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  1. Keep breeding, breeding and breeding my managarmr. This what i done daily
  2. It seen like if you getting out of render then the dino leash wont function. Tried to let my giga auto farming meat with aggressive in the dino leash but it always run out of it when i going too far
  3. Why dun you use the search button rather than put it into a folder? Will it be faster?
  4. Through all this comments seen like the freeze already fixed, gonna go try it after finish work
  5. I got a Rex with red on the back, white on the body and pink at the belly
  6. The only challenging is purple OSD, i only done once with 2 mated boosted imprinted giga but 80+% with 2 riders and 100 armor saddles. We nearly lost our gigas cos the last wave have 3-4 enraged rex come out at once. But we still complete it with 3k hp left on our both gigas and few hundred of hp left for the drop. It advice to use some dinos to tank at the front of OSD. Using gigas are very risky if you wanna go for purple OSD
  7. The new kibble system are making imprinting dino and taming dino become more simple~i dun have to purposely tame those dinos and wasted my base just to park them to get their eggs
  8. SunnyKim

    Mana saddle bp

    The Red Osd will be pretty easy if we have a good saddle and good giga. Puff, tons of good saddle come out from thr and also tek bp
  9. It will be faster if we go for element vein~i can farm 400-800 element at 50k element vein
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