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  1. Nothing today because ive not turned on the game. Still in mourning after being meshed really badly yesterday.
  2. Totaly agree mate, an i cant understand why it doesnt. I dont even want to know how many hours in game i have, the majority on official pvp.
  3. I hear what your saying there mate. Its totaly demoralising. Ive not turned the game on since this happened on saturday. I have open tickets from the last time i got meshed on alpha plat. I already knew before i sent ticket im not likely to get a reply for weeks if at all. I genuinely question how many devs have actually played any official PvP at all, never mind for a period of time.
  4. Ty.. I kinda knew what response i was gonna get, im not a Ark noob, its not even the first time ive been meshed (deffinately the worst tho) Its totaly demoralising, i cant even turn the game on at the moment lol. Genuinely months of graft, bloodlines, gear & bp's gone. Theres no question tho, the punishment needs to include a ban from official network not just a character ban.
  5. So this weekend i transfered into our aberration server to find we was being meshed, an it had already caused massive damage. Tames dead, Structures, vaults & cryofridges all dead n gone. The players where still in the mesh, they had stegs & reapers in there. Months of game time wiped out by cheating twunts & wildcards refusal\inability to fix a gamebreaking issue. So this brings me to my points & questions... A) Mesh defences- i.e if we place turrets in the mesh.. Is this a dev-wipe waiting to happen? B) Why has there not been a "kill zone\barrier" introduced outside of mesh? C) How is it possible to have areas outside of the mesh available to build on & have areas within the map restricted? This makes no sense. D) The current punishment for people guilty of meshing is a possible dev wipe and\or a character ban (this is what i have seen at least). Why cant they ban accounts from the official server network? I know this is possible. I understand im not likely to get a response from a wc official in here sll though that would be nice lol, i just would like a conversation on this subject.
  6. Fix Meshing. Introduce kill zones outside of the mesh. Forget about everything else.
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