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  1. Looking very much forward to the ottors. Can't wait to have a new travel companion.
  2. Great list, but i am really missing some flying dinos. Quatzel for transporting heavy stuff, and moving ankylo's around to farm metal/obsidian Wyvern (atleast for me) for quick transport over long distance, and also my go-to dino for gathering meat
  3. Worked on imprinting and feeding my new Rex Tamed 3 female terror birds (that won't lay me any eggs >.<) Spend 2 hours searching for low level, female dimetrodon without any luck Tamed a dunkleosteus Got offered a free theri Farmed a ton of oil with my new dunkleosteus Spend another hour searching for a darn dimetrodon, again without any luck...... I am never gonna find one, am I?
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