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  1. Scratch that I got it working so the deal was that I was missing a line apparently. After googling for about 5 hours i found a steam post that said if you want dinos to spawn you need to add the following line at the top of your Game,ini file [/script/shootergame.shootergamemode] (include the brackets) then follow it with the add npc stuff. Also not sure if it helped but i also had to go into the properties of the file and save it as a read only as it seemed to fix some formatting issues. Now all the override stuff like override prime meat to stacks of 100 work where before they did not. Hope this helps someone else. i will include my Game.ini file which has aberrant creatures spawning on ragnarok in various places and forces prime, fish, and mutton to stack to 100 Game.ini
  2. Well that's fantastic so to run command lines I have to pay a 3rd party to run it on their servers @Jen Can we get this fixed so a windows 10 dedicated server can have full command and game.ini functionality like Nitrado's servers seem to have. On another note the engram auto unlocks did not work even with a new character also I found some lines that were supposed to add Abberation spawns to ragnarok but they don't appear either. The only thing I have working as intended is the stack variation and none of the Game.ini stuff is working at all. I will attach a copy of my Game.ini if you want to check it. Any help would be appreciated Game.ini
  3. Thanks after some trial and error i got the stack override stuff to work the engram stuff doesn't seem to be working but that might be because it doesn't work retroactively. Now if i wanted my Win 10 dedicated server to launch with an event like the extinction chronicles using the command lines any idea on how i would go about that? The wiki was very vague and didn't point to file just said hey it looks like this.
  4. For a WIndows 10 server acting as a dedicated server for xbox players? Not a steam server. Can you tell me where to find these files I have one on my screen now but edits I make to it are not followed when I play on my xbox. I mainly make certain engrams leanabel at certain levels and have a stack override for resources but so far nothing shows up in game.
  5. So I run a Windows 10 dedicated server and was wondering if there's a way to edit the Game.ini file so the game will adhere to them properly. I have edited my .ini file to give engrams unlearnable to us on extinction at certain level and also to mess with stack sizes but none of the settings work. i was wondering is there any way to make this work without throwing money away for a Nitrado server
  6. Great news on the further content I was a bit worried as ATLAS does not look like my cup of tea. On the exception to the pick up rule can we get a server option to get rid of those or just not have those as exceptions as I often find myself putting some of those very Items in bad places and would love to be able to pick them up and readjust as oppose to rebuilding a whole new tek generator or industrial forge.
  7. So yeah this (Crash to desktop from splash screen) has been happening to me quite often recently. The only thing that works is to delete Scorched earth and then re download it but that's a 5 gb download every few days to play on a dedicated server for a couple of hours. It seems to act up after I play games on steam also the xbox live app on windows won't let me sign out when ever ark is acting up not sure if these are related but once I see one problem I know the other is there. Any info on a fix or an update would be amazing.
  8. So here are some suggestions I would like to see all the fliers get the dive speed buff like the griffin but minus the dive bomb it would add strategy to fliers in a dog fight and sooth over the speed discrepancy between that causes the Argey and other fliers to just be outclassed by the griffin. A diving argy is quick and fast but if he hits the ground he goes splat and when he pulls out of the dive he is starts to slow down. Araneo -should be able to build large web traps that can help trap bigger dinos the more Araneos you use. For hard they are to tame they need to have a must have utility. Bats- should have an echo detection ability that lets them see through a Rock Drakes cloak and alerts you to any sneaking enemies nearby. Maybe allow it to attactch to you and act like a living wing suit. Beezlbufo- can we make its cement gathering proc on all insects. Gets really tiresome when on some maps small insects are few and far between but there is a scorpion every 2 feet that yields no cementing paste but tons of chititn. Would help that cementing grind bit Lymantria -can I please get an attack for the moth. I was so excited when I saw the moth and they are so pretty but have so little use and you have to un away fro Titanomyra when your on them because you have no offensive attack. Seriously? I want my Mothra to darken the skies and bring fear.....or at least be able to bite the flying ants back I'll settle for that. Anklyo can we get metal and obsidian weight reduction extended to metal structures Doed stone and crystal weight reduction extended to stone structures Dimorphodon can we get a perch system for dimorphodons like they fly out and look for stuff then come back after a bit with maybe some meat or rare resources or even small eggs. can also use them as watch dogs that just swarm anything that gets to close then come right back once its out of range. Would be great to be able to put all birds on this setting and then get resources from them Ichtyornis get prime fish Featherlight get mushrooms and gem like that Stego- can we get something like a troop carrier for smaller dinos for the stego like you tell a dimorphodon a lystra and bulbdog to get on the stegos back. Now when the stego gets attacked they jump off and help it fight when the threat is gone they get back on. It would also be very useful in moving all your little dinos to new bases as well. Could even be used for babies with none of the bonuses of course. Parasaur- can they get like a really loud hornsound that increases the speed stat as like a flee mechanic. Also make it so it can sound off if a predator comes into range and its at your base or even sound off when a baby hatches. Make the alarm system of the player. Mammoth- needs a platform saddle also can it make a sound like the parasaur but that buffs defense kinda like a call to arms. Maybe even add a to me mechanic if put on watch where neutral dinosaurs will run to it to get the buff then attack what it alerted on. Trike make it a siege engine give it a high tier saddle that has two catapults or such on it to fire at bases. maybe even a tek saddle that has 2 guns on it. Or a mobile shield generator 3 other things I would love a dino to be an organic fabricator. Not sure which one fits the bill but it would be nice to have one for those schematics we get. Also can all of the apex creatures please be breedable (Wyvern, Rock Drake, Griffin Basilisk). Make it a server option. I want to breed wyverns while on console...please. Finally can we get more saddle options like armor for our battle mounts and such or even just make ramshackle and such saddle seem to have more armor. For instance a journeyman armor has metal plates covering certain areas while an ascendant saddle has spikes and metal plating everywhere. This way I can tell the armor and have a reason to lool for 235 ascendant armor when i already have 235 ramshackle Sorry for the wall of text.
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