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  1. September is what they said. But being wild card, I would not be surprised if it gets delayed again.
  2. How are you typing it in? I have done it on Xbox. Make sure you are in your base,. It will lock up your game most likely.
  3. This is the Xbox forum, the map is not out on consoles yet.
  4. How far down the volcano are you when trying to tame one? If you have a hover skiff use that to carry it towards the edge of the map, that's where I tamed mine at.
  5. They should prioritize console better, pc already had access to this map along with other modded maps.
  6. On official or unofficial? On my nitrado server when I tried to transfer Dinos in cryopods they also reset the level and mutations.
  7. It was never patched as far as I know, eggs and cryopods only upload basic stats. I have had this problem before also. Apparently it works on single player but not on unofficial servers.
  8. You can also place Cliff platforms with turrets on them to help clear the areas out.
  9. Yes I believe so, I'm not sure what the minimum distance you need to be away from the volcano is. A hover skiff makes it a lot easier.
  10. No, it's a nitrado server.
  11. So I did some testing on this. First try was just a little ways down the mountain. Would not eat. Tried it again. But went out as far as I could. And it worked.
  12. I watched the same video,. And modified some of it, I got turrets under the middle section to guard water Dino's. With some other modified parts
  13. I built the same base,. But I'm using Tek generator to power it. Yeah it won't look nice using a lot of flexible cables. But wildcard probably won't fix this issue. Cliff platforms also have this issue in certain areas.
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