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  1. Pibz

    Dino Names

    Haha no way. RiP
  2. Pibz

    Dino Names

    Raptors? I said raptors.
  3. Pibz

    Dino Names

    Dam. You boring unsociable raptors. Guess ill just keep on entertaining myself then
  4. Pibz

    Dino Names

    So i play official pvp, and as you would expect get thru a lot of tames. In the interest of passing time id ask about other peoples dino names an how they name them. Im in smallish tribe so i dont always just name things after my psn or character. Often i hit google for baby names related to the dino i.e colour, i have a Blue Giga called Azule.. Some times i name for a specific reason, i had another giga called "Mo Feckin Farah" because all it ever wanted when raising was long ass walks for imprints (RiP Mo..) other names ive had include Fleshlight for a featherlight, Edward for a theri & Ronnie the Rhino... I had a whole load of Wyverns named after different devils, gigas named after serial killers & sex offenders & reapers named after Nazi's from ww2. Anyone want to share thiers an entertain me?
  5. Pibz

    Weapon / Armor cap

    Im not actually sure what the numbers are, but, i assume all bp's & crafted items are the same and will revert to the maximum when either the server resets or you upload\download the item. Giga saddles are capped at 124 armour, often using my crafter which has 1050% skill so far, i make saddles an they can be as high as 140 armour. This reverts to the max cap of 124.
  6. Pibz


    Mans still here, Been here a while too, the dream of getting off early bird status is dying slowly. I have some videos & images of the biggest tribe in the game undermapping us a 10 man tribe last week, not mentioning any names, Salty C*nts (you see what i did there) I did post 1 asking for help\advice last week. I was told to open a ticket an the thread was closed. The ticket is still open an not been responded too.
  7. Soooo..... This is undermapping.. They are underneath our base firing rockets at structures an sniping tames. Any advice people of Ark??
  8. I hear that. Tree platform & cliff platforms has so much potential together. I am disapointed meself.
  9. Pibz

    Tree platform building?

    Other people within our server had obviously not been online whilst i was cursing about this issue. Several people have have built platforms only to find out they dont work. Would be nice for clarifaction, tree platforms are not cheap items to make, espicially on official.
  10. I have submitted ticket
  11. Pibz

    Describe Aberration in 3 words or less

    My fav map Much better put together map than the others, new, refreshingly difficult with new challenges. Ty wildcard
  12. We also have ran into this problem. We are on ps4, aberation official pvp server. We grinded out resources to make platforms, made them, an after a good 45mins trying to place have had accepted that they dont work. We kinda hoping that it is just an oversight on the devs part an will be fixed. There is another thread which is where my main post about this is. I cba typing it all out again.
  13. Pibz

    Tree platform building?

    Yer well, nothing has changed. We are on official pvp aberation server. We grinded out resources for tree platforms to place on trees at our base to utilise space an give good vantage points. We have previously done simalar on both ragnarock & center servers. After multiple attempts & methods of trying to place platforms on the "redwood" trees we have come to the conclusion that it doesnt work it just will not give us a snap point. Its at this point i came to the forums, an found this post. How do we progress from here, because if we are not susposed to be able to use them on aberation, why is the engram (which cost 86 points to unlock) available. Or is this just an oversight on the devs part? Idk what the correct procedure here is so any assistance in how to get clarifaction on this matter would be appreciated.
  14. Pibz

    How do you transfer your character out of aberration?

    Im in same situation. I transfered into ab server, got the server number wrong (by 1 ffs) an i cant seem to find a way out. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.