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  1. This happened to me also and no they are not duped dinos. I cryoed up 24 baby thylos that I made on scorch and I brought them over to extinction. I deployed 2 of the dinos and they disappeared from my inventory with the message in red “ cannot deploy....”. I logged off and logged back in and 1 of my cryopod did appear in my inventory. I feel lucky I only lost a baby. Xbox pve server
  2. SE Official - Consume Focal CHili also gets 2 debuffs. When focal chili is consumed it will give me the focal chili buff and also two poison debuff icons. It seems like I haven't been making good items when i use the focal chili I have 1110 crafting skill. This only has occurred since the last patch and I have tested on multiple accounts.
  3. With the current stage of the game, I think we should allow this to happen. I also would also like to include the Drakes to the list.
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