount. We now have decent Ravs to breed and AR's with lots of Ammo so feeling more confident in exploring it further now.
  5. So much to plans. Our tribe mate from our Island server finally got the expansion and joined us last night. He did well starting off but was killed before he made a bed - I worked out from his descriptions that he had setup not far from our previous base near the cave we were at just about to start breeding Ravs so decided to help him find his little hut. This little mission lasted a long time, he was actually a LOT higher than I had first thought based on his descriptions of what was around him but we got there in the end. Helped him get materials to lay a bed and noticing he could see the blue biome from his place decided to use the ziplines I had equipped to make a path down. This is where it all started to go wrong. I was riding a Rav with another on follow for the mate boost - until it decided to miss the zip line I jumped onto and fall miles into the depths of the blue just before the pink waterfalls. I jumped off my Rav and tried to lay a new line to the next ledge trying to safely make my way down to the lost Rav - earthquake, I fell off the edge leaving my ride at the top. Forgot I had wingsuit.. dropped like a lead balloon but luckily survived the fall despite my screen being v.blooded - healed up using health brews and spammed J (Whistle All Follow) to try and find the Rav that fell before me. I finally find it, fighting a Baselisk and manage to whistle passive and it starts running to me - I jump on and run for my life as the Baselisk follows. Outrun and lost I shout up to my friend (Hep) to take his 2 Ravs and my remaining Rav home and I will try make my way back up on the lost Rav.. I hear back a few seconds later "My spare just jumped down too... can you see it?". By this point I had run quite a distance from the drop point to escape the Baselisk and wasn't sure where I had fallen so had to turn around and again spam whistle all. A few seconds later he shouts out again - "Your other also just fell off the edge!" - so now I'm in the pit of hell, with a single Ravager as protection, trying to avoid the Baselisk but find our other Ravs. I spot one.. I spot two! Whistle Follow All and they join me so I tell Hep to head to old base which is closer and I will try and meet him there. I head up the hills and try find my way back up to the green zone, arthro's attack and spit acid destroying my Hazmat suit but no problem as I'm not in the radiation zone atm so should be fine. I finally get up the hills and recognise where I am - actually the other side of the fertile river by the swamp - this is closer to new home than old so I tell Hep to head there instead. I finally manage to get all 3 Ravs and myself back home safely after going on a shroom trip forgetting my Hazmat broke and walking through red shrooms! Luckily still had health brew on me, healed up and headed home before logging. ... I know I said this yesterday but... Tonight our planned mission is to breed up Ravs for the first cave.
  6. Got sick of waiting for Baryonx to lay eggs for imprinting kibble before we start breeding up new Spinos, Megalos and Ravs so decided to breed them instead to get guaranteed eggs to kibble. Found out that Baryonx eggs, when fertilized, produce Kaprosuchus kibble?!?!? Got wound up by the broken mechanic, spawned in 5 Baryonx kibble and threw away the 5 Kaprosuchus kibble that was produced. Stocked up on metal and collected enough pearls, oil, polymer and gas to make up 3 charge lanterns - Ghostbuster proton pack now equipped ready to try venture into the radiation zone again after my failed attempt bumping into 2 Reaper Queens and losing my Spino, myself and all my gear in the process. Tonight our plan is to breed up some Ravs in the first cave by the lake from the "easiest portal" section after dropping from the broken maglev bridge.
  7. @Jabnlab- Doing a scrape of my map data I can confirm that we have 113 Ovis currently on our map with 51 of them female.
  8. Needless to say my bulbdog didn't seem to have much affect against the Reaper Queen so I won't be going back down there 1) Solo 2) Without a charge lantern or two.
  9. I mainly spent the last couple of days attempting to safely tame and get a mated pair of Baryonx from the lakes in blue zone back to the lake in fertile zone. Each time I would easily find the Baryonx, bola and KO it. Each time I guarded it with my life and each time the stupid weak Baryonx would be killed on my way back... 3rd time lucky I finally got the male back safely. The female we got home on the 2nd attempt. Sneaky horrible Ravs are barely visible in the dark and would be the thing that caught me out the most as I would pass with my Spino then realise my Bary had taken a hit and was bleeding to Ravs. After finally getting mate boosted Baryonx and mate boosted Ankylos for the imprinting kibble requirements I decided to load up my Spino with radiation soup and go explore more. All was going well, through the blue biome finding some obsidian spots without having to go to the surface but then the purple radiation zone started. Its all very pretty and calm until suddenly I hear an almighty cackling raw and based on my experiences of the surface see what I believe is a Reaper King - WRONG!!! This thing is way harder than a king - it's my first introduction to a queen and it doesn't seem to be letting off or showing signs of blooded damage so I run. Another spawns and now I'm getting absolutely ripped to pieces as i try to escape - acid, flying spikes and massive knockback I end up falling over the edge where seekers join in the fight until I'm dead. What an experience!! Just glad that we got a few eggs before losing my breeding Spino.
  10. Well we found and tamed up a level 140 female Megalo to go with our 140 male - gutted to find that the un-ridden mega melee is so low it's pointless - less than 50/hit when mounted it does 400+ without imprint. We also found and tamed up a male level 140 Spino to mate with our 140 girl. Spent some time mining the north east surface cave to stock up on metal to start building air-con units and make up a breeding pen. So far we have made up 30 air-con units to make up 2 digital clock style 0's with space to do another 0 so we have 3 underfloor ready for some egg hatches. My final act of 2017 was to KO a level 80 female Ankylo so we can start getting imprint kibble eggs - they really do need to provide a better alternative to unavailable kibbles - hours waiting and guarding this thing it tamed out at 23:58 just before the new year then I spent 25 minutes or so trying to get it safely back home before logging. Tonight I want to try and get a pair of mated Baryonx then it's just Featherlight (which you can't currently kibble) and Drakes needed for the imprint kibble tames.
  11. Created a new base around the fertile area and deep lake north central and then spent hours moving over our tames from the base by the first lake out of the easiest portal area in a land train with me leading on a Spino and my friend trailing on his Spino to make sure we didn't lose anything on the journey. Moved Paracer with glow pets on its back and had ravagers, raptors, carnos, ankylo and roll rat walking along with us. It was interesting in parts due to the aggro down the river and through the swamp before walking up past the small stream to our new base but we all finally made it without any losses. Tamed more ravers, collected from a few random drops and got some low level bp's for ghillie and simple weapons plus slightly better non-bp Pickaxes (Ramshackle). Found an entrance to the surface, shooting a couple of anchor points and laying down 2 new zip lines to ascend on the Ravs.. instantly bursting into flame when we got to the top to jump back down realising its still day. Waited for night and went back up, collected lots of oil and metal and a fair amount of element ore then got attacked by seekers - turned glow dogs off and destroyed seekers only for a very scary looking Reaper King to spawn next to us.. lights on! lights on! lights on!!.. lost just under half durability on my hazmat due to "acid fog" or something from the Reaper King as it died? Started hunting down all "imprinting kibble" animals. Got Trikes, Stegs, Carbonemys, Ankylo, Raptor and Spino.. need to find Dimetrodon, Baryonx, Featherlight, Glowtail and Rock Drake although not sure kibbles can be made from all of them yet so may get away with what we have for now. Another metal/oil run at the surface this evening to save up for industrial forge and grinder and look out for more crystal.
  12. Finally ascended off the Island after defeating the Gamma Tek and Overseer boss. Was really confused by the timer - it seems the timer is for reaching the boss and not for defeating it. I panicked as time was running out and went balls out throwing my rex at it not thinking about whether I was hitting the front or back - took loads of damage and lost my Tek rex. Managed to jump on another but did the same. Timer ran out, boss battle continued. Balls! 2 tribe members remain and only 1 REX. I manage to avoid the minions and get some shots in on foot using my Tek rifle and AR whilst he munches the boss - we just make it out alive. Dimorphs that I brought in to help with the flying drones were of no help - only the one mounted to my shoulder during teleport came in - none of the ones resting on the teleport pad which sucks but lesson learned. Logged into Aberration, no apparent issues and no log reports of losses whilst offline. Logged and went to bed. Tonight more time in Aberration, possibly setting up a new base in a more central location instead of the lake under the broken maglev train track.
  13. So last night we made up saddles and beat the Gamma Dragon on Island again lost 2 REX but they both had primitive saddles and were fresh hatches with no levelling - by this time it was 10-10.30pm so we postponed the Tek cave until tonight. After I logged from our Island server I thought I would quickly check-in on our Aberration server. Ravagers at the gate - I jump on my Spino and go out to remove them. Now distracted from simply checking in on the map and making sure troughs weren't empty I was following the waterfalls and river down towards the blue biome area and spotted a cluster of blue crystal and a dung beetle. I decide that I will try tame the beetle only to find once its tamed I forgot about the bulbdog on my shoulder already... dung beetle will have to follow me back slowly whilst I kill anything aggressive in the path. A couple minutes later I spot a shine horn, awww cute little goat. I pick up shrooms on the ground around me and put each in my 0 slot until I find the right one to tame it, tame it up and then spend another 20-25 minutes walking both the dung beetle and the shine horn home. I get back home and a ravager has fallen from above and is inside my house (ceiling not complete yet)... lost an otter. Quickly made up stone ceilings until we are ready to finish making greenhouse ceilings and filled the holes temporarily so things don't drop into the house from above then logged. Tonight my mission(s) are to beat Gamma Tek cave on Island server and on Aberration hopefully get more dung beetles and/or a Megalosaur.
  14. Last night we spent a little more time in Aberration. Started the night scouting the area with my 2 best guard raptors, one mounted, the other mate boosted following. Wondering aimlessly thinking to myself "it's rather quiet around here when it's day" when suddenly a pack of ravagers - with a level 150 leader - drops from the sky above me, instantly surrounding me and doing some major damage. I put up a good fight and killed the minions but lost my mate-boost guard raptor to the pack leader when I ran away trying to get it to follow me as my mount raptor was also v.low on health. RIP Robby, Rita will miss you. After heading home and healing Rita I head back out to explore more before I had to break for food IRL. In the river nearby there are a couple of Spinos and Karkinos fighting it out - I wait patiently to see how it turns out. Neither seem to be damaging the other but eventually the Karkinos leave the area and head down the waterfall to the next section. Spyglass out - level 20, level 120... that's not a bad level for a Spino so I work out how best to tackle it. I walk back up the hill, cross the river and set myself up on the cliff opposite where I shoot down on the Spino with my long neck and KO it. Looks up Dododex... no chance of kibble yet so mutton it is. I ask my tribe mate to find a sheep whilst I monitor the unconscious Spino only to turn around and see what looks like a dead Casteroid on the beach behind me and my thoughts were "oh, didn't know they spawned on this map - that's wood sorted" only to then get closer and realise it's a dead Ovis which was still a good bonus as that's what we needed for the tame. I swap places with my tribe mate and he watches the sleeping Spino whilst I start heading back to base. A short time passes and he shouts out "Think that other Spino is gonna come down here and cause us problems taming this one". Other Spino? Turns out another had spawned just up the hill, a 140. We have a fresh new "pen" setup ready for the spino when tamed and it's still empty atm so I decide to fire an arrow across the 140's path, get aggro and lead it home where I trap in our empty pen. Whilst waiting for the Spinos to both tame I picked up a couple more Raptors to replace Robby and end the evening with 2 new Spinos @ 166 & 205, 3 new low level Raptor guard dogs and a couple of Otters after they for some reason aggro'd my Sarco and I led them back to base to trap and bring em fish. My tribe mate has the week off work to take care of Aberration so tonight I plan on mainly running stone, berries and doing an XP grind to level some stuff for the boss attempt again on the Island tomorrow evening.
  15. Its been an interesting week. We easily defeated the Gamma Dragon and attempted the Gamma Tek Cave - the cave itself was easy, the Overseer we just lost as we almost killed the Dragon stage. Last night there was only 2 of us on so we decided to throw some of our lower breed REXes and some of the wild tames into the easy monkey - we needed more trophies to do Gamma TEK again and also a cleanup of our older, lesser REXes. As per usual when going in with the expectation of losing some to re-stock with better levels the low level REXES absolutely spanked the Gamma Monkey - no losses, barely any HP drain on any of them so we ran it back to back 3 times... still no losses. So we got a few element and 3 new trophies towards more TEK cave attempts. As there are only 2 of us that will be available over the holiday periods I decided to rent another server to give Aberration a go this weekend with him.
  16. This weekend we managed to tame a Titan, defeated the Gamma Dragon and had our 1st attempt at the Tek cave. Titan - if you can use Tapajera with Tek saddles I highly recommend it over Cannons and Quetz(s). So much more fun chasing it down on something fast and manoeuvrable with more accurate aims on the Tek Saddle plasma rifles. Gamma Dragon was easy, just have to use AR to shoot it whilst flying and then avoid attacking on land until it comes away from the lava river first. Soon as its landed and away from lava send in the tickle chickens (10 cakes in each) and fully imprinted, melee Rexes with pigs and Yuty for backup. Tek cave - the cave itself was easy, a team of 4 players but we only had 1 Rex each with Tek saddles by the time we got to the portal though. The end boss we almost beat - got to the dragon transformation but ultimately the drones took us all out before we could finish it off. Lessons learned for next time maybe take in some Allosaurs to take care of the ground bots and some air support to take out the flying drones - and don't bring down any non mounted tames until the cave is clear enough to ride em, do NOT rely on AI pathing to follow, they all end up in the lava below before you know it. Gonna be a boring week or so now whilst we grind and re-stock supplies and grow more REX, Dimorphs, Yuty and Pig(s).
  17. Well last night was a slow one - only did one thing and it took me soooo long to accomplish. After reading that the Tek Tapajera saddles can be used to KO a Titan I decided we needed to get a high level boy to breed with our high level girl. Loaded up my argentivis with meat, loaded myself with 50+ "rare" flowers, 10 bolas, longneck and some tranq darts and went out hunting. After approx. 45-60 minutes I spot a 116 boy in the woods just west of the green obelisk - I fly down with my hotbar loaded to eat a flower and get the Tapa following me only to spot an Alpha Carno - not sure the level as didn't get too close. Well that put me off using flowers so close to the alpha carno so instead I just flew up to the Tapa, scared it into a new area where I chased it down and when nothing else was around ate a flower to get the aggro to follow me. I flew onto one of the land pillars in the river where nothing else had spawned, jumped off my bird and tried to bola this thing whilst it was going bat**** crazy circling me and biting me. 4 bolas later I finally hit it on one of it's circles around me then I tranqed it and waited 45 minutes for it to starve tame!... 62% taming effectiveness!.. with kibble!! wth! Guessing I must have accidentally hit it once it was KO. Tamed out at 153 or something I believe - took her home and left with tribe mates to breed up. Been told we now have a base 178 breed and 3 Tek saddles to equip them with this evening. Hopefully after a little levelling these things will be more accurate and able to KO the Titan after many unsuccessful attempts with cannons mounted on our Quetzs.
  18. Very nice for a base Therizino - our server (unofficial PvE) is a max 120 wild so the best we have in our breed is a base 230 with 33 points in HP, 33 in Stamina and 38 in Melee. Our REX breed is a base 242 with 41 points in HP, 38 Stamina and 46 Melee.
  19. Tried once again to tame a Titanosaur - and once again failed. Wasted 100+ cannon balls and over an hour chasing this thing only to find when checking its stats using the magnifying glass that it had only done 1/3 torpor!! The cannons are just far too hard to get hits when the thing is constantly moving. I read that TEK Rex and TEK Tapajera saddles can be used to KO a Titan so we're now on the looking for a high level male to start breeding with our max wild tamed female to give it a go. In the meantime I'm still hunting for dosiers so that I can have a go at the achievement for taming all animals. So gutted that you have to get dosier first before taming to count towards the achievement as I've already tamed a LOT of animals in the last 12 months but haven't counted without the dosiers. We also need to re-do the gamma dragon when we can get the full tribe on - which in itself is mission around the holiday seasons.
  20. Slow one last night. Started to move our Mosas from the Red Obelisk over to the East Coast to our new pond above the Cavern of Lost Hope. Got attacked by an alpha shark on the way and the following Mosas went nuts. Spent 30-45 minutes finding all the stray Mosas again before continuing my journey. Reached the new pond which I thought was a reasonable size but soon filled it with our Mosas so then spent the next 2-3 hours collecting materials and extending the pond. Hopefully tonight I can get the remaining Mosas/Megalodons and our Tuso over there ready for another mission to farm the Artefacts of that daft cave.
  21. Nice project Olivar. I tried to follow a YT video on a treehouse design but gave up on it for now after falling to my death many times trying to get the fence foundations around the edges correctly placed.
  22. Well not today but over the weekend just gone we FINALLY managed to best the Dragon boss on The Island. Its taken us a lot of time and effort to build up for this and we were somewhat discouraged after it eating our fully imprinted tames on 3 attempts already but this weekend was the one! Nobody else on the server Friday night so we decided that we would "trial run" it - with the expectation of restoring the pre-battle backup regardless of outcome. Team of 3 with 180% AR's, 600 melee full imprint rexes and 20k hp, 400-500 melee Therizinos, a Yuty and a Daedon. Managed to avoid the lava on our first attempt and came out with just 1 lost REX. Restored and gave it another go. This time we lost 3 rexes and our Yuty - got too close to the lava when it landed. Restored and decided to try it for real on Saturday with an additional player - ended up fighting in the lava and lost 5 Rex, 3 Therizino and a Daeodon plus 3/4 of us in the process!!! Should have just stuck with our first successful attempt but didn't want to do it without our other tribe member. Hatched more REX/Therizino and ready to give it another go one evening this week as still 1 tribe member not done it to get the tekgrams. I spent the majority of Sunday cuddling the new replacements and finishing off building our new pond on the east coast above the daft underwater cave - hell of a mission travelling our fish from the Red Obelisk each time we wanna get more artefacts.
  23. After a couple of days off ill I returned to remember that I WAS breeding my dolphins which I left on wander. I returned to find that the male is missing so check our tribe logs to find it and both our Mantas must have clipped the pond walls and escaped to the wild where they were all killed by wild Megalodon. I then spent the next few hours collecting materials, building pillars, walls, ceilings and making our pond perimeter 3 walls thick in an attempt to stop them clipping out of base. I found and tamed another male Ichy, a manta and 2 high level Megalodons but then lost 1 of the new Megalodons to Cnidaria attacking it as it became tame whilst I was busy trying to tame the other (both knocked out within minutes of each other and not too far away). We still have our eyes on a 116 Tuso but I would prefer to wait a few days to ensure our new pond lining is sufficient to prevent any losses to the wild.
  24. Last night I found a max level (120 on our server) Tapajera and decided I would try out the "eat a flower" trick. The Tapa took chase and I accidentally hit E dismounting my Argentivis in the air and falling to my death! Re-spawn, run to my corpse, retrieve my stuf fand use the spyglass to spot my Argentivis flying above and whistle her back down before trying again. This time I get the chase, my Argentivis takes a few hits from the Tapa that's going bat**** crazy before landing where it circles me very very quickly - I don't know how but I manage to get in some hits with my tranq darts and it goes down!! Approximately an hour later it's tamed and heading home with me before I log. A tribe mate informs me that there is apparently a 116 Tuso not far from our water pen so tonight's mission is to try and get that. We have only ever tried to get one before and it ended in tears with us losing our stuff and the black pearls we brought along to tame it.. lets hope tonight we can successfully bring one home.
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