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  1. I tested on my server on Xbox, seems it's deathworm horn. Can't equip rhino horn. Did not want spoiled meat, and I could not spawn a crab claw in to test that.
  2. Does not work on Xbox, you can not equip the horn.
  3. Only alpha krakinos drop claws. I have yet to see any alpha krakinos, seen regular ones.
  4. How are you typing it in? I have done it on Xbox. Make sure you are in your base,. It will lock up your game most likely.
  5. Yes I believe so, I'm not sure what the minimum distance you need to be away from the volcano is. A hover skiff makes it a lot easier.
  6. So I did some testing on this. First try was just a little ways down the mountain. Would not eat. Tried it again. But went out as far as I could. And it worked.
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