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  1. Well ive lost 2 mantis' today in the void somehow,1 vanished mining ele shards, other vanished on a server crash
  2. Whens transfers to gen2 opening? Abit bored of the game without all of my tames now
  3. No evo event again?! This used be a weekly thing, now its nonexistent, im sure majority of people only check the crunch for the evo news
  4. Ive lost total faith in wildcard, plus everything they do, they create new problems. Games almost unplayable now, lack of proper news players want, lack of fixes, their mesh codings have broken bases where they shouldnt be broken, there use to be a time evo events were every weekend, their care for playstation players is non existent,this was proven even more by the announcement of xbox and pc exclusive for a limited time,which has really put me off ark, im glad i dont have to spend a penny on anymore dlc etc because its not worth it now, also what happened to x2 becoming the base rates? Or wa
  5. Well Done wildcard. issue fixed,but now all of my skins are broken,all of them from all the trophies (on ps4), king titan etc etc even HLNA
  6. "Soon". This means 2 weeks with wildcards wonderful maintenance team
  7. Its ridiculous how long ive been waiting for this be fixed or for useless gm's to actually answer, this is pathetic
  8. Im literally getting this issue today, i transferred over from the island to scorched earth no problem,did what i need do, tried to transfer back, then nothing happened,so i thought okay,i'll relog, then all the sudden i get this constantly (see picture attached) and ive waited 30mins, ive tried multiple restarts, tried restarting the ps4 a few times and i still cannot get in
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