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  1. Fingers crossed that there's another DLC in the works along with a third TLC patch. ?
  2. I'm definitely going to check out ATLAS and I'm very happy to hear ARK will get more DLCs down the road, though I would much prefer if ARK was rebooted using a more stable foundation.
  3. For the love of jerboa, can we please get an INI option to disable only the colored dino aspect of these events?
  4. 11 weeks of the crunch since the last TLC pass and still no trailer for Extinction? I mean, I can understand if Spring was too early of an estimate but it's almost summer and we haven't heard anything. One could argue that bug fixes are more important and while I agree, those fixes were promised to take the spot of the TLC focus and the fixes we've gotten so far have been really underwhelming.
  5. Love the new dossiers! According to the steam patch notes page the patch is dropping tomorrow, but I was surprised to see no mention of it in the crunch Missed it at the top!
  6. Oh wow, didn't expect my super res to win. Does anyone know how prizes are handed out? Do I send an e-mail somewhere? If anyone wants a high resolution wallpaper of Bloodfall's Hallow, you can find it below https://alpha.wallhaven.cc/wallpaper/633599
  7. Rahthos

    Crunch Submission

    Freestyle submissions for the next Community Crunch
  8. Will the second phase only be changing the Argy, Spino and Sarco? Was really hoping to see some love for the Raptor, Carno and Quetz. With that said, this TLC patch is a huge step in the right direction. Great job!
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