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  1. Yeah it is a known issue since the last big update. I am having the same problem. You could let players enable commands themselves, but you need to give them the admin password...
  2. I did this a few weeks ago. It is not possible to migrate anything from non dedicated to dedicated with windows store version. Mostly because microsoft has encrypted most of their game files. You have to start from scratch.
  3. I work with Windows 10 (Pro and Enterprise) and Server OS every day, and can assure you that the files and directories in the user profile should not be encrypted... Do you use bitlocker or smething similar? This is not the default behaviour of user profile files by Windows...
  4. Are you using the Microsoft Version? because I do, and the Save files under c:\users\%username%\appdata\local\packages\ are not encrypted. Only the App files under c:\program files\WindowsApps are encrypted. I perform backups with Windows backup or Acronis True Image.
  5. That sounds great definitly will give it a try. We first want to start a new game on the dedicated server tomorrow, and test if everything works, aaaand we will really enjoy the new freedom to get away from each other more than 400 meters Seriuosly, the tek cave was a pain in the *** on non-dedicated... because of the tether distance there is also a problem when entering caves. If the host enters a cave, the other players will be ported into the cave directly, also when mounted on creatures. And because tek cave entrance has two different of such port marks (one between the
  6. Yeah, seems like one has to get deeper into this to get the full advantages of this game. i am actually really interested to dive deeper into things, but sometimes I don't find time or motivation, because yeah, actually I do the pretty same things at work the whole day
  7. And that my friend, is it I have never thought about the additional levels after ascension I knew that it was there somehow, but was wondering that I got to level 111 instead of just 105 after moving from the island to scorched earth on my current non-dedicated. I first thought about the chibby and that this caused my levels to increase. I think that we will use the Ascension alpha when finishing the first map, because we already beat the overseer on the non dedicated. Perfect, just perfect is the beacon tool also working for the store version? I would think so, because otherwi
  8. Damn bro you are everywhere. with your answers to my other post, I was looking through the ini files a little more, and I found the section "Player.Info", and below that, lasthostedmap. If I delete the player.info section in the ini before starting ark, I can choosed another map.
  9. Hey I really appreciate your detailed information and the effort you have put into these answers. Many many thanks. Now it's time for me to put the same amount of effort into my answers, so you know that your inputs were tested by me Now since Windows 10, Windows Server and many more are my daily business, I know really well about the hidden and prevented files of windows 10 and server 2016/2019. It is a really sad truth that Microsoft is starting to act like kinda "Apple type" there... sure they say it is for encryption of game files to prevent piracy, but that is just pretext.
  10. I can't tell you that since I don't use split screen. But I'm sure there was no information about split screen in the release notes for Series X.
  11. Why has this been moved to XBOX Forum? It has nothing to do with XBOX...
  12. Yeah this somehow makes sense. I mean, surely I will not change the map in short intervals. But I wanted to ask the question, because I was afraid to corrupt something when deleting those lines in the gameusersettings.ini.
  13. Wow bro, this is some really helpful information and I appreciate your effort. So I will try this the next time I have time; eventually on the weekend. I am sick now of the tether distance, and I will move from non-dedicated server to a dedicated server which I will host on a second PC. Tried this yesterday, and it basically works. I assume the game.ini can also be used for dedicated same as non dedicated? Can I also put this line in there?: PreventUploadSurvivors=False on dedicated server, I only have the option to "Transfer to another server" at the obel
  14. It is still there... No changes yet, and support does not care. I even only got BOT answers, so there was not even a real supporter taking care for the request. I am sick of this now. Got my old PC back running, and I will try running a dedicated server there, even if that means, that I have to begin from scratch and loose everything I got.
  15. @Juggernaut thank you so much for writing this explaination down here. It helped me to set up a dedicated server on a second PC. Coming from playing on a non-Dedicated, this was very new for me. Now I have successfully managed to set up the server and play on it with my main account. Also found a workaround for player upload to change map via Command Line; works like a charm. I do not yet understand the differences between the three different Ascent methods (i believe it was something like 1, 2 or 2p something?). Now One problem I have when starting the server is that it alwa
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