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  1. SE Official - Consume Focal CHili also gets 2 debuffs. When focal chili is consumed it will give me the focal chili buff and also two poison debuff icons. It seems like I haven't been making good items when i use the focal chili I have 1110 crafting skill. This only has occurred since the last patch and I have tested on multiple accounts.
  2. Frequency of dinosaur high level spawn should be set the same for all maps On official servers the frequency of high level dinosaur spawns should be set the same for all the maps. Currently there is a big difference between the Island Scorch and Valguero Center and Rag.
  3. I have the same problem.... I was told there is a 24hr timer when u uncryo the dino,... will report back if it works.
  4. Yes you can just did this last night on Ab.
  5. Don't feed them anything just make sure they are in render range and not near any troughs. I just go in my tek sleeping pod and stay online while I'm raising these guys. Just finished up 12 today using this method.
  6. On Scorch I use a couple of Theris on wonder that is bound by the dino leash. It will collect more y seeds than you can use and give you alot of mushrooms and rare flowers. Don't underestimate the power of auto farming. Pro tip ... specialize in delicate harvest.
  7. Sorry to hear this happened to you and I totally agree this needs to be fixed. You are playing Ark and you should know by now that everyone gets ARKED. This problem has been around since the beginning and I doubt it will ever be fixed. I play on official pve and have taken a page or 2 from the pvp folks and build defenses, install some turrets in and outside buildings. Also install vaults and store anything you care about in them. I use wooden boxes for temporary items and things that I wouldn't miss if they are destroyed.
  8. We are currently raising Gigas and we thought they were eating way more than the last time we raised. So I compared the actual consumption rate versus Crumplecorn's ARK Breeding Calculator and they were very similar results. So I don't know if they are eating more or not this is on Xbox official pve .
  9. Why complain about multicolors still spawning? If this is game breaking I would understand.
  10. Do a mixture of Rexes and at least 6+ Velonasaur with a Yuti. We did 3 alphas fights in a row without healing between fights. Just make sure the Velonasaur is attacking the Manticore and it will be forced to land. Good luck... Next fight we are going to do is 1 Rex, 1 Yuti, and the rest Velonasaurs.
  11. This weekend I was making a few fridges full of custom drinks in our industrial cooker and noticed it was taking an unusually long time to make. The cooker would make 4 drinks then pause and repeat the cycle. Prior to the patch, I was able to make 10-12 drinks before a pause. I hope this was unintended side effect from the patch.
  12. With the current stage of the game, I think we should allow this to happen. I also would also like to include the Drakes to the list.
  13. At this stage of the game, we should be allowed to breed Wyverns and Rock Drakes.
  14. I would like to have the ability to save a copy of my official tribe base & dinos to my single player game. This ability will help people transition out of official servers and help with clearing out old bases that people are just refreshing.
  15. I think they should be able to store new fertilizer, they all have the same nitrogen value.
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