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  1. BeardO

    Ramp Override and XP Gain Issues

    I'm having the same issue, so I removed all custom levels from the .ini Now my tames are stuck and won't gain XP. Good times
  2. BeardO

    pve Ark Story mode

    Discord at https://discord.gg/Ham37wy
  3. Is there a server setting out there to require a certain level of ascension to cross-ark travel?
  4. BeardO

    pve Ark Story mode

    With the addition of AB I thought it would be kind of cool to setup a server cluster with the Island, SE and AB. And play through somewhat liner starting on the Island, ascending through Alpha, moving on to SE...then AB. I guess it would be like an RP server in a way, playing through as if it was a story but honestly not looking for crazy roles or anything like that. Basically a story mode if you will. So with that, if I can find enough people that are interested in making a tribe and going through it I'll set up the servers. I don't want to use many mods if any at all, but would want increased rates so it doesn't take a year to go through. It'll be a PvE server open to the public, but the intent of the server really is to experience the story that is ARK. I'll setup either a Discord or Teamspeak server along with it and would prefer mature players.
  5. BeardO

    PVP is broke

    No, it's broken.
  6. BeardO

    v271.0 Boss Changes-What's the damage?

    My tribe was 3 strong and we tried a ton of different approaches. We used rexes in waves, theros with veggie cakes, without and without turtles for tanking. The only think that ever worked was allying with two other tribes of 2-3 people and all taking in Ascended AR with around 3000 rounds total and that was for the "easy" dragon. Even with 7 people and twice the ammo we could never manage the Beta Dragon. Best we did was 1/4 HP left. The fire damage of the dragon is just too OP.
  7. BeardO

    v271.0 Boss Changes-What's the damage?

    enablecheats cheat god cheat infinitestats That's how they do it lol
  8. BeardO

    v271.0 Boss Changes-What's the damage?

    The solution is 10 people with high powered assault rifles and rexes to cover the attacks of the birds. Only viable way now on official settings. Nothing can withstand the dragons fire breath doing 20% damage going toe to toe.
  9. BeardO

    v271.0 Boss Changes-What's the damage?

    I call the dragon using an attack that does 20% of max HP damage regardless of saddle lame. Still waiting for that exploit to be fixed lol
  10. Was no point, just posting that adding the raw socket option increases CPU usage. I tested it by turning on on another of the servers and saw the same 110-120% usage on that server. Restart had no effect, removing option and restarting dropped it back to ~20%. Not a big deal to me as that's core usage and I have 8 cores, just posting what I saw.
  11. Something like taking a high level in what you want and breeding it with low level what you don't want. Say you have a rex with 50 points in everything, you have a level 350. Breed it with like a level 10 rex until you get the offspring male and female that ends up with 50 points in Health, Melee, Weight and stam and say 5 points in Ox, Food and Speed. You'd end up with a rex that was level 215, but just as powerful as the 350 and would leave you with more room for mutations. It would take a bit to get it perfect like that, but it would be pretty damn sweet.
  12. That's actually a really good idea. No need for food (unless Daedon), oxy or speed so why bother wasting points in them that count towards the cap.
  13. Ahhh yeah mutations, didn’t factor that in at all.
  14. People actually had dinos over 450? On my max wild 150 server the best I ever saw was 51 points in a single stat. 7 stats at 51 points is only 357, +71 levels is only 428...I'm actually really impressed and sad I didn't see higher numbers with all the time I spent tracking argies.
  15. The below is the output of top on my linux server. It's a cluster and I only set one of the servers to rawsocket and you can see the difference. %CPU %MEM TIME+ COMMAND 116.2 15.9 7:42.52 ShooterGameServ 20.6 3.9 876:06.13 7DaysToDieServe 17.3 17.0 30:51.56 ShooterGameServ 13.9 18.3 24:14.76 ShooterGameServ